MARCH 2016


B.O.B. Beldones Fit for Fun & Res B.O.B. Ch Beldones Double Diamond

Best Puppy in Show Lynmack Tommy Hilfiger by Ileyda


I would like to express my thanks to Officials and committee of the British Collie Club for their kind invitation to judge their show; also for the help of my efficient stewards who worked tirelessly throughout the day. I also wish to thank the exhibitors for such a lovely entry, it was a pleasure to go over some very nice exhibits, and presentation was good on the whole.

As usual there were some average classes, then there were classes where all my eggs were in one basket; some of these dogs I would be pleased to own. My main criticism was the prevalent lack of dogs with a flat skull, then the two piece heads which are short, with a deep stop, and in the main were lacking in underjaw.

I did find the clean head on several exhibits, and ear placement has improved somewhat, but some lost out in movement.

The classes from VD & PG onwards were quite inspiring, several dogs who remained cardless, will no doubt continue to take their titles and deservedly so.

I enjoyed my day immensely, both Jack & I especially wish thank everyone from the British Collie Club for the wonderful presentation of the “Lifetime Achievement award” which came as a complete surprise. We cannot express our gratitude enough for this prestigious award, and the deep emotions felt to receive it, never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that our life in Collies would enable us to have the honour to receive such an award as this….. THANK YOU.

VD (7)

1. Edwards Elshajo Armani Moon.   I have seen this dog in his youth on occasions, and I was surprised to see that he is now a veteran, Tri who is a lovely dog to go over, he has no extremes and has a beautifully moulded head, with perfectly flat skull, correct stop, well  filled foreface and correct underjaw, he has a gentle kind expression and perfect ears, showing them  continuously, he has a white collar which enhances the contrast in his jet black fitted coat, excellent neck, with good length of upper arm and shoulder placement. He has good overall construction, depth of body and well muscled hindquarters, and well boned, he moved soundly fore and aft together with his youthful outlook, deserved this lovely class.

2. Walders Ch. Hanvale Doogie Howser 10yrs shaded sable with a superb overall profile, using his ample neck and good shoulders to display his super outline, he is not a glamour boy, and has little in the way of white markings, but so masculine with good length of body, shown in excellent coat and condition, he has a lovely clean head with well placed eye giving a soft kind expression, beautifully placed ears and moved well.

3. Ch Ladnar Kingfisher.

MPD. 9.  

1. Johnston Sea Dreamer’s One and Only for Geosamka pale sable almost 8 months, he is a nice size and again appealed in outline, with good body shape, he has a really lovely clean head. I liked his eye and expression, well developed for a baby, with good turn of stifle, good legs and feet, unfortunately he disliked the lines on the floor, and many of the Collies hesitated and slipped especially at the corners, however, he overcame his inhibitions and moved steadily to take 1st place

2.Blakie’s Kourika Kosta Koffee such a clever name!! Tri of 7 months, carrying a profuse coat , a most promising young man, and more forward than 1, but was  much shorter in bodylines than above , he excels in expression, he has the most beautiful dark eyes, good stop and moulded foreface, very good bone, legs and feet, and moved confidently, I just preferred the overall length of the first.- Two very nice puppies.

3.Lanrue Christopher Robin

PD 6

1.Iley’s Lynmack Tommy Hilfiger by Ileyda, took my eye when he entered the ring, g/sw  who has much promise, he has the correct length of body and balance in outline, he is almost eleven months therefore he is more finished than some of the other puppies, he is masculine in outlook, stood using his good reach of neck, to show off his excellent profile, he has good overall length, and good hindquarters with short rear pasterns, and moved well, at the moment he is still a little on the leg, which one would expect at this age, he has a well groomed fitted coat, over good body lines, he is obviously a good sized male, and should mature and drop into himself with time, I loved his lovely clean head with well placed eye and correct stop, and well placed ears which he used constantly. BPD and along with my co judge BPIS.

