Richmond Championship Show 12th September 2015.

Rough Collies

I would like to thank you to the Society for inviting me to judge and my Ring Stewards Rachel Biscoe and Christina Bailey for doing a great job.  Also thanks to the exhibitors for their entries. I was surprised to find so many tangles in the males trousers just cut off with knots left, making it difficult to check for entire males without getting your hand caught in the coat. Many exhibits teeth were caked in tartar. Quite a few exhibits lacking good muscle tone which reflected in poor rear movement.

Veteran Dog 1 (0)
1.Edward’s Elshajo Armani Moon very handsome tri dog, with good reach of neck and good shoulder placement. Lovely outline. Clean head of good length, gentle expression and neat ears. Well presented and moved freely.

MPD 5 (0) 1.
1st & BPD Telford’s Glenbowdene A Vision of Gold. Gorgeous sw puppy just under 9 months old and maturing well. He creates a very balanced picture. Well constructed with strong bone. Balanced head with correctly placed stop. Almond shaped eye giving a sweet yet masculine expression. Coat of correct texture. Moved out well but just needs to firm up at the rear end. Well presented. Will watch him with interest.
2nd Jones’s Erjon Euraser the baby of the class but showing lots of promise. Sweet dark eye and neat ear carriage. Needs to clean a little in stop. Pleasing outline.
3rd Morffet’s Glenbowdene Flames of Gold.

PD 2 (0)
1st Abbot’s Cotswoldway Brave Heart sw dog just under a year old.  Classic type. Long lean head, Dark eye.  Would prefer more stop. Good length of back. Plenty of coat which was well presented. 2nd Harding & Tew’s Serenlas Yuletide Traveler tri almost the same age as winner and has the same sire. Not as mature and feels he needs time to develop.

JD 4 (1 absent) a mixed class as expected for Junior and I am sure they will change places often.
1st Congdon’s Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (Imp) Tri 14 months would like him a bit bigger but creates a pleasing picture. Lovely eye and expression.  Neat ears.  Well arched neck. Showed well and moved ok.
2ndMaxwell & Wallis’s Trenley Tavanagh At Hamisks larger sw just over a year old. Very unsettled on the move which cost him first place today. Pleasing head with good eye and expression. Good angulations front & rear and well presented.
3rd Collin’s Jump In The Fire Du Bois Des Amazones at Triburle. Nice dog sadly lacking coat.

YD 7 (3 absent)
1st Lockyer’s Redola Just In Time For Gataj Eye catching sw. Lovely head with correctly placed eye and stop giving a sweet expression. Ears could be carried tighter. Nice neck and shape. Moved ok.
2nd Congdon’s Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (Imp)
3rd Page’s Lynmead Amalie let Me Go. Lovely dog and I must mention that he was the most toned and muscled exhibit.

PGD 11 (2 absent)
1st Maxwell & Wallis’s Trenley Tatenen at Hamisks He appealed instantly for type and size. Correctly made with nothing out of proportion. Sound on the move. Sw coat of good texture and great presentation. Lovely head pattern with dark almond shape eye giving a sweet expression.  Felt he just needs a little more time to reach maturity and then he will trouble the best.
2nd Shipp’s Tremaro Catch A Star. Another lovely dog although smaller than 1 and not as much coat. Has a good shape and reach of neck.
3rd McEntee’s Imperial Des Beldones At Gerian (Imp)

LD 10 (5 absent)
1st Collin’s Chelborn Soul Desire For Triburle Very pleasing sw male. Good shoulder placement. Good neck. Balanced head with smooth muzzle, correctly placed stop, eye and ears. All combining to give him a lovely sweet expression. Not in full coat today but he was well turned out and moved freely.
2nd Congdon’s Monsolana Bluzstar For Aaronwell (Imp) bm shorter in back and stronger throughout than winner. Headed is well moulded and I would prefer a little cleaner in stop. In good hard coat. Nice ear carriage.
3rd Nutslade Dizzy Storm At Brookynut

OD 10 (3 absent) A lovely class.
1st CC & BOB Hollywood & Waterhouse’s Amalie Lynmead Live in Lover. This quality sw dog caught my eye as he entered the ring. Not a big dog but beautifully constructed and so well presented. Large white collar enhancing his reach of neck. He made his handler work hard to get the best out of him but gradually relaxed after moving. He is sound coming and going. Good drive from the rear.  He has the most gorgeous moulded and balanced head with dark eyes obliquely set giving the most exquisite yet regal expression. I understand this was his third CC so now a worthy Champion. A credit to his breeders.
2nd and Res CC  Brown & Cruscov’s Riverside Song Kisses of Fire. A new dog to me and greatly appealed, pushing the winner all the way. Similar remarks apply but I just found him a shade smaller throughout and not quite as refined in head. He has a beautiful sweet expression from correctly placed eyes.  Moved soundly and presentation was first class. I am sure he will go on to greater things.
3rd Hodge’s Jopium Heart and Soul.

