I would like to thank the officers and committee of White Rose Canine Society for inviting me to judge at their open show. I was pleased with my entry and very pleased with my winners. Also congratulations must go to all of the hard working officers and committee for a fantastically well run show and to my stewards for making my ring run very smooth.

Rough Collies

Post Graduate

1st Boyles Monsolana Butterfly Blue Over Barrenclough JW (IMP RUS)
14 month old Blue Merle Bitch, Her head handles well with the correct amount of stop and lovely shaped eye, nice neat ears, lovely bone, good spring of rib. Would just like her to tighten up on the move.
2nd Copseys – Alanita Jasmyn Thro The Myst
25 month old Tri Colour bitch, lovely head with a pleasing eye, with adequate stop. Lovely neck led into correct shoulders, nice neat feet, lovely shape, would prefer her slightly sweeter.


1st Whitakers – Jopium Magical Dream
3 year old Tri-colour bitch. Lovely clean head with correct amount of stop, beautiful pleasing eye with a beautiful well filled muzzle, Her ears are always on top and this combined gives her a fabulous expression. Good reach of neck led into well balanced shoulders, beautiful neat feet and pads, good spring of rib, good shape, correct angulation both to the front and rear which showed as she powered around the ring with ease. Her coat was in beautiful condition and she was presented exceptionally well as always. Showed well. I was delighted to award her BOB. Congratulations also on Group 4. Well done.
2nd Boyles – Barranclough Moonglow JW
2 year old Sable & White dog. Nice head, lovely eye, correct amount of stop. Good neck, good spring of rib, nice coat of perfect texture, nice shape. Moved ok. Would prefer tighter ears.

Shetland Sheepdogs
1st Durns – Leanai Little Boots
Very promising 6 month old s/w puppy bitch. Lovely head, with a beautiful eye, good reach of neck led into well balanced shoulders, good spring of rib, nice shape, moved so sound for one so young. groomed and presented well. BP
2nd Walkers – Tooralie’s Jiggalong
Lovely tri colour bitch of six months old, nice head with a pleasing eye, sweet expression, nice neck, lovely shape, moved ok. Unlucky to meet 1 today.
Post Graduate
1st Walkers – Dippersmoor Band Of Gold
1 ½ year old Sable & White bitch of good quality, she has the sweetest of heads with a beautiful eye, correct amount of stop with a nice reach of neck. lovely angulation which really showed as she moved around the ring with ease. Showed well.
2nd Walkers – Tooralie’s Firefly
4 ½ year old Sable & White bitch, lovely clean head, with adequate stop, nice eye with nice muzzle, lovely reach of neck and lovely shape. Showed well. Just slightly unsettled on the move today.
1st Walkers – Dippersmoor Star Gazer By Tooralie
Outstanding 3 ½ year old Sable & White dog, lovely masculine head with a lovely shaped eye, correct amount of stop, nice neat ears which really enhances this dogs wonderful expression. Good reach of neck led into well balanced shoulders, nice neat feat with lovely pads, good width of chest, allowing for plenty of heart room, good spring of rib, nice shape, and lovely bend of stifle led into powerful hocks which you could really see when he moved today as he powered around the ring with ease. His presentation was absolutely fabulous as always by this kennel and his coat was of correct texture. A thoroughly deserved BOB win and Group 2. Congratulations.
2nd Atkins – Esstremere Exquisite
3 ½ year old tri colour bitch. Pleasing head with nice eye, nice neat ears, good reach of neck, nice topline and shape, lovely jet black coat, moved and showed well.

Josh Blackburn – Judge.