2. Fox’s Alanita Acker Bilk for Westoak this boy certainly takes the eye for his tremendous coat, which is so glamorous on a puppy, bight orange sable beautifully groomed. He possesses the most lovely eye and expression, which captured my attention, he is well grown and very masculine in appearance, he also has a well filled skull and foreface, but he is rather deep through & I feel he is a little short of underjaw which spoiled his head profile, he gained his placing on his outline and overall stature.

3. Chantique Stardust.

Junior 6.

1. Hollywood and Waterhouse Amalie Lynmead Say It Again g/s of 17 months stood out in this class, he has a most lovely outline, with a super neck enhanced by a full collar, excellent shoulder placement, and topline, completed the picture with good turn of stifle and short hocks, and moved particularly well, on first impression he appeared to have a two piece head, on handling I found the opposite! He had a lovely clean wedge head, but the profuse hair around the head and the placing of the lead, gave a different illusion, he is a bright g/s with quite an attractive blaze with a white smudge at the end of his nose, he had a lovely eye and expression, and a most definite stop, I would have just liked to seen his ears a little closer, and to see him handled on a loose lead.

2. Brooker’s Riverside Song A Kind of Magic over Corisian another  boy with a wealth of coat which is synonymous with this well known affix and has tremendous ring presence, he has all the glamour of coat and white markings one would wish for, he was presented in immaculate form not a hair out of place, he has tremendous depth and spring of rib, and shows his head off, he also has the sweetest eye and expression, a very deep stop, yet ears on top, his overall stature one could say is in balance, except he was so very short and so sweet, one could almost mistake him  for a lovely bitch, I would prefer him with a little more length of leg, and perhaps a more masculine outlook.

3.Lanlin Benji at Leesaund.

Maiden 4

1.Lynmack Tommy Hilfiger by Ileyda

2 Alanita Acker Bilk for Westoak

3 Lanrue Christopher Robin

Novice 2  

1.Alanita Acker Bilk for Westoak

2  Randall’s Ladnar Moondust This kennel renowned for their Blues and Tri’s  and this was another tri which came up from puppy, he has lots to like, other than he is not as forward as  some of his competitors, he has a nicely moulded head, with well filled flat skull correct stop, and well filled muzzle and good underjaw, I would have preferred tighter ear placement, although he has good bodylines with good depth and spring of rib, I would like to see him more purposeful in front and hind action.

Graduate 14 (3)

1. Edwards Moonpromises Ever After. This was a very mixed class. headed by the tricolour  who looked the mirror image of Armani Moon, only a little less mature, his appeal was the same as his father, looking at his head which is correct, he has a well filled flat skull, slight perceptible stop, with filling in foreface, and strong underjaw, his head was a pleasure to handle he had lovely dark laughing eyes, giving a really lovely expression, he was not over endowed with coat, but the standard calls for a fitted coat, and had sufficient for me to assess his overall construction, he is not an eye catcher, yet, he is a very nice to handle  I feel in time, he will emulate his father, one of the few dogs who was not perturbed by the slippery floor and moved out well.

2. Shipp’s Tremaro Catch A Star, I really liked this boy, and initially thought he would be my winner, the deciding factor, him being not as big a dog as I would have liked, despite this he was a lovely dog to look at and has a quality look, he has a refined clean head with the correct stop,  ears on top and a lovely dark eye giving the sweetness in expression, while he had filling in foreface he did not quite have the strength in underjaw of Moonpromises but had good overall construction, and had good  length of body and glamour, with white collar and  beautiful presentation, good hindquarters shown in good coat and moved well.

3.Chantique Gold Digger

Post Graduate 8 (1)

1 McCarte’s Lynmack Walk All Over You at Roughrigg, a nice headed dog with good moulding, good eye and expression, and filling in foreface and good underjaw, pale g/s with good overall shape, one that moved out well in this class.

 2.Slater’s Danfrebek Double O Seven at Stanlox another upstanding dog, no mistaking

he is a male; he has a good overall profile, and uses himself well in the ring, carrying a   good coat, over good body lines, excellent neck and shoulder, and moulded head, with a good eye and expression. I would just prefer him to have better angulation behind.

3.Redola Just for Fun.

