A truly remarkable event, held in a very modern village hall on the Somerset Levels. East Huntspill is a very delightful place to hold a show and as it turned out the gods were with us. Large outside rings for both Roughs and Smooths and to top it all wall to wall sunshine. Not quite end of season, but one to remember through the long winter nights. 


PD & YD: 1. Cole’s Sturmoor Dream of Kasvelyn, 9 month old s/w, stunning youngster, well presented, and kept on his toes at all times. Very well developed head piece, even planes, lovely eye shape and colour, moderate stop. Ears well placed and active, strong in neck which was of good length into an excellent top line. His fore hand was so well made with long bone at a very good angle. Fore legs straight into tidy feet. Very good chest proportions with an acceptable tuck in loin, rear angles correct not over done in any way, strong hock well let down. Gave a good account of himself on the move, which included running true coming and going, and a far reaching side gait with a good follow through. BPD, RBD and BPIS.

LD: Leach’s Manordeifi Dionysus at Hilltarn, 4 year old merle of good type, confident and on his toes. Well balanced head, with all the furnishings, eye very dark, ears well set and active. Neck of moderate length which flowed onto a very firm top line, fore hand good with elbows well tucked in. Under line very good coupled with a very well made hind quarter. Looked smart on the move, sound, but also very buoyant. Showed well and had the coat and colour I so like. Well done. 2. Denton’s Rycombe Jaffa Cake at Brackenhaye, two and a half year tri, came very close to winner, just spoilt for choice. Loved his rich colour, strong head, very good for bone and substance, just did not get under way on the move, not really his fault, handler needs to get more involved.

OD: Hutchings’ Ch Collidach Molloney Ta Tu You, 6 year old in his prime, strong well made tri, looked the part from start to finish, classic male head piece, eye so well set and showing a very calm confident expression, ears on the go and so well set. Strong well-muscled neck into high withers and the finest of top line, he didn’t disappoint on the fore hand and had a matching rear assembly I so admire in any breed. Shut the door on all the rest when it came to movement, smooth action, powerful accurate side gait. BD and well deserved, coupled with BOB and a great RBIS.

VB: 1. Moores’ Manordeifi Sweet Suzanna, 7 year old tri just in the veteran class and looking in peak condition, so feminine, and so well handled, just gave her the time to settle on the move which most find difficult. Strong head without being course, moderate stop, eye very dark. Very keen expression and used her ears to best effect. Powerful in neck and shoulders with both top and under line correct. Feet good, tail set a little high with the tail a little gay at times. Moved with a real sense of purpose, running straight, away and coming, her side gate an absolute asset, smooth, powerful and very well balanced. BV and BVIS. My co-judge in total agreement. Well done. 2. Lusty’s Juniperwood Dream Maker at Blamorder, at 8 years old had a job to keep up but by no way let herself down. Still has a great profile and very good presentation.

PB: 1. Williams’ Blamorder Just Like Magic, 9 month old tri, very rich colouring, but still has some way to go in presentation. Very feminine, good for shape and size with a very well balanced profile, quite loose though, but that’s just her age. Just needs to build up her confidence. Smart in head, very good front and rear but as I’ve said, she needs to firm up. Very sound on the move.

SY: 1. Moores’ Manordeifi Summer Magic, 15 month old tri, very good for type with a very attractive head piece, darkest of eye, ears well set. Neck of good length into high withers and a well-muscled top line. All angles good with long bones, and a firmness to match. Did well on the move handler needs to steady down, she lost her balance a few times, well done. 2. Williams’ Blamorder Just Like Magic, My nice puppy bitch.

LB: 1. Beeney’s Rycombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark, 3 year old s/w. The way she moved has stuck in my memory, she has the look of a real worker. A lovely sable, with a neat wedged head, good stop, well placed eyes of good shape and colour. Ears veryactive even on the move. Neck of good length, fore hand and chest proportions very good. Very good tuck to under line. Very flexible pastern which gave her such a smooth action on side gait. Rear cannot. Very sound, get any better. BB and RBOB. Well done. 2. Sweeney’s Plaisance Blue Belle, 2 year old merle, I found her not wanting in any area, attractive girl showing good type, and a confidence missing in some today. Clean well cut head, dark eye of good shape. Very good profile with super level top line, held I might say at all times. Nice angles to shoulder and she kept her elbows well tucked in. Very sound if a little erratic at times.

