Three Counties Ch Show
June 2015
Smooth Collies

OD (2-1ab)

1st Griffiths Alopex Matt Finnish. 8 year old tri. Nice male with a lovely head, nice wedge shape has a well placed stop, good dark eyes. Nice ear set which he showed to advantage today. Long neck into correct placement of shoulders. Nice length in back, good rise over the loin, well let down in hocks. Moved out well today, enjoying his day out. BD

JB (1)

1st Moores Manordeifi Summer Magic. A nicely made tri of just 12 months, of proper working type. Nice wedge head showing correct planes, nice stop, nice eyes. Good ears. Good length in neck and back. Nice turn in stifle. Good length in tail. Her lovely angulation front and rear showed in her good movement, really powered away from the rear. Interesting prospect. RBB

PGB (4-1ab)

1st Manordeifi Summer Magic

2nd Peacocks Blamorder Back to the Start for Saraneth. Tri of 20 months. Looked lovely standing, very fidgety today while trying to go over her. Pretty head, correct stop, nice eye. Ears nicely tipped and used well, just a tad large for my liking. Graceful neck, good length in back, nice rise over the loin. Let herself down on the move, wasn’t striding out in front and lacked drive from the rear.

3rd Kinseys Ryecombe Jovial Jasmine of Sturtmoor. 3 yr old sable. I liked this young ladies overall body shape. Coming back into good condition. Nice head, a bit full in her cheeks. Nice eye and good ears, moved out with drive.

OB (5-4ab)

1st Griffiths Alopex Little Summer. Always loved this pretty sable, sometimes she lets herself down in the ring but not today. She came into the ring with a real spring in her step. I love her head, has the most exquisite expression, beautiful dark eyes of almond shape that are obliquely set. She used her ears well today although I would like them a bit tighter. Her body is in beautiful condition and of a lovely colour. Lovely angulation both front and rear, and powered her way around the ring with her young runner. She was really happy today and I so hope she gets her third CC soon, she deserves it. BB, BOB.

Marianne Benton (judge)