VB 3 (2 absent)
1st James’s Morvarnia Summer Affair At Deanjan. Loved this 8 year old shaded sable. Really enjoying her day out. Well constructed giving a very elegant outline. Lovely head pattern and sweet dark eye.  Well groomed coat and moved well.

MPB 7 (2 absent)
1st & BP Margett’s Collingvale Creme Anglaise. Very pretty sw at her first show. Pleasing head, very clean for her age with correctly placed stop and obliquely set dark eye. Neatly carried ears which enhanced her lovely expression. Adequate neck and well constructed throughout. Moved soundly.  Well presented. In the challenge for Best Puppy she pulled out all the stops and had a real sparkle in her eye. She reminded me of her beautiful mother who I had awarded BPIS to as a youngster.
2nd McDade’s Marjalu Memories With Lyndale. Another lovely puppy. BM of good colour. not quite as balanced yet as the winner but has a lot to offer. Very pretty with slightly longer head. Well tipped ears, Sweet eye and expression. Nice shape. Moved well for her age.
  3rd Lockyer’s Gataj Fairytale Surprise.

PB 7 (1 absent)
1st Wray’s Beldones Duchess of Dreams. Very pleasing 10 month sw bitch. Balanced head with sweet dark eye and nicely rounded muzzle. She is well constructed and moved well. Coat of correct texture  and well presented.
2nd Newton & Patterson Chelborn Sent With A Kiss Via Darahill another sw of good quality and nice outline. It was difficult to access her skull and  ear carriage as her handler had her strung up on the lead but when loosened She has a clean head with sweet eye and expression.  Good presentation and moved freely.
3rd Harrison’s Cariadhaf Classic Touch.

JB 6 (1 absent) I am sure  1st & 2nd will change places often both lovely exhibits.
1st Simmons Trenley Tanis. Lovely head with clean stop, very sweet dark eyes. Ears bang on top. Long flowing neck and graceful outline.  Good angulations and nice length of back. Moved well. Excellent presentation.
2nd Flint’s Highnol Candy Hearts a quality bitch very similar to winner. Not quite as glamorous with less furnishings but it was a really close decision and I would love to see her as a mature adult.  Found her very pleasing and a credit to her breeder.
3rd Lockyer’s Redola Star Connection At Gataj.

YB 7 (2 absent)
1st Shipp’s Prince Of Sunlight Naomi at Tremaro (Imp) Very sweet and feminine bitch. Quality head with lovely placed dark eye and good ear carriage. Pleasing construction with enough neck. Well fitted coat which was beautifully presented. Moved well. 
2nd Flints Highnol Candy Hearts 3rd Bradshaw’s Wild Fire At Midnight At Yslann

PGB 9 (2 absent)
1st Swain’s Lexcols Jewel in My Crown I found this young bitch very pleasing. Just needs a bit more time to fulfil all her promise. Very refined head with Lovely placed dark eye giving a very sweet expression. Ears could be a little tighter set. Nice reach of neck and graceful outline. Moved freely.  Clean well presented coat.
2nd Burrow’s Tiganlea Tinkerbell sw, bigger throughout. Clean balanced head, eye slightly larger but sweet expression. Nice outline. Very attentive to her handler. Used her ears well. Moved freely.
3rd Hollywood & Waterhouse’s Amalie Lynmead Love Story.

LB 13 (4 absent)
1st and Res CC Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator. Beautiful tri in excellent condition. Appealed for her lovely outline, arched neck and construction. Nothing exaggerated. Head of good length, correct wedge with slight stop. Correctly placed dark eye with a very sweet expression. Used her ears well. Moved very well coming and going. Good tail carriage.
2nd Simmons Trenley Little Bow. Very sweet sw. Pleasing head with sweet eye and expression. Would like her ear carriage a little tighter. Good outline and well presented coat. Moved well. 3rd Cronks Chelborn Touch Of Desire.

OB 6 (2 absent)
1st & CC Hollywood and Waterhouse’s Lynmead Amalie Ours to Love. An absolute favourite of mine having awarded her BP previously and I had also given her mother the CC&BOB at the same show. The most glamorous and elegant tri with a lovely refined and balanced head. Correctly placed stop and eye placement, with ears bang on top of her head. Her eye and expression is exquisite. Lovely neck and beautiful construction. Lovely shoulder placement and short well let down hocks. Nothing out of proportion.  She is so sound and just floated round the ring. I know she prefers to be at home but did enough today to win her third CC & her Crown.
2nd Humphrey’s Brilyn’s Guilty Pleasure Is Shasam. A lovely pale sw. Very glamorous and well presented. Lovely head and very sweet expression. Moved well. A serious contender in the challenge. Her day will come.
3rd Margett’s Collingvale Chardonnay.

Judge Sheila Hall