London Collie Club                           SMOOTH COLLIES

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this well run show. A super new venue,  with the sun shining judging was able to take place outside.  A lovely entry, with a handful of absentees, sadly one bitch withdrawn because of lameness.  I found the dogs to be clean but a lot had dirty teeth.  

Vet dog or bitch (2,1)
1st Moores,  Manordeifi  Sweet  Suzanna.  7yr old tri B, She’s a little on the large side. Her head handles well, a smooth rounded,  filled wedge,  sweet eye.  Ears a little wide but tipped correctly. Long neck,  leading into a correct angulated front. Nice length of rib, strong loin good rear. Happy with her tail.  Moved with drive and reach.  BVIB

Puppy dog or bitch (4,1)
1st Norman,  Seanua Signature.  7mths old SW. Wow ! Loved this young man a born showman. Loved the moulding of his head, just the right amount of stop, perfect eye shape, all topped off with well set ears.  Nice long neck, good angulated front , adequate length , good topline, nice rear. Moved true both coming and going and really reached out going round the ring. I will watch his future with interest BP and BPIS
2nd Theobald & Norman.  Seanua  Softly Softly, sister to one and similar remarks apply, She’s just a little loose at elbow at the moment.
3rd Brendon.  Coneypark Courtney

Junior dog or bitch (2,0)
Two nice bitches in this class but of two very different types, decision came down to personal preference.
1st  Forbes. Natalain Kilkenny at Willowhurst (imp rus)  SW B  just out of puppy. She’s of a good size. Head is of two parallel lines broken with adequate stop. Ears are well placed but she can be reluctant to use them. Good front angulation coming from good lay back of shoulder and equal length of return of upper arm, good depth and length of rib. Maybe a little more length in loin would complete the picture but all in all one to watch. Sound mover once settled.
2nd Moores  Manordeifi Summer Magic , Tri B of a rangier type.  Longer and finer in head. Moves well

Post Graduate dog (1,0)
1st Giddings Legend of Camelot’s Confusion at Ryecombe (imp) BM Sadly his colour lets him down, a  muddy blue. . A happy chap, lovely head with kind expression. Ear nicely tipped and well used. A little open in front angulation that shortened his front reach but he has plenty of drive from the rear.  One with good muscle tone.  Spot on for length to height ratio.

Limit dog (3,0)
The three males in this class were all of different type and stages.
1st  Kennedy.  Ryrcombe deb’n’air, Golden SW.  Masculine boy with well moulded head and kind expression. At his best now with a firm body. Good lay back of shoulder and return of upper arm . Elbows well tucked in.  Excellent spring of rib carried well back into a firm loin.  Good rear angulation coming from a well bent stifle and good rear pastern.  Moved well, at one with handler.   B D & res BOB
2nd  Leach.  Manordeifi Dionysus at Hillturn. Nice to see this BM  starting to body up and mature. He was just a little bored today and reluctant to show himself to his best.
3rd  Benton and Wood. Oakestelle Vivaldi

Open dog (4,1)
1st  Ryecombe deb’n’air. Winner of Limit
2nd  Denton.  Ryecombe Jaffa cake at Brakenhaye. Tri Boy, nice size, good front , just a bit straighter in rear.
3rd  Giddings  Ryecombe Discovered Gold

Post graduate bitch (5,1)
1st Brown.  Blamorder Back in Town.  Tri who is maturing nicely, reminds me off her dam. Head of good length but still needs to fill out, soft expression. Carries her ears a little wide.  Nice length of neck, excellent front and rear angulation.  Just the right amount of rise over loin dropping down to a well set tail. Moves well.
2nd  Coates.  Seanua Scotch Mist.  SW Has a pleasing head, nicely balanced. Carrying a little too much weight. Sound mover.
3rd  Forbes.  Willowhurst Vanity

Limit bitch (5,0)
1st Peacock.  Blamorder Back to the Start for Saraneth.  Tri, Longer cast than her sister (1st  Limit) Head of good equal plains, very good under jaw. Sweet expression , needs time to fill and finish.  Ears alert and bang on top.  Long neck, enhanced by her white collar.  Good front  and rear.  Moved with drive if a little over happy today.  Res BB
2nd Beeney.  Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark. SW who has really matured well after having her litter. Lovely head and expression, uses her ears well.  Nicely balanced and a good mover.
3rd Benton.  Oakestelle Venus de Milo

Open bitch ( 6,3)
Two top drawer bitches here, 2nd just gave way to 1st  on age.
1st Denton.  CH.  Kevranna Theras Enate Echo. No mistaking her sex, so very feminine.  A beautiful shaded sable. Her head is clean and well moulded, correct stop, almond shaped eye with ears bang on top, all comes  together to give the desired expression.  From the top of her head to the bottom of her tail she just flows. Wonderfully made you can see why she’s a champion.  Flowed round the ring effortlessly.  BOB.
2nd Benton.  Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle .  BM An old favourite of mine. In my mind worthy of being a champion. Nice colour blue, lovely conformation , still powers round the ring.

Wendy Musty.