The Scottish Kennel Club
Sunday 17th May 2015
Rough Collie

Thank you to The Scottish Kennel Club for awarding me my first CC appointment.

Also I would just like to say a big Thank you to my 2 ring stewards Esther Hitchcock and Carol Stephenson  for their hard work keeping  the ring running smoothly at all times.
Most importantly I would  like to thank the exhibitors (without whom there is no entry) for allowing me to go over their dogs and giving me the 3rd highest entry in the Pastoral Group - and such a quality entry at that! In most classes I was very impressed with the quality of dogs and delighted to see stronger backs and improved rear movement. However a minority did come with tats, dirty teeth and poor presentation that cost them a placing.

The hall was very noisy & echoey but the majority of entrants coped well. However what did put quite a few of the youngsters off was the residue of thrown tidbits - in some cases ground into the floor!

Minor Puppy Dog 4(1)

  1. Jones’ Erjon Early Edition -7mth s/w – Sympathetically handled to get the best out of him. Nice size for age. Moderate amount of bone and substance. Good chest and length of tail. Pleasing masculine head with neat well placed ears. Moved well enough for one so young when focused. Shows much potential.
  2. Johnston & Buchanan Kelmbri Dickenson –rich s/w smaller than 1- Pleasing head and dark eyes. Well presented and handled with well trimmed feet and hocks. Just needs a bit more time.  
  3. Forrester’s Eximer Right Down the Lane

Puppy Dog 4

  1. Tipper’s Fridens Cheffild at Tiganlea  BPD BPIB – Tri 9 mths. Sweet yet masculine head with good dark almond shaped eye. Correctly placed stop. Well laid back shoulders giving correct front angulation. Neat well let down hocks. Good length to height ratio.  Moved well from all angles.
  2. Wray’s Takhisis Trick or Treat – 11mths - Another smart upstanding tri of good substance – well presented with the blackest of coats. Full white collar which showed off his length of neck. However would prefer a slightly longer back. Moved Ok if a bit close at the back.
  3. Congdon’s Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (Imp)
  4. Rycraft’s Lillyway Love Bug at at Rydellsky

Junior Dog  4

  1. Tipper’s Tiganlea Too Good to be Forgotten – 14mths s/w of good size. Glamorous full white collar that enhanced his length of neck. Echoey hall meant he only gave me fleeting glimpses of ears which were neat and well set on a lovely wedged shaped head with smudge that softened his expression. Good full dentition. Neat feet – well presented. Moved well with drive. Won on his more positive rear movement.
  2. McDevitt’s Caronlea Lukin Black CJW15  - tri just on a year. Smaller throughout. Beautifully presented with nice harsh well fitting coat and rich tan markings. Well placed and shaped eye. Alert expression with stop correctly placed. Well let down hocks – moved with drive.
  3. Congdon’s Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (imp)
  4. Ashe’s Forrestwalk Rocket Man

Yearling Dog  4(1)

  1. Tipper’s Tiganlea Too Good To Be Forgotten
  2. Brooker’s I Am Fantastic Du Bois Des amazons for Corisian(imp) Sweet gentle expression. Lovely dark almond shaped eyes. Well balanced throughout just would like more of him – moved well around the ring.
  3. Rycraft’s Kynan Sivershadow at Rydellsky

Post Graduate Dog 5(1)

  1. Congdon’s Monsolana Bluzstar For Aaronwell (Imp) –4yr old B/M with  lovely well merled coat of good texture and colour. Full white collar. Adequate length of neck. Well moulded foreface with sweet expression. Lovely almond shaped eyes. Used his ears well. Good muscle and second thigh. Moved out well.
  2. Melvin & Jopson’s Starlenga Streets Ahead at Nithview –21/2 yr old  rich s/w - What a handful! Cheeky happy chappy  who has many positive virtues. Rich sable dog whose head handles well and is clean throughout. Has a good enough length of neck but moved slightly closer behind.
  3. Calvert & Sargeant’s Coarhabeg  Snowy Albatross With Leningay
  4. Stewart’s Bronvannin Moon Crusader

Limit Dog  5(1)

