Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales April 2015
Rough Collies

A pleasing entry of 67 dogs with 11 absent! This breed was my first love as a school boy and the very first breed I showed in 1964.

This my 2 nd CC appointment in the UK but I have judged the breed in Russia, Norway, Israel, Spain and Holland. A Rough Collie is more than just an head the breed should still be capable of doing the job it was originally bred to do (Fit for function) movement is a big problem in the breed with far too many weak backends .

With holding awards is not something I do lightly and I did explain to the Minor Puppy exibitors my reason for doing so! (enough said).

Vet D/B (3) 1st Milligan, Alfsden For Your Eyes Only JW. A little surprised to see this lovely bitch was not titled, she had the head I wanted plus a lovely outline and so sound moving, In ex form, top class. 2nd Whitakers, Sabihas Sweet Melody, very nice with a lovely expression, good neck straight front ex bone and a shapely body, sound but not quite the freedom of action of the winner , again in ex form. 3rd Edwards, Elshajo Armani Moon.

Min/P Dog (1) 1st, Abbott, Cotswold Brave Hearted, 6 month baby showing huge promise,Sable pleasing head ears need to settle, good neck and shoulders ex bone good feet lovely outline and pleasing quarters easy action. In ex jacket presented 1st class.

P/Dog (2) 1A. 1st Wray, Takhisis Trick or Treat, BOS Puppy Tri, really liked this quality baby, masculine looked his sex very nice head eye and bite, strong neck straight front just needs to fill out a little in forechest, good feet shapely body with a typical outline sound easy action, shows so much promise I would expect him to do very well in the breed.

J/Dog (2) 1ab, 1st Lockyer, Redola Just In Time Gataj. Sable with a very attractive head eye expression and bite balanced profile good feet easy action, presentation 1st class.

N/Dog (2) 1st Jones, Ingledene Dare to Dream With Dancol. Quality so much to like, masculine head expression good eye shape ex bite shapely body totally sound just could have slightly better hind action, even so a lovely boy.

Graduate/D (6) 1a 1st Geddes, Ingledene Water Colour, Blue/M. high quality the overall shape and balance really appealed, very pleasing head ex neck straight front good bone and correct feet, tight elbows ex depth of chest and strong backline good on the move, liked him very much. 2nd Beaden, Angelfield Heaven Can Wait JW. Sable, lovely quality and breed type head I liked good neck well constructed and moves easily and well a bit silly with his tail carriage shown in the most immaculate coat and body condishion. 3rd Clare, Bluchip Solar Storm Of Skyeshelm.

P/G (4) 1st, Wright, Pelido David Wear, Sable very attractive breed type shape and balance, pleasing head good eye, typical male expression good bone in lovel form and hes sound alround a lovely male. 2nd Thorne, Triforce Dragon Heart, heavier type lots to like, strong head good eye shapely body just needs a little more body weight, 3rdClare, Bluechip Solar Storm Of Skyeshelm.

L/D (6) 1st RES CC, Beaden, Heylijayz Dragonfly At Angelfield, this high quality Tri was always gong to impress me a pleasure to watch him move free easy action with drive behind and correct in front, yes I may want him slightly bigger all round but so much quality and breed type I understand has a CC I am told and I would be amazed if he doesn’t finish titled. 2nd Telford, Glenbowdene Shades of Gold JW another to impress all the qualities I look for good head shaply body and easy sound action will always make his presence felt. 3rd Cronk, Chelborn More To Tell.

O/D (4)1a 1st CC+ BOB + Group 4. Hawkins & Foy, Beldones Black Illusion, A real collie with the head construction and movement I was looking for, No hesitation in putting him top of the breed today, fills the eye has all the qualities I look for, masculine ex bite dark eye in ex form winning his 2nd CC today and a pleasure for me to see him go Group 4 under Collie expert Mr Peter Bailey, will certainly make-up an outstanding male Rough. 2nd Fryer-Clark & Stanley & Avery, Best Kept Secret At Vonarkle, bigger type all quality, attractive head shape, good eye & bite pleasing neck straight front and a good body free easy action all round a very nice quality male in ex form. 3rd Coulson, Coarhabeg Rider In The Sky Over Bluechip JW. Quality dog but not going too well today.

M/P/Bitch (3) all present (W/H.)

P/B (8) 2a 1st Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2 under Miss Jean Lanning. Cronk, Chelborn Kiss”n Desire, sable Champion bred and sure to follow in their footsteps, cracking baby and at this stage about right everywhere, shouts quality ex head eye and bite lovely heck giving an eye catching outline with her shapely body in the most immaculate form I really liked this youngster and she lifted my mood up after the last class. Most exciting future ahead for her I will watch. 2nd Tame, Rahlissa love Song, a sable of quality pleasing head shapely body and again sound. 3rd McCormick & Laidlaw, Lynmack Let There Be Rock.

J/B (6) all present, 1st Cozens & Buckley, Bhyllsacre Babycham, 12 month sable she stood away, loved this girl and I did look more than once in the challenge, all quality lovely breed type shape and overall balance, super head in ex jacket and so good moving. Sure has an exciting future one I really liked. 2nd Tame, Rahlissa Love Song, (reported) 3rd Boyle, Monsolana Butterfly Blue Over Barrowclough (IMP RUSSIA).

N/B (5) 2a 1st Jonior winner ( reported) 2nd Edwards, Moonkisses From Ever After (IMP CZE). Sable ,quality girl, very attractive head shapely body and sound easy action. In lovely form coat and body wise. 3rd Harvey, Wicani Enraptured.

G/B (6) 1st Boyle, Monsolana Butterfly Blue Over Barrowclough (imp Russ). Blue best mover, quality slightly different in head type, shapely. 2nd Milligan, Ladnar Mystic Circle With Alfsden, Blue of quality needs to enjoy the ring a little more overall pleasing breed type, could be a little stronger going away. 3rd Lockyer, Gataj Welcome With A Kiss.

P/G B (8) all present! Not the best class for movement. 1st Harvey, Churchoak Temptress At Wicani, B/M and easy the best mover present! Very typical in outline ,feminine, the more I looked the more she appealed honest quality sound bitch about sums her up! 2nd Whitaker, Jopium Magical Dream. Quality bitch stood, very nice breed type, feminine lovely head eye good shape and in ex jacket not the action of my winner. 3rd Milligan, Ladnar Mystic Circle With Alfsden.

Limit /B (9) 1a better class with little between the first two! 1st Lockyer, Gataj Wilow of Surprises, rich sable that really appealed to my eye loved her breed type shape and balance, feminine with a super head stylish and in cracking form sound easy action I would think CC quality. 2nd Mitchell & Jordan, Avonfair Secret Attraction JW 5 year old and suely should have made-up. High quality again balanced and shapely winner just slightly showing more freedom of action but this was so close and could have gone either way and I wouldn’t have been wrong. 3rd Mcgrath, Churchoak Truly For Seryphina.

Open/B (8) 1a quality right down the line and this was the class of the day! 1st Hawkins, Brilyn Feel The Difference, CC Sable, oh I just loved this girl all the qualities I want in a bitch, and she was on top form ,she came to win has attitude and style in abundance, pleased me from head to toe winning her 2nd ticket and it surely wont be long before that third comes her way. A collie that looks like a Collie and can move. 2nd Barrett, CH Brooklynson Miley Cyrus , huge fan of this lady! I gave her a Res CC from junior and she had another today from me . A real collie with such lovely ground covering movement ! Today not in her best jacket but no getting away from the fact this is a great collie. 3rd Shipp, Rahlissa Snow Maiden For Tremaro.