OB: Hutchings’ Collidach Molloney Fay Mouse ShCM, 6 year old mature merle in her prime but up against some stiff opposition. Loved her presentation, had a steady approach and a confidence one expects from the open class. Nice shape to her head, with eyes, ears and stop very good. Impressive well build fore hand, bones long, angles correct. Tidy feet, and very roomy chest which had both depth and width. A power house of a rear assembly used to best effect. Sound all round. Gave her a second look in the challenge. 2.  Denton’s Ch Kevranna Theras Enate Echo, Stunning s/w, at a first glance has it all, I just felt she lost her top line, too often during the class. Fab head with eyes, ears and that reach of neck giving her a real elegant look. All angles very good especially her fore hand. I will say the ground was very uneven in places which did not help, I’m sure I’ll see this one again.

Judge Mike Vines. 

MPD: 1. Houlding’s Martlese Polar Solstice, At just 6 months, what an absolute delight. Gave me a very casual approach, stood his ground and looked the part. Clean well balanced head but of course still needs to mature, good for bone and has very pleasing angles. Sound on the move but did waddle a bit. BPD.

JD: 1. Congdon’s Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (Imp Rus), 14 month old tri, well balanced in all areas, especially on the fore hand. Sweet expression, dark eyes, very firm top line for one so young. Had the height and length I was looking for, coupled of course with angle both fore and aft which gave him that smooth action on the move. I know he still has some way to go but for now he is the best. BD, BOB and BIS, 2. Gladwell’s Jotars Blue Moon JW, 16 month old, very tidy merle in coat and so well presented. Well balanced head, excellent profile and they don’t come any sounder.

SYD: 1. Congdon’s Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (Imp Rus), 2. Patman’s Pick Pocket via Samhaven, 18 month rich golden sable, well muscled youngster, classic head, strong expression, very good for bone and substance. Put the brakes on when it came to moving, bit of a gay tail into the bargain.

ND: 1. Patman’s Pick Pocket via Samhaven.}

GD: 1. Congdon’s Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (Imp Rus), 2. Hogg’s First Love for Barnabus, 3 year old sable, good wedge head, good eye shape and colour with very keen expression. Very good in profile with very firm top line, could be more positive on the move.

PGD: 1. Ware’s Rowlands Paddy McGinty at Wassail, 2 year old sable dog, smart exhibit very good for type. Very well balanced in head and has very good fore hand. I found his presentation excellent, and with a very good rear assembly produced a very good side gait. Clean coming and going. RBD, 2. Hogg’s First Love for Barnabus.

LD: 1. Houlding’s Sandcourt Blue Temptation at Martlese, just over 3 and a half and a very likable merle. Has a very good head with good eyes and ears, this made-up the complete picture, OK for coat and has the substance and shape I’m looking for. Very sound but could use a second gear. 2. Gladwell’s Jotars Midnight Moon, 4 year old tri, rather narrow in head bud did well in presentation. Top and under lines good, but just didn’t have the width of a mature male, 3. Morley’s Nutslade Dizzy Storm at Brookynut ShCM. 

OD: 1. Wilson’s Valleyhaven Crusader JW ShCM, 7 year old shaded sable, mature and standing all square. Strong both in head and expression, ears very mobile, strongest of neck into a firm well muscled top line, rather a gay tail at times. Very good shoulders, with equally good upper arm, tidy on the move, so sound and balanced. 2. Francis’ Rossavon Singing the Blues at Rhyslin, 6 year old merle standing rather long, but has a very likable attitude. Good head piece and a very good front. Roomy chest proportion, and on the move was sound in all directions. 3. Houlding’s Sandcourt Blue Temptation at Martlese.  

VB: 1. Gladwell’s Jotars Easter Moon JW ShCM, 8 year old tri, well put together, very good in profile and of good type. Well off for coat which was also of good texture. Strong head, with very even proportions. Excellent bone, good angles and very sound. Moved out well in all directions, lost out to the Smooth in veteran challenge. RBB.