  1. Melvin & Jopson’s Starlenga Streetfighter at Nithview – 3 yr old s/w . Not a big lad but a lesson to be learnt here on how to present, move and  show your dog to get the best out of them! Beautifully presented clean rich s/w coat that gleamed with condition. No knots or tats anywhere. Head handles well with nice dark expressive eyes. Tail of adequate length. Lovely shape and outline. Shows himself off well constantly using his neat well placed ears and good arch to neck. Moved feely and with drive. - At one with handler.
  2. Walker’s Starlenga Dizzie Rascal – Judged this lad as a MP and liked him then. Good for size with a heavy rich s/w coat. Well moulded foreface and head handled well. Nicely set ears and dark almond shaped eyes giving a sweet expression.
  3. Davies Chelborn Dependable
  4. Stewart’s Bronvannin Moon Crusader

Open Dog  7
A cracking class with quality dogs and my line up here pleased me immensely.

  1. Blaikie’s Willowdene Double or Quits at Wassail  -  Very pleased we waited for him. This lad is now coming into his own and can only keep getting better. Lovely masculine head with nicely rounded foreface & well placed stop. Dark almond shaped eyes that all combined to give a sweet melting expression. Lovely arch of neck into well placed shoulders. Good front angulation and slope of shoulder. Well balanced throughout. Superb temperament – very alert and responsive to handler. Coat was the blackest of jet black, straight and harsh -  enhanced with a full white collar. Immaculate and well presented. Stood four square on neat well trimmed feet. Firm back with slight rise over the loin. Moved out easily and effortlessly covering the ground with ease. So very pleased to award him his 1st CC and am sure the next 2 will follow soon. BD CC
  2. Coulson’s Coarhabeg Rider In The sky over Bluchip JW  RCC   So unlucky to meet 1 – but so much to like about him. Lovely masculine head that handled so well. Alert interested expression –used his ears at all times. Good length of neck - which  along with standing off from handler -enhanced his well balanced outline. Well developed chest and lovely straight front. Spot on for height to length ratio. Tail of good length. Powered effortlessly around the ring keeping a level topline at all times. Just wished I’d had 2 big cards. He just lost out on finish of coat. Am sure his 3rd ticket can’t be far off.
  3. Welsh’s Ladnar Perfect Time At Thislewing
  4. Davis’s Ir Ch Rosschell Bobby Dazzler at Wassail

Veteran Dog  2

  1. Edward’s Elshajo Armani Moon – Now 8yrs old but still retains his youthful appearance. Tri well presented with full white collar. Not in the fullest of coats but what he had fitted him well. Head very clean. Stood and showed 4 square at all times with lovely straight front. Moved with power and drive as his construction would suggest.
  2. Sinclair’s Ladnar Kings Country – Tri Just beginning to show his age but another who was very well presented. Well developed chest with good depth and length of rib. Balanced head of good length with dark eye and strong underjaw. Used his ears well to create a kind intelligent expression. Moved out with purpose.


Minor Puppy Bitch  2
2 very immature puppies who were intent on hoovering up tidbits from the dog classes

  1. Raffel’s Ileyda Jessie Jay –Happy girly who won on her overall feminine shape and head qualities. Both handler and puppy would benefit greatly from ringcraft and presentation lessons.
  2. Yule’s Ingledene Gold Lace – bigger all round than 1. Neat feet and well presented. Good length of tail but head needs to clean out and settle.

Puppy Bitch  4

  1. Jones Erjon Eye Candy  BPB – Tri won on her more positive movement. Lovely outline with good reach of neck. Stood alert and interested in her handler. Sweet head eye and expression.  Nice tight ear set. Moved well.
  2. McCormick & Laidlaw Lynmack Let There Be Rock – Lovely rich s/w full white collar.  Has a pleasing head with good stop and eye shape. Good neck and chest. Prefered the movement of the winner.
  3. Corney’s Appatite Skies At Yenroc
  4. Melvin & Jopsons Lilyway Lovin’ You at Nithview

Junior Bitch 6(3)

  1. Brotherton & McClelland’s Ladnar Sweet Temptaion at Alauna – would have liked a slightly more feminine expression but body wise she was well  balanced throughout.  Lovely coloured b/m with enough coat that was well groomed and fitted her well. Sensible and sympathetic  handling  got the best out of her. Moved well.
  2. McCormick & Laidlaw’s Lynmack Let There Be Rock
  3. Whitaker’s  Aniesh Misty Blue Moon Of Siluto

