The London Collie Club Championship Show

!4th June 2015

Judge Dogs Anne C Hollywood

I must thank the committee of the London Collie Club for the invitation to judge males at this great venue and for my lovely gift. It was a super  show. I very much enjoyed sharing the roughs with my co judge Weil Smeijsters. When it came to Best of Breed we both appreciated the virtues of the others CC winner and felt the final decision for Best of Breed should be left to the Best in Show judge Mr Barry Makepeace.  He chose the dog,Telforth Tony, with the bitch Hana of Lowlands Green Valley at Starlenga taking best opposite Sex and Reserve Best of Breed.

Minor Puppy dog  no entries

Puppy dog 4  Not any easy class to start the day. No immediate outright winner in this class from first impressions and I could only judge to the one thing that makes a rough collie a rough collie.  For me that is balance, so length of back with reach of neck and screaming the breed has to take priority. 

1st Congdon’s Monsolana Bounty Taster for Aaronwell. This tri colour  is almost 11 months old.  He has a good reach of neck and length of back although on first visual assessment this was not immediately apparent as his top line did not look good at all.  He has such a lot of coat over his rump, initially it completely ruined his overall outline. He moved very soundly going away from his short hocks and he was free and easy in profile. I very much liked his rear angulation. His head  does not appeal to me at this stage in his development as I found it too strong and short allover.  

2nd Tipper’s Fridens Cheffeld for Tiganlea M.A.F. (imp).  Another tri a week or  so younger than Bounty Taster and a dog of a completely different type.  I much preferred his head type which, once you push all the fur back, is clean and very well balanced.  He has a very nice eye and sweet expression with good ear carriage. Sound enough for his age but he does not have the overall outline I prefer being  shorter in back and neck than the winner.

3rd Scott’s Chantique Gold Digger

Junior Dog 5 (1)

Another difficult class. 

1st M Bounty Taster for A

2nd Lockyer Redola Justin Time for Gataj  A gold sable very well presented and showed well. Pleasing enough in outline with enough neck and length of back.  I would prefer more rear angulation. He moved well looking ok in profile.  His head is clean around the cheeks and looking down it is a good wedge. Viewing his head in side profile I found he is lacking underjaw, a  fault  I don’t like.

3rd Collin’s Jump in the Fire Du Bois Des Amazones at Triburle

Novice Dog 3

1st Scott’s Chantique Gold Dust. Litter brother to 3rd in puppy and completely different for type and balance.  This richer gold sable has a more correct coat and such a lovely colour.  I really liked his natural shape with his good reach of neck and correct length of back. His angulations both front and rear are very pleasing and although he was a bit erratic on the move going and coming towards me he kept his topline moving in profile and looked very pleasing. His head is clean  through the cheeks and stop is correctly placed. I found his head very mature for his age and not quite in balance with the rest of him. Best Puppy dog

2nd M Bounty Taster for A

3rd Jump in the Fire Du Bois des A at T

Graduate Dog  5 (2)

1st Sibbald’s Telforth Tony.  At last a dog that completely filled my eye.   What a stunner. With his superb   reach of neck and correct back length his outline  thrilled me. His front assembly is superb and this of course follows through to his rear angulations with short strong hocks and that lovely sweep through the loin. His head handles so well being rounded in foreface with correct underjaw and smooth and clean through the cheeks. His stop could not be better placed and his expression is sweet and eyes sparkling.  When he moved he blew me away. Sound as a bell both coming and going and  accross my line of vision was this fabulous outline with his tail out behind that  I could have watched all day. A very well deserved CC with Best Of Breed and finally Best in Show.

2nd Mclaughlin’s Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow JW (imp Deu) Mature tri in lovely condition and very good coat.  I liked his long lean head that handles very well although I would prefer more under jaw. He has a great expression from well placed eyes. Very good depth of chest and correct spring of rib for his size.   A size bigger than the winner and with good bone and substance he moved well enough covering the ground easily just lost his overall balance when viewed moving in profile.

3rd Stanton’s Chelborn Just Decided

Post Gradualte Dog 12 (2)

1st Maxwell & Wallis Trenley Tatene at Hamisks.  I have often admired this dog when I have seen him in the flesh and rather disappointed that the only photograph I have seen is of him as an ‘inbetween’ junior.  He is now 2 1/2 years old and a mature male Rough Collie who certainly looks the part. He has now dropped into his body and settled down to the job in hand.  His shape is fabulous with great balance throughout and superb reach of neck.  He has good bone and correct substance for his size and is very well put together with great angulation in all the correct places. His head is very pleasing although I would prefer a better underjaw. Very nice expression from correctly placed eyes and enough moulding through the stop. He could have moved with a lighter step but he kept his topline from every angle.

2nd Congdon’s Monsolana Bluzstar for Aaronwell.  This blue boy is so very photgenic. He stands true and really makes the most of himself.  I like his rear angulation and short strong hocks although he is a tad wide in front. Moved very soundly going away and well enough in profile. He carries a huge coat which does detract somewhat from his overall balance. He has great ear carriage which he knows how to use and is very responsive to his owner. Good eyes and well used ears correctly placed I just find his head too strong for my interpretation of the breed standard.

3rd Shipp’s Tremaro Catch a Star

Mid Limit Dog 2

1st Clark’s Mertrisa Secrets & Magic of Stavos Nice shaped blue of reasonable colour with enough bone for his size. I  liked his overall shape and balance. Just not as balanced as I prefer. and very erratic on the move.

2nd Adam’s Tudorlyn New Hope  Lovely coloured red sable who was shown completely out of coat and not having the overall shape  I like.

Limit Dog 6 (1)

Another very difficult class of 2 completely different type of Rough Collie. Overall outline and balance dictated the final decision.

1st Walker’s Starglenza Dizzie Rascal  At almost at almost 4 years of age this dog has improve a lot since I last saw him. I find his body shape very pleasing and although he was rather erratic both coming and going away on the move, in profile he was very shapely just rather flat on is pasterns. I do like his head which is smooth, clean and balanced throughout with lovely eye placement giving sweet expression.  He uses his ears well.  I loved his type.

2nd Collin’s Triburle Zachary.  Very well presented sable with just enough coat. His stop is correct and he has good eye placement.  Although this lad was the soundest of the 2  both forward and back he completely lost his shape when moving in profile.

3rd Telford’s Glenbowdene Shades of Gold

Open Dog  9 (2)

This class was the best class overall on the day for quality throughout and I much enjoyed sorting out my final placings.

1st Blackmore’s Magenta Monet.  A old favorite of mine and one I have admired many times from the ringside.  This is the first time I had the honor of judging him and what a pleasure it was. Such a lovely dog who has great bone and lovely substance being strong and steady but not heavy nor over done. I just love his overall type with such balance throughout and he has super bone. Great neck, correct front and rear angulation, short strong hocks. He just kept getting better. Head is lovely, of correct length  and one piece. His foreface is well rounded and masculine but not a trace of coarseness. His stop is in the correct place and so smooth and clean.  Lovely ear carriage constantly used and the sweetest eye and expression you could imagine. Sound as a pound in all directions  and I was very pleased to award him RCC.

2nd Congdon’s Monsolana Sundevon for Aaronwell.  A new one to me and what an impressive male he is. Much the same type as Monet and a lot  of the same remarks apply just a shade bigger allover. Another who has the balance I like and he moved