Thank you to the Committee for your kind invitation to judge, and to the exhibitors for their excellent entry and the sporting way they accepted my decisions. I found the appointment challenging owing to the quality of the dogs I handled, and many decisions were literally splitting hairs. On another day places could be different. Just one moan, please remember dogs have teeth which they can’t clean themselves.


Veteran Dog: (1) What a way to start! 1. Edwards Elshajo Armani, immaculate 7 year old tri, gleaming black coat, with a rich tan and dazzling white collar.  Not in a huge coat but what he had enhanced his superb body shape. Balanced head with correct stop, flat backskull and neat well used ears, complete clean dentition, good neck leading into well laid shoulders, level topline, good bend of stifle, moved with drive but was a little close behind. Delighted to see him go BVIS.

Puppy Dog: (5,1). 1. Tipper’s Friedens Cheafeld at Tiganlea (Imp). 10 month old tri. Lovely head and expression, well moulded foreface, correct stop, dark almond eyes. Good front assembly, well boned, neat feet, moved with drive and purpose. BPD.  2. Hawkins Guilt Edged Brilyn, 8 month old sable, perfectly presented, in good coat for his age. Ideal head and melting expression composed of dark almond eyes and neat well used ears. Good length of neck, level topline and correct tail set. Moved very well.  3. Wray’s Takhisis Trick or Treat.

Junior Dog: (3) 1. Collins Jump In The Fire du Bois des Amazones at Triburle. s/w, 4 days out of puppy, I just loved this dog. Well moulded foreface with good underjaw, correct amount of stop, almond eyes, all combining to give a head and expression to die for, masculine but with the melting softness I was looking for. Excellent body shape, stood four square, good bone with straight front legs, perfect upper arm angulation and well laid shoulders, level topline, fabulous bend of stifle, with strong second thigh and short hocks. Moved with drive and the exuberance of youth RBD. 2. Tipper’s Too Good To Be Forgotten, 14 month old s/w, sire by a great favourite of mine, pleased to see he has many of his Father’s attributes and is a much better showman. Bigger dog than 1 all round but all in proportion. Melting masculine expression, neat well used ears, level topline, and good turn of stifle. Moved well but a little fond of his tail which cost him the class. 3. Lockyer’s Redola Just in Time for Gataj.

Post-Grad Dog: (6,2) 1. Cooney’s Jopium Stole my Heart at Lingwell and he did. 2 year old golden sable with the most wonderful head and expression, strong underjaw, correct amount of stop, dark almond eyes, neat well used ears and the flattest of back skulls. To be hypercritical I would prefer tighter ears but he certainly used them to his advantage. Well arched neck, leading into well laid shoulders, straight front with good bone and neat oval feet. Level topline with the desired rise over the loin, superb bend of stifle, short hocks and long tail. On the move he just put his head down and went, excellent front extension, and strong driving action, correctly carried tail. He could have worked all day. BD, RBOB, BOSIS. 2. Wells Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon JW ShCM, 2 year old darker sable. Different type to 1 but I really liked him. Shorter in head and broader in back skull but all in proportion. Lovely dark eye and neat ears, attractive widow’s peak giving him a questioning expression. Excellent front assembly which enabled him to move with drive and purpose. 3. Ross’s Tremaro Star Touch at Samshernik.

Limit Dog: (6,1) 1. Collins Triburle Zachary JW. 3 year old s/w, old favourite of mine, compact dog but in perfect proportion. Super head and expression. Good reach of neck, well angled shoulders, level topline and well set tail which he kept down on the move. Pushed his kennel mate hard for RBD.  2. Flint’s Jopium Touch of Ice at Highnol, 2 year old dark blue merle. Loved this dog for his make and shape. Stunning when standing in profile with the elegant aloofness the standard demands. Melting expression, well balanced head, swan neck, level topline, ggod bend of stifle and strong second thigh. Excellent driving movement but oh so fond of his tail which cost him top honours. 3. Glover’s Caprioara Blueberry Charm at Stormsett.

Open Dog: (7) 1. Friar-Clarke, Stanley and evans Best Kept Secret at Vonarkle. 5 year old golden sable. Impressed with his elegance and ring presence. Well balanced head, melting yet masculine expression, lovely dark almond eye, neat well used ears, flat back skull. Good length of neck, well angulated shoulders, level topline, good spring of rib, pleasing bend of stifle, moved with drive.  2. Smith’s Ladnar Timeshare for Rashel.  5 year old blue merle. Another mature and elegant dog in full bloom, beautifully presented. Balanced head, wall eyed but did not detract from his melting expression. Moved with drive and pushed 1 hard.  3. Hawkins Brilyn Intoxicated.

