I would like to thank the very hardworking N&D committee for my warm welcome and the opportunity to judge at their Open Show.  Thanks also to Steward, Robert, and to the exhibitors for their entry.  Could have done with our ring today being a tad larger and I made allowances for this. 
On presentation: I only had one set of dirty teeth and one with several matts (if throwing coat it really is best to get it out and not have that horrible lumpy bumpy appearance) and one with a very wet coat, although not raining outside – if you spray your dog you need to remember that it has to be brushed dry before entering the Ring.  
On checking catalogue it was interesting to see that I had in my line-ups, a Father, daughter and son (grandson).


MPD (No entries)

PD (2,0)

1. Brooker’s, Riverside Song A Kind of Magic Over Corisian – Excellent presentation on this most handsome 11 months old golden sable. Correct stop and eye placement giving a soft expression.  Sympathetically handled and moved well.  BPD

2. Melvin & Jopson’s, Leeamanyway River Phoenix At  Nithview – 10months old s/w.  Not as settled as 1.  Good wedged shaped head.  Correct eye and sweet expression. Neat ears which were used to advantage.  Not as steady on the move.  Good presentation. 

JD (3,0)

1. Wray’s, Takhisis Trick Or Treat – Tri of 16 months.  Not flashy but of sound construction and type, which showed in his movement.  Good length to height ratio. Dark almond eye, correct stop and good head planes.  Ears used when required.  Well presented. 

2. Iley’s, Ileyda Ted Baker – Just over 12 months old, s/w. Masculine outline, size and shape. Moved well. Well handled and showed non-stop.  Presentation excellent.

3. Gibson’s, Dipdown Dawn Brigade

YD (1,0)

1. Ashe’s, Forrestwalk Rocket Man – What a super young man.  Masculine all the way.  Most handsome s/w with that soft dreamy expression I love, coming from correct shaped eye and stop. In great condition and coat. Well off for bone but without any coarseness.  Good height to length ratio and correct tail set. Good bend of stifle and neat hocks. Balanced throughout.  1st class presentation and well handled. Moved with drive.  BD and pulled out the stops in the challenge for a well deserved BIS.  Wish him well for the future.  I note that he is the Grandson of my RBD.

ND (No entries)

PGD (3,0)

1. Cooney’s, Jopium Stole My Heart At Lingwell – Most handsome upstanding s/w.  With correct head properties, giving him a super dreamy expression.  Complete balance on height to length, good reach of neck and length of tail.  Beautifully presented although between coats today.   Moved well. 

2. Slater’s, Danfrebek Double O Seven At Stanlox JW – Lovely make and shape to this young man.  Good clean wedge with sweet expression from a correct dark eye, used ears when required.  Moved well.  Well turned out.  

3. Dodsworth & Carr’s, Rosschell Will-I-Am At Libanel

LD (No entries)

OD (3,1)

1. Fox’s, Alanita Whats It All About – Well bodied masculine s/w, all dog.  Not a showing fool but responded to my ‘puppy squeaks’ to show off his super expression from a dark almond eye and well placed stop with neat ears.  Shoulder angulation correct and giving a sound performance on the move with a lovely bend of stifle.  Well presented.  

2. Sargeant’s, Coarhabeg Sea Hawk – Tri, slighter made than 1, with correct conformation and super profile.  Dark eye with pleasing head qualities.  Well presented. Moved with ease. 

VD (3,0)

1. McGowan’s, Ch. Westoak Warlord – I note he is Sire of Limit Bitch and GSire of BD.  Have never had my hands on this young man before and was not disappointed today.  Another masculine upstanding dog who has passed many of his attributes onto his offspring that were present today.  Super expression, soft and dreamy that commands your attention, all from dark almond shaped eye, correct stop and lovely wedge-shaped head qualities.  Well placed neat ears which he used continually for his handler.  Good shoulder placement and balance to him throughout.  Moved well.  Presentation was excellent.  Thank you for bringing him along.  BV and RBD.

2. Wray’s, Takhisis High Voltage – 9 year old b/m of good size.  Upstanding male of super proportions and balanced throughout.  Well presented. 

3. Hare’s, Budweiser Vom Hause Reinhard Mit Ileyda – 9 year old tri who just didn’t want to be here today.  His owner tells me it was her first show and I hope that she sticks with it and gets along to Ringcraft which would help her on the way.  He was beautifully presented and a credit to her.  I wish her well for the future, on enquiring she tells me she has younger stock, and hope to see her around the Shows.


MPB (2,1)

1. Brooker’s, Song Bossa Nova Baby Joins Corisian – s/w 9 months old on the day and what a super young lady.  Sweet expression from correct eye placement and clean wedge and head planes.  Well proportioned, length to height and turn of stifle and short hocks.  Immaculately presented and well handled.  Moved well for her age. 

PB (1,0)

1. Wray’s, Beldones Duchess Of Dreams – This young s/w has to have a rosy future.  She just oozes quality, confidence and loves her handler to bits.  She must be a dream to own.  Simply - she has it all going for her – the shape is there as is the correct conformation which truly showed when she moved.  Dark almond eye and lovely head planes with correct stop.  Her ears are bang on top and neat and used continually.  Super reach of neck into well laid shoulders and her height to length is correct. Good bend of stifle and neat hocks.  Good length of tail.   Presentation could not be faulted.  BPB, BB, BPIS, RBIS


JB (5,2)

1. Iley’s, Bobbi Brown Ileyda – 17 month old s/w, who presents a lovely profile.  Super reach of neck and well proportioned.  Good clean wedge and sweet dark eye. Beautifully handled and used ears to advantage.  Excellent presentation.

2. Melvin & Jopson’s, Lillyway Lovin’ You At Nithview – lovely make and shape to this young tri. Her ears being on the light side today just taking away from her expression.  Correct conformation which made her one of my best mover’s today.  Beautifully turned out. 

3. Dodsworth & Carr’s, Libanel Magical Martinque


YB (2,1)

1. Fox’s, Alanita Winter Jazzmine – This young s/w is balanced throughout without any exaggeration and has a super height to length to ratio, correct arch of neck, bend of stifle and a lovely profile.  Sweet expression and well set ears which she knew how to use.  Went well on the move. Well groomed clean fresh coat.  She had the extra sparkle over the others when it came to the Challenge thus taking RBB.

NB (No entries)

PGB (4,1)

1. Sibbald’s, Telforth Little Mix – Not settled in either Class nor, unfortunately, Challenge.  Quality bitch with sweetest of expressions and good balance throughout with a super reach of neck. Good ear set and moved okay.  Would like to see her when more settled.  Excellent presentation.

2. Dodsworth & Carr’s, Erjon Ebony Rose At Libanel – Tri, pleasing head however ears light detracting from her expression.  Good make and shape.  Moved okay. 

3. Copsey’s, Gemheid Lilac Light At Roshura

LB (7,4)

1. Ashe’s, Starlenga Mysterious Girl At Forestwalk – Feminine s/w.  Super profile and well balanced throughout. Sweetest of expressions. Lovely mover. Pushed hard in the Challenge.  Well presented and I see she is the Dam of my BIS.  Well done Mum.

2. Slater’s, Amalie Lymnead Lets Go Alexi to Stanlox – s/w with pleasing head qualities and a lovely reach of neck into well laid shoulders.  Correct length to height ratio, tail set and bend of stifle.  Moved well. 

3. Copsey’s, Gemheid Lilac Light At Roshura

OB (4,1)

1. Sibbald’s, Telforth Loves Dream – s/w with a lovely soft expression, dark almond eye and well placed stop, well rounded muzzle. Good spring of rib and length of back.   Carrying a wee bit of weight but moved well.  Beautifully presented.

2. Fox’s, Alanita Gaze Away -  S/w of good proportions.  Clean wedge and correct dark alomond shaped eye and stop.  Used ears to advantage.   Super spring of rib.  Moved with ease.  Well presented. 

3. Copsey’s, Gemheid Lilac Light At Roshura

VB (2,1)

1. Sargeant’s, Coarhabeg Kaleidoscope -  8 year old b/m. Pleasing head which was balanced.  Lovely arch of neck into well laid shoulder. Correct conformation which showed when she moved smoothly around the ring.  Well presented. 


Morag McCarte - Roughrigg