MPB: Lockyer’s Gataj Fairytale Surprise, 8 month sable slightly shaded, found her a delight to go over. Carrying ample coat for one so young, a little reserved at the moment but I am sure she will improve, excellent head, good eyes and sweet expression, ears set very good. On the move I felt her good conformation produced a very good side gait, OK coming just a little close away. A deciding factor in the challenge for BPIS when she lost out to the Smooth puppy, 2. McDade’s Marjaly Memories, 7 month merle who has a lot to offer, I am sure she will do well. Even proportions both in head and body, OK for coat and so steady in presentation. I would like a little more pace when gaiting but I am sure that will come, 3. Houlding’s Martlese Blue Opal.

PB: 1. Flower’s Serenlas Keeping Faith, 9 month old tri, stood out in presentation and gave a good account of herself on the move. Good for type, and so well balanced in head and body, good top line and very good shoulders. Time will tell as with most puppies but I will look forward to seeing her results in the future.

SYB: Randall’s Ladnar Footsteps, 19 month merle carrying enough coat to please, good standing all square. Of good type with very confident expression, and so biddable in presentation. Clean wedged head, eye shape and colour good. Top line a little soft at times but will firm up, On the move she was so well collected. I am sure she has a bright future, 2. Denton’s Brooklynson Jolene at Rifflesea, 18 month old sable and so well put together, gave the class winner a good run for her money. I am sure places will change in the future, very good type, all angles good with very good side gait. Steady and sound coming and going.

NB: 1. Denton’s Brooklynson Jolene at Rifflesea.

GB: 1. Morey’s Lynmead Amalie Is This Lace at Brookynut, 2 year old pale sable, loved her on the move. I feel this breed has to excel in this area or they will lose ground to other breeds. Well balanced head with good eyes and ears, neck of good length, top and underlines very good. Made good use of her front and rear assembly to produce excellent side gait. Well done.  2. Shipp’s Prince of Sunlight Naomi at Tremaro (Imp Rus), at 17 months an interesting sable, has a lot going for her, handler must get more involved. Very even proportions, top line firm and so well collected on the move but needs to move vibrant to reach the front of the queue, 3. Tame’s Samhaven Momentum.

PGB: 1. Flower’s Serenlas Mayd to Walk in Sunshine, Ultra feminine girl a tri at 5 years of age very mature, and standing all square, good in all areas, in particular I liked her forehead. So well put together, eyes and ears good, on the move she could put a little more into it, but so sound. Gave her a second look in the challenge, 2. Bishop’s Lynmead Amalie Amazed By You, Nicely coloured merle only 3 years old, rather short coupled and not as sound as I would like, close in some areas but side gait not too bad, 3. Lockyer’s Gataj Welcome With a Kiss.

LB: 1. Lockyer’s Gataj Jubilee of Surprises, 3 year old sable, stood on her own but did present a very acceptable picture, has balance, substance and good bone, but still very feminine. Loved her head and was so pleased with her on the move, very sound. Another that I gave a second look in the challenge.

OB: 1. Shipp’s Rahlissa Snow Maiden for Tremaro, 5 year old sable so mature and full of breed type, came to the front of the queue with ease. Well chiselled head piece with dark  eye, ultra confident expression, ears well placed. Has an excellent reach of neck coupled to a firm level top line. Her shoulders are correct and rear assembly excellent, sound mover in all directions. Pushed the best dog really hard in the challenge. BB, 2. Congdon’s Isn’t She Lovely Des Beldones via Aaronwell JW (Imp Fra), two and a half year old pale sable, very quiet girl but has a lot in her favour. So feminine and so well put together, lovely head, soft expression and very biddable. Produced a very good side gait, just a little close away.

I really did enjoy myself, I found temperaments second to none and was impressed with presentation. Movement overall just needs to improve a little, especially side gaiting, pace is everything today. Very impressed with my two stewards and the ladies in the kitchen looked after us well. Thank you and best of luck to you all, I am sure we will meet again.

Judge Celia Vines.