West of England Collie Society

12th July 2015Championship Show 2015


DOGS – I must thank the committee for the opportunity to judge the males at this respected Club, I enjoyed myself being amongst old friends & sorting through the dogs that were present. It being a new venue the committee had worked very hard to make the day enjoyable for everyone & I am sure that the teething problems will be sorted out before their next show.

Veteran (4)
1 Randall’s Ch Ladnar Kingfisher, 7½ years b/m. I have seen this male on many occasions, the son of a bitch that I have always loved, until today I could only look & admire, he has all the qualities of a true Ch, correct height to length ratio, a head that is balanced topped with alert ears which gave a masculine expression, arched neck & sound shoulder, level front, strong pastern, tight feet, strong rib & topline, lovely stifle & hock gave him the drive for a precise movement. For me he created the picture of a true Collie. CC & on referree’s decision BIS;
2 Wray’s Takihsis High Voltage, at 9 years another b/m who I would have thought he would be in the upper house, slightly longer cast with similar substance & bone, very pleasing head shape & masculine expression, has better tan than 1 & not showing age as much, both are of a good blue colour, has strong bone & excellent conformation, again precise movement;
3 Growcott’s Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth. 

Minor Puppy (2)
1 Hollywood & Waterhouse’s Amalie Lynmead Ay It A Again, at 8 months he is still a very raw puppy but he shows potential, has a lot of filling out to achieve, has potential, clean head with nicely moulding foreface, alert ears, lovely arched neck & promising make & shape, sound front with strong pastern, front & rear kept him on his toes at present, a reasonable movement;
2 Rice’s Ingledene In The Spirit of Kevranna, up to size young man, loved his make & shape, has enough substance with a good depth of rib & well set on tail, pleasing head with an alert earset, for me is a bit full in foreface. 

Puppy (5,1a)
1 Geddes’ Ingledene Spirits Arise, for one so young he does not need to grow just fill his frame to make him look his best, clean head with lovely moulding, dark well placed eye, good underjaw & full dentition, level front with strong pastern, neat feet & excellent bone, add to that a sound conformation & precise movement for his age, I thought he’s in line for a good day. BPD;
2 Jones’ Erjon Early Edition, he has good proportions to make him an appealing young man, clean head with more stop, moulded foreface, oblique eye & tipped ears, arched neck & good topline, has the promise to grow on to an upstanding young male;
3 Maxwell & Wallis’ Trenley Tavanagh at Hamisks. 

Junior (5,3)
1 Gladwell’s Jotars Blue Moon, this young lad appealed instantly, I thought I’m going to have a hard job at the end. Just the right size for his age, nothing overdone at all, clean head & expression, dark eye, alert ears, enough neck, excellent forehand, everything coming together nicely, just needs another 12 months to fully mature & he should be a showstopper;
2 Collins’ Jump In The Fire Du Bois Des Amazones at Triburle, shorter cast with deeper head & rounded muzzle, dark well placed eye giving a pleasing expression, good size & sound bone, profuse coat, fair movement, has excellent rear angulation. 

Yearling (6,1)
1 J Blue Moon; 2 Jump In The Fire du Bois des A at T; 3 Page’s Lynmead Amalie Let Me Go.

Maiden (1)
1 Hawkins’ Gilt Edged Brilyn, s/w, was 4th in Puppy, bit long in foreface for me & would have liked stronger underjaw, he does have a super arched neck & a maturing conformation, excellent tight feet with strong pastern, well fitted coat in good condition. 

Novice (3)
1 Scott’s Chantique Gold Digger, just on a year s/w who is maturing well, coming up to size, is shorter cast head for me is a little deep, has the sweetest eye & expression, enough neck, he is in excellent condition with strong muscle, gave a good account on the move;
2 Gilt Edged B;
3 Stanton’s Chelborn Just Decided. 

Graduate (9,3)
1 J Blue Moon;
2 Vogan’s Lenosann Midnight Rascal, upstanding tri, very masculine head which at present has to clear, good proportions with nice bone & substance, sound shoulder & rib, fair movement but has to deal with tail;
3 Wells’ Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon.

Post Graduate (6,1)
1 Jones’ Erjon Excelebration, appealing 2½ year old, has very good height to length ratio, balanced head with pleasing expression, would like bit more neck or to make more of himself, level front with strong pastern & tight feet, level back with rise, enough stifle & short hocks gives drive when moving;
2 Shipps’ Tremaro Catch A Star, mature 2 year old, I liked his make & shape, is of a fair size with moulded head & nice expression which would be better with higher placed ears, he is in excellent condition & moved with energy;
3 Maxwell & Wallis’ Trenley Tatenen at Hamisks.

Mid Limit (6,3)
1 Wells’ Collingvale Cast A Spell over Terelimon, this lad has good size, is shorter cast with enough neck which he needs to use, good topline & depth of rib, sound shoulder & forechest, a strong rear end & can move when he wants to;
2 Rae’s Antoc Kiss The Girls, b/m of good size & proportions, in pleasing condition apart from coat, masculine head with nice eye shape, ears on top & enough neck, good shoulder & topline, fair mover;
3 Hendrick’s Metrrisa Emreys Destiney at Anspasch. 

Limit (7,2)
1 Congdon’s Monsolana Sundevon for Aaronwell, well-presented s/w, short cast make & shape, clean head with oblique eye shape, alert ears giving pleasing expression, enough neck, strong forehand, sound rib & topline, rear angulation has good stifle & short hocks with fair movement;
2 Collins’ Triburle Zachary, slightly smaller than 1 but has similar qualities, has a very pleasing expression, in excellent condition with good substance & round bone, moves around the ring with ease;
3 Skinner’s Nikal Its Gud To Be Black. 

Open (12,3)
1 Foy & Hawkins’ Ch Beldones Double Diamond, was quite surprised by this 5 year old, when you get under the cat he is in superb condition with angulation you want to feel on a male, a front assembly with a depth of rib that gives him plenty of heartroom, a good topline with a rise to a lovely tailset, excellent rear angulation & strong bone, my only disappointment was that he did not use his ear to full advantage. RCC;
2 Hollywood & Waterhouse’s Amalie Lynmead Live In Lover, finer all over than 1, has very sweet expression, good moulding, slightly deeper with nice eye shape & better ears, arched neck, good angulation & substance, fair movement;
3 Davis’ Chelborn Dependable.