Rough Collie (3)

Junior A nice class of 3 puppies

1st MacDonald’s Brooklynson Hepburn at Rossavon BP, PG1, RBPiS 9½mth Shaded S/W bitch my star puppy of the day, she showed her socks off all day and was still going strong at the end of a long day which gained her high honours from BIS judge Peter Jolley.  Good size puppy with head of correct proportions lovely wedge, perceptible stop, lovely dark almond eye well placed giving a lovely expression, good dentition, ears well placed and used well all day, good long neck into a well-angulated shoulder, straight front legs with nice tight neat feet, well sprung rib and brisket, good length of back, well bent stifle, strong hocks, tail well set on and carried well.  She powered around the ring and made a lovely picture, stood and showed like one much older than herself and was so attentive to her handler they moved out as one. Shown in excellent condition and perfectly presented.  Pleased to give her BP and to watch her take the puppy group and then RBPiS so well deserved. I will watch her progress with interest. 

2nd Hunt & Cornish Brooklynson Mansfield 10 mth golden S/W bitch, another lovely girl and they could change places on another day,  good size with lovely bone, head of correct proportions a nice blunt wedge, good dark oblique eye correctly placed, ears well used giving her a lovely expression, good length of neck into a well-angulated shoulder, well boned strong legs and tight neat feet, deep chest with good spring of rib, nice length of back good height to length ratio, good bend of stifle and neat hocks, today was her first show so she was quite unsettled when going over her but on the move she made a lovely picture so positive for one so young great reach and drive keeping her level topline, shown in excellent condition and beautifully presented I could have taken her home, a difficult decision between these 2 puppies, 1st just pipped her for her showmanship and she was more settled.

3rd Erjon Eleni at Kalzan

Graduate (3)

1st Broadhead’s Rhodabern Whisper and Kiss RBOB 2 years Shaded S/W bitch pretty girl with a lovely soft expression, nice head with correct stop, good dark almond eye well placed and ears well used all the time, nice length of neck into a well-angulated shoulder and nicely boned legs with neat tight feet,  good length of back and good bend of stifle short neat hocks, moved out well and was show in lovely condition and beautifully presented, a lot to like about this young bitch it’s  a shame her kennel mate took the shine off her today.

2nd White’s Rhodabern Grace and Favour litter sister to the 1st the same applies to her and she is as pretty as her sister and has the same attributes but is very unsettled a few ring craft classes for her and she will do well. She moved ok but with more practice could really be a good mover.

3rd Legge’s Lynmead Amalie Bye Bye Love at Kalzan

Open 4 (1a)

1st Broadhead’s Lyndale Indian Summer BOB 7 year Shaded S/W male, a good sized upstanding boy, lovely head which handled well, good underjaw, correct dentition, correct stop and dark almond eye well placed, ears used well giving him a melting expression, good length of neck into a well-angulated shoulder and good deep chest, strong legs and neat feet, good spring of rib, length of back and bend of stifle, neat short hocks and well-muscled thighs, lovely harsh coat presented beautifully, on the move he kept his level topline as he powered around the ring which belied his age, a lovely dog all over for me and I was pleased to give this lovely veteran BOB.

2nd White’s Rhodabern Grace and Favour

3rd Legge’s Redola Just a Breeze at Kalzan


Paula Wilson