Veteran Bitch: (6,1) A lovely class of oldies, a credit to their owners. 1. Hall’s Lizmark looking Fab and she was. 8 and a half year old rich chestnut sable. Presentation immaculate. Petite bitch built on racier lines than some, elegant well balanced head, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, level topline. On the move she was everything her conformation suggested, she just floated over the ground, one of the best movers of the day. 2. James Morvania Summer Affair at Deanjan, 8 year old sable. Totally different type to 1 but I did her well as a puppy and have not changed my mind. Balanced head with feminine expression, lovely almond eyes and well used ears. Good body shape, moved very freely under her huge coat.  3. Edwards Brilyn Sing A Rainbow at Elshajo.

Puppy Bitch: (12,2) 1. What a brilliant class of babies. 1. Tipper’s Tiganlea Turning Tricks, 6 months old at her first show. What a star – her pet name is Perfect and she is. Lovely head and expression, well moulded foreface, correct stop, dark almond eyes, ears a little heavy at present but she used them well. Good reach of neck, leading into well laid shoulders, straight front with excellent bone and neat oval feet. Level topline with good spring of rib, excellent turn of stifle, short hocks, stood four square and showed like a veteran. Moved with drive and purpose. BPB, BPIB. Thrilled to see her go BPIS.  2. Flint’s Highnol Candy Hearts. 8 month old s/w. Much finer than 1 all round. Lovely make and shape, with excellent front assembly, good coat for her age. Moved very well. 3. Smith’s Rashel Follow Your Dream. 4. Wray’s Beldone Duchess of Dreams. This puppy deserves a special mention as the comic turn of the day. 6 months sable, lovely make and shape, pretty head and expression, but oh so stubborn on the move. She will go where she wants and when she wants, much to the ringside’s amusement. Please persevere with her as she is much too good to be left at home.

Junior Bitch: (7,3) 1. Corney’s Yenroc Grand Maree, pretty sable and white, lovely head properties, dark almond eyes and neat, well used ears. Good reach of neck, level topline, well set tail, moved with drive.  2. Randall’s Ladnar Footsteps. 14 month old blue merle, in between coats but presented as I would expect from this Kennel. Well balanced head, good body shape, excellent angulation allowing her to move freely.  3. Ross’s Rahlissa Fairytale at Samshernik.

Post-Grad Bitch: (15,5) 1. Margett’s Collingvale Chardonnay. 2 year old shaded sable in full bloom, lovely head and expression, well moulded foreface, correct amount of stop, dark almond eyes, neat ears, flattest of back skulls. Excellent arch of neck, well laid shoulders, level topline, nice bend of stifle and short hocks enabling her to move with drive. RBB 2. Hawkin’s Brilyn Glory Days, 2 year old sable, immaculately presented, sweet expression from a combination of neat, alert ears and dark almond eyes. Arched neck, good shoulder angulation, level topline, good tail set and carriage. Moved positively. 3. Davies Tiganlea Silver Trinket at Sabina.

Limit Bitch: (6,2) 1. Lockyer’s Gataj Willow of Surprises – have admired this bitch from the ringside and was not disappointed on handling her. Almost 5 years old mahogany sable, an ideal combination of substance and femininity. Head handles well, with a melting expression, rounded muzzle, good bite with clean teeth, correctly placed stop, dark almond eyes, neat ears which she could be persuaded to use, flat back skull. Correct height to length ratio gives her a very attractive shape, with straight front legs, neat feet and good bone, correct length of upper arm, well sprung ribs, level topline with the correct rise over the loin, finished with a good bend of stifle, strong second thigh and short hocks enabling her to move positively both ways and have excellent reach when viewed from the side. She floated around the ring and could work as long as you needed her to. Immaculate presentation completed the picture and I wish, with all my heart, that she were mine. BB, BOB, RBIS.  2.Humphrey’s Brilyn Guilty Pleasure, 3 year old golden sable, elegant bitch, put down to the minute, smaller all round than1 but in perfect proportion. Sweetest of expressions with dark almond eyes and neat ears. Moved with drive, unlucky to meet 1. 3. Davies T. Silver Trinket.

Open Bitch: (5,3) 1. Margett’s Amalie Let Me be at Collingvale. Another bitch I have admired since she was a puppy. Now 6 and in full bloom, pale sable coat. Impressive silhouette when standing. Well balanced head with a sweet expression, good neck, well angulated shoulders, level topline, good turn of stifle and strong second thigh. Moved well but in the challenge needed more animation to beat her kennel mate for RBB.  2. Corney’s Fleur Di E’Cosse. 3 year old glamourous sable and white. Not in  full coat but was immaculately presented. Head handled well, sweet expression, good body shape. Moved exuberantly with reach and drive and was one of the best movers of the day.

Jane Stevens (Judge)