Mid Limit . 10 (1) a lovely class with at least five that deserved a first place. My choice on the day was

1. Maxwell & Wallis TrenleyTatenin at Hamisks  three and half year old dark sable I have never met this Collie before but it was nice to make his acquaintance, he took my eye instantly, an upstanding collie with impassive dignity, he had the overall length and body profile  with excellent  turn of stifle and short hocks, and moved with confidence, this dog had charisma in abundance, he wagged his tail constantly through my examination of him, and was attentive to his handler at all times, he had a clean wedge head with correct stop, flat skull, correctly placed eye giving the desired expression, and ears on top,  and enjoyed every minute of the attention he received,

I was told later I had awarded his grandmother a reserve CC which obviously proved

he had family similarities that appealed; I do hope that this dog will be campaigned as

he has quite a lot going for him, one whom I considered for top honours.

2. Hollinshead’s Starlyn Diamonds Are Forever, blue merle, a quality dog who I have admired from the ringside, he is the most beautiful colour, which was enhanced by his immaculate presentation, his white was almost irradiation, he is a quality dog, who is has class, he is well constructed with good depth and spring of rib, good hindquarters, vg bone, legs and feet, and moved purposefully round the ring, he has a beautifully moulded head with parallel planes, well filled flat skull, correct stop and well placed dark eye giving a sweet expression, unfortunately he was loathe to use his ears where the noise in the hall was a distraction, when he did respond to my attention, one could see all that he could be, I think outdoors he could come into himself more, and use his neck and respond with interest to project himself

3. Mosolana Bluzstar for Aaronwell.

Limit 8 (2)

1. Collins’ Chelborn Soul Desire for Triburle  the impression I had when I handled this dog was of a beautiful porcelain model of “The Collie” such a striking looking dog, he is a golden sable who is quality through and through, he has a beautiful golden sable coat, which was perfectly groomed to the last hair, his collar and mane were whiter than white, and he has this air of nobility which is part of the beauty of a Collie, he has  well let down hindquarters, gentle slope over the croup, good tail set and his movement was very good, especially in front action, plus driving from behind, his head is so clean, with parallel planes correct from any angle good foreface and chin, correctly placed stop, most lovely eye and expression, with ears right on top, using his ample neck to enhance every feature, he was very close to being awarded the CC only the slightly more mature Open class winner could take it on the day, Res CC.

2.McEntee’s Imperial Des Beldones at Gerian, another golden sable who was very similar in type to the winner, and they could almost have passed for litter mates, similar head properties nice moulding of foreface correct stop, good eye placement and sweet expression, although his ears were not quite as well placed as 1 and he did not have the same strength in underjaw, he has a well developed body, with profuse coat and moved well,  good hindquarters and depth of rib, a very useful dog, who will be heard of again.

3.Glenbowdene Shades of Gold.

Open. 13.(1) 1.Hawkins & Foy’s Ch Beldones Double Diamond and what a Diamond he is to have in any kennel. What a pleasure to judge this dog, he is a very nice indeed, he is in correct balance, he has the head, and the anatomy,  his whole demeanour shouts “Champion” his head has perfect moulding, complete with the eye and expression that so appeals to me, his stop is perceptible and not too deep, his foreface and underjaw give the correct head profile, he also has the added glamour of a full white collar over a super neck and shoulder, good backline, and sweeping hindquarters turn of stifle and short hocks, good bone, legs and feet, in addition he moves well both in front and behind. It is nice to see this kennel produce such outstanding Collies, and wish them well for the future of our breed. CC……… It was nice to see, and judge his beautiful daughter,

who won Best bitch, with agreement with my co judge, we decided she should be B.O.B. Many Congratulations.

2.  Congdon’s Monsolana Sun Devil at Aaronwell masculine sable carrying a profuse coat, good strong body with excellent depth and spring of rib, one of the confident movers of the day, vg bone, he is slightly heavier all round than 1 yet has the sweetness in eye and expression, flat skull good foreface and strong underjaw showing his head off and enjoying every moment in the ring, will be a strong contender in the future.

3. Ch Atendus Erasure.


Sandra Wigglesworth