West of England Collie Society

12th July 2015

Many thanks to the committee for asking me to judge, & to the exhibitors that made the long journey down.
Lovely new venue, plenty of parking, good amenities, big space inside, but unfortunately no mats on the floor which upset the youngsters, & a lot of the older ones couldn’t be shown to full advantage either, the glare from the glass doors across the floor was worrying to them as well –however think everyone
was happy with it otherwise! Lovely friendly show & the hardworking committee said the mats would definitely be there next year although the judging would be outside (weather permitting)

Veteran Bitch  2 (2)

Minor Puppy bitch 6  (1)
1st   BPIB   Wrays Beldones Duchess of Dreams. just love this puppy, S/W   ideal size & shape, just the right amount of substance & bone, excellent front & hind quarters well balanced all over, excellent head pattern, & expression, well placed eye & ears that she used, moved well & full of confidence.
2nd. Pattersons  Amalie Lynmead Star choice to Treeview  well coated  S/W  of good shape & size, enough bone, short hocks ,good head pattern, dark eye.  
3rd. Davis Riverside Song Zaraza of Rosschell (imp Rom)

Puppy Bitch  6  (1)
1st       Pattersons Treeview Hope & Promises S/W  has enough coat, good front, lovely  overall  shape, enough bone,  stood & showed, moved out well.
2nd. Scotts JeSuis Charlie of Lowlands Green Valley for Chantique ,  not so mature as 1,  well balanced S/w, equal head planes, good stop. Moved well.
3rd. Cronks Monsolina Fortune Feit for Chelborne (imp Rus)

Junior Bitch  6 
1st   Blaikies Kourika Kandita  Blue Merle  of good colour & harsh coat,  liked her outline  & shape ,good head planes, dark eye ,.
2nd.  Cronks Monsolina Fourtune Feit for Chelborne (imp Rus) was happy to see her  more settled in this class,
Well coated Blue merle of good size, all in balance, excellent conformation, head handled well.   3rd. Walders Jolie Blonde De Cabrenysset for Hanvale (imp Fra)

Special Yearling Bitch  6  (2)
1st. Congdons Monsolina Pink Star for Aaronwell (imp Russ) Pretty blue merle of well broken colour, lovely shape, enough bone, plenty of coat,   good stop, flat skull.
2nd. Beardsworth Maysinder Dancing Queen  S/W has nice clean head, good outline, Good bone & feet.
3rd.  Rices  Shandlmain Catchmykisses for Kevranna.

Maiden Bitch  4 (1)
1s. Wrays Beldones Duchess of Dreams
2nd. Rutherfords Treview  Tell no Secrets.  S/W has length of body, adequate bone & enough coat, moved better in this class.
3rd. Cronks  Chelborn Sent with a Kiss.

Novice Bitch  6  (1)
1st . Wrays  Beldones Duchess of Dreams
2nd. Walders Jolie Blonde De Cabrenysset for Hanvale (imp fra) S/W unfortunately losing coat so spoilt her outline somewhat,  however this happy girl has a good head & conformation & moved well.  
3rd. Beares  Guilty Secret with Brilyn.

Graduate Bitch  7  (4)
3 lovely ladies here that will change places many times.
1st, Margetts Collingvale Chardonnay   Well coated shaded sable in full bloom, has  good conformation, bone& shape,  lovely clean head, good stop, expression & dark eye, used ears when needed, excellent mover keeping her topline.
2nd. Scotts   Chantique  Fairy  Dust,  another lovely S/W of good shape, adequate bone,  liked her head pattern, good stop expression & eye.  Moved well.
3rd.  Smedleys  Antoc Soul Diva.

Post Graduate Bitch.  8  (4)
1st.  Blaikies  Kourika  Koconut Kream   Feminine  Blue merle of  good shape &  enough bone.  Head handles well with flat skull, good stop, expression, used her ears to advantage.
2nd. Williams-Smiths Danrox Loves to be Wicked,   Sable of rich colour in good coat. Good conformation,  Nicely moulded muzzle,  good stop, expression & ears. 
3rd. Lockyers Gataj Sweet Surprise.

Mid Limit Bitch  7  (1)
Was splitting hairs in this class as there were some lovely bitches!

1st. Horsleys Machere Mystique   Blue merle in full bloom & fab condition, impeccably groomed, head handled well  lovely eye, good stop & flat skull lovely body shape enough bone &  tight feet,  excellent mover.
2nd.  Williams-Smiths  Danrox Simply Wicked    Lovely  Shaded sable, of excellent shape, good head correct stop, expressive dark eye, another excellent mover.
3rd. Congdons  Monsolana Sunwish for Aaronwell (imp Rus) JW

Limit Bitch 7 (3)
1st.  Cronks Chelborn Touch of Desire.  S/W in lovely coat, excellent  conformation & bone,  good shoulders & rear quarters,  flat skull, correct stop, dark eye & ears she used well. Moved soundly.
2nd.   Lockyers  Willow of Surprises  Gorgeous rich coloured S/W  again of excellent conformation, lovely head pattern,  good stop & ears. excellent mover.
3rd.   Swains Linamac Lady Love at Lexol .

Open Bitch  12  (5)
Super class Spoilt for choice here! 

1st/CC   Foy & Hawkins Fr Ch. Eloise des Beldones  Beautiful S/W bitch so well balanced & in full coat, good length to height ratio , well laid back shoulders, short hocks, very feminine but has adequate bone & substance,  loved her head,  she has a moulded muzzle, correct stop, & her well placed dark eye & good  ears
combined to give her that lovely soft, sweet collie expression.   She moved out soundly as her construction suggested, I was very pleased to award her the  CC.
2nd/RCC Walders  CH Heart of Gold De Cabrenysset    another beautiful s/w in full coat , lovely shape & size, excellent conformation, again, loved that soft expression from the rounded muzzle, correct eye & stop plus used her ears to advantage,  showed & moved well & Beautifully presented.
3rd. Hollywood & Waterhouse  Amalie  Lets Fall in Love. 

                                                                                                                                                                  Val Tame (Rahlissa)