APRIL 2015

Not a numerically good entry but I was pleased the the quality I had particularly in the bitches.

Veteran dog 0 entries

Puppy dog 0 entries,

Special yearling dog 0 entries.                

Post graduate. dog (1)
1st.  Beeney's Coneypark Cappaccino,Standing alone but well worth his first place, 22 mth. sable nice clean head with a lovely almond shape to the eyes, ears right where I like to see them and a strong archy neck good front angulation and length to back. Pleasing rise over loin going down into a very good rear end . All in all a very well constructed male moving around the ring in a very positive manner. Very well presented RBD

Limit dog 3 (1)
1st.Gay's Yagane's Blue Mist ,In very good order almost three years old blue with a beautiful texture to his coat smaller male than 2 but everything in proportion, balanced head with with correctly shaped eyes and ear placement , good muscle and length to his neck going into shoulders with good angles ample length to ribcage and very well proportioned at the rear end coupled with good muscle tone all round allowed this dog to move with real drive,he not only excelled with his movement but also with his head properties. BD & RBOB
2nd Denton's Ryecombe Jaffa Jake, Tri bigger all round than 1 not the pleasing head of my best dog or the movement but none the less quite a nice boy who seemed to be enjoying his day out.                                                  

Open dog 0 entries        

Vet. bitch 2 (1)
1st   Gay's Manordeifi Sapphire Mist at Yagane Blue merle almost nine years and this lovely lady moves so well, and on going over her i found she has the most sound construction, super head sparkling eyes and good ear carriage her ex build allowed her to power around the ring showing some of the youngsters how it's done a lovely girl holding back the years very well. BVIB.
Puppy bitch 1  1st Moores  Summer Magic , 10 mths. and i believe this was her first show and was finding it difficult to concentrate just like most puppies really. Not a small girl and i hope she doesn't grow on too much , very well constructed which allowed her to move very well, once she settles to the task of showing i'm sure she will do well . A happy girl and i wish her all the best  BPIB.                                                                      

Special Yearling bitch .
1st As puppy                                                        
2nd Sweeney's Plaisance Blue Bell ,Very pretty lady but seemed a little nervous on going over her possibly due to the very high winds blowing things all over the place clear blue colour with nicely balanced head with a lovely eye and ex. good archy neck excellent conformation both front and rear moved quite well considering she seemed quite unsettled on another day she could do much better.                                                                

Post Graduate Bitch 2 (1)

1st Moores Tomalca Buttons and Bows at Manordeifi ,Lovely golden sable with a good clean head ex ear carriage super expression moving well on nice neet feet very well presented.                  

 Limit bitch 2 (1)

1st Moores Manordeifi Silver Dazzler Another little lady that seemed unsettled , nice clean lines to her head with good ear carriage and pleasing ex. nicely built all round good colour blue moved ok but i think she could do much better .      

Open bitch 4 (2)

1st. Beeney's Kingrock Bathsheba at Coneypark 3 years old, Oh my what a sweety, stunning little lady that had just about everything for me , super head and expression with ears carried so well strong archy neck good angles all over very sound muscle tone all over moved like a dream in her class eyes only for her handler such a beautiful sable colour, I  think this girl could stand and show all day long, lovely BOB & RBIS unfortunately in the challenge for BIS she lost her way a little with her movement and had to bow the knee to a lovely tri CH.rough

Tony Leverton