Yearling Bitch  6(1)

  1. Brooker’s Telforth Sweet Dreams To Corisian JW  RCC  Very pretty feminine girl - well angulated throughout.  Lovely head eye and expression with dark almond shaped eyes.  Small neat ears which she used well. Well arched neck.  Forelegs were straight and well muscled with lovely round bone. Rich s/w  dense coat in good well presented condition. Lovely profile. She has a good rapport with handler.  Moved briskly covering the ground with ease.
  2. Timmin’s Kynan Mika Blue Moon –  Pretty B/M slightly longer in back than 1. Well blunted clean wedged shaped head with flat skull. Alert look and very attentive to handler. Rich tan markings and a lovely well broken colour. Tail that reached the hock joint which she carried low when on the move.
  3. Brotherton & McClelland’s Willowdene True Ebony at Alauna
  4. Watt’s Chelborn Justified with Culbrae

Post Graduate Bitch 3

  1. Brooker’s Chantique Simply Dee for Corisian – This girl did all that was asked of her. Stood and showed well at all times. Head handled well – lovely dark obliquely set eyes. Neat small ears that she used constantly all combined to give a melting expression. Very attentive to handler. Moved soundly out and back. Pushed her kennel mate hard for RCC.
  2. Blaikie’s Kourika Karrizma  - Not settled here at all today – very distracted. However what a little stunner!  So very sweet and feminine. Head handled well – smooth. Ears, when she used them, bang on top –just wasn’t to be today. Correct front and rear angulation with good bend of stifle. Would love to see her on grass. Am sure she’ll have a bright future and the best is yet to come.
  3. Whitaker’s Jopium Magical Dream

Limit Bitch  12 (4)

  1. Walker’s Hana Of Lowlands Green Valley at Starlenga (Imp) – 3 years old. Built on elegant feminine lines – with flowing topline and good bend of stifle. Rich s/w. Tail of good length.
  2. Brodie’s Shanaburn Magical Kisses JW Slightly smaller than 1 . - 3 yr old tri bitch with full white collar. Sweet head eye and expression – often hard to find in a tri. Neat well trimmed hocks and feet. Moved with purpose and drive.
  3. Ashe’s Starlenga Mysterious Girl At Forrestwalk
  4. Mitchel & Jordan’s Avonfair Secret Attraction JW


Open Bitch 9(1)
Loved this class of feminine quality bitches

  1. Mitchell & Jordan’s  Ch Caronlea Celtic By Design For Avonfair JW  CC  BOB  G4 – Quality class with several exhibits who had to remain cardless.

Extremely well presented tri in immaculate coat and condition. Love everything about her. Sweet feminine bitch who screams ‘Look at ME!’ – Melting expression obtained by dark almond shaped eyes in a well moulded foreface with neat well placed ears which she could use to advantage. Good length of well arched neck flowing into well set shoulders and down into neat oval shaped feet. Good length of back with slight rise over the loin. Tail of good length carried well. Correct angulation and muscle tone throughout. She flowed round the ring at one with her handler – with a bond that was plain to see. Pleased to award her the CC and delighted to see her placed  G4 in quality  competiton. She certainly is ‘fit for purpose’ and could do a day’s work any day.

2. Corney’s Yenroc Fleur Di E’Cosse – Unfortunate to meet 1 as there is a lot to love about this bitch. Nothing exaggerated at all. Rich sh/sable whose coat gleamed with condition. Not quite the sweetness of 1 but  Immaculately presented. Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Well muscled and well toned. Moved positively with light and effortless strides.

3. Timmin’s Ir Ch Wassail China Blue at Kynan

4. Francis Ileyda Satin Lace Of Peblu

Veteran Bitch 2

  1. McCann’s Ch Buebezzi Ensorcellement At Zolkhan – Lovely shaped 8 year old blue who stood and showed 4 square. Very responsive to handler. Enjoying her day out. Clean and well prepared. Moved with grace holding her lovely topline.
  2. Whitaker’s Sabiha’s Sweet Melody – S/w in good coat and condition. Nice make and shape.  Good ear carriage, sweet dark eyes. Moved  and showed well.  

Judge - Terri Brand