Firstly I would like to thank my well organised stewards,Philip Sargeant & Mary Glover,and also the hard working committee for a well run show also for my invite to judge there club show.

Minor Puppy Bitch ( 3, / 1a)
( 1 ) Lillyway Lovin You at Nithview, Nice tri bitch of 8 months which is maturing well,good mould of foreface with a sweet eye, correct stop with a nice arched neck,good presentation.

( 2 )  Treeview Hope and Promises, nice s/w whom showed well, still developing & maturing,sweet almond eye,lovely ear carriage and top line,interesting to see her in a few months time.

Puppy Bitch ( 11 / 4a )
( 1 )  Rahlissa Love Song, 11 month old s/w whom is mature for her age,good length of back,well angulated giving a nice shape,ears on top of her head at all times giving a nice expression,moved well ,BPB & BPIS.

( 2 )  Erjon Eye Candy,quality tri bitch of a good size,well filled foreface,correct stop with a sweet eye,well placed ears,however unsure of the floor at times,one to watch in the future.

( 3 ) Gerian Sunpoppet.

Junior Bitch
( 1 ) Rahlissa Love Song.

( 2 ) Yenroc Grand Maree,nice type bitch with a sweet eye and ears she used well,nice shape and moved well,unfortunate to meet 1st place today.

( 3 ) Monsolana Butterfly Blue Over Barrenclough JW


Yearling Bitch ( 8 )
( 1 ) Salsina Sweet Lilly,my heartache of the show,this lovely lady just lost in the challenge,loved her the minute she walked into the ring,most sweetest of expressions,nice dark almond eye,correct stop with well set ears which she used well,and a lovely body shape,thanks for bringing her so beautifully presented.

( 2 ) Telforth Sweet Dreams to Corisian JW, another lovely bitch whom I have admired,however preferred the expression of my 1st place,sound bitch with a nice eye,well arched neck,and lovely shape whom moved well.

( 3 ) Aaronwell Anatasia with Lyndale.

Maiden Bitch ( 4,2a )

( 1 ) Erjon Eye Candy

( 2 ) Treeview Promise to Boogie,very much a baby of 6 months,nice sweet eye and good ear carriage,lovely shape and arched neck,shall also be interesting to see in a few months.

Novice Bitch ( 5,2a )
( 1 ) Aaronwell Anatasia with Lyndale. Sable white placed 3rd in a good yearling class,mature for age with a nice moulded foreface,dark almond eye,good ear set and nice body shape,moved well.

( 2 ) Apatite Skies at Yenroc, Blue merle with a nice clean head,well placed stop and arched neck,nice body shape,moved well

( 3 ) Gemastra Just one Kiss at Treweek.

Graduate Bitch ( 2,1a )
( 1 ) Chantique Simply Dee for Corisian,another lovely bitch from this kennel,beautiful expression with a lovely dark eye,correct stop and ear set which she used non stop and showed demanding you look at her.

Post Graduate Bitch ( 5,2a )
( 1 ) Tiganlea Tickled Pink with Shelpark,nice type s/w bitch with well filled foreface,dark eye,nicely fitted jacket and level top line and moved well.

( 2 ) Dallinaire Touch the Sky at Deorwine, Nice coloured Blue Merle with a good coat,nice head and expression,well presented and moved well.

( 3 ) Alanita Gaze Away.

Mid Limit Bitch ( 7 )
( 1 ) Chantique Simply Dreamy,watched this s/w bitch enter the ring,just loved her and was not disappointed,just my type of bitch with a lovely rounded foreface,with a sweet eye,correct stop placement,super tight  ear carriage,and she used at all times,good length of back with a well bent stifle and short hocks and moved with drive,well presented,well deserved Bitch CC which I was unaware off being her 3rd crowning CC & RBIS

( 2 ) Triburle Mischief, Another quality bitch,with a sweet eye giving her a lovely expression,correct stop and ear carriage,lovely top line,good length of neck,moved well.

( 3 ) Haute Couture Des Beldones.

Limit Bitch ( 7,4a )
( 1 ) Marjalu Talk Talk,Very nice type of blue merle,which you can appreciate the nice expression,loveliest of dark almond shaped eye,good moulded foreface and nice colour of merle,would have preferred  nicer presentation on the day.

( 2 ) Amalie Lynmead Lets go Alexi to Stanlox,Have seen this lovely s/w many times in the past,however left her jacket at home today,this lady has nothing to hide,sweet expression,good foreface,correct stop and moved with drive.

( 3 ) Chantique Tooty Fruity for Shelpark.

Open Bitch ( 4 )
( 1 ) FR CH Eloise Des Beldones, A quality s/w bitch with the cleanest of heads,nice flat skull with correct stop placement,sweet dark eye and good arched neck,good length of back giving a level top line,also nice bend of stifle,responded well to handler,lovely presentation RCC.

( 2 ) Salsina Sweet N Sassy,another nice s.w bitch from this kennel,nice clean wedge of head,nice sweet eye and well placed ears which she used well,good body shape,well presented giving a very nice picture.

( 3 ) Chantique Fairy Dust.

Veteran Bitch ( 2,1a )
( 1 ) Rahlissa Aint Misbehaven, looking good for a 9 year old,very attentitive with the handler at all times,nice sweet eye and expression,and moved well for age.

Judge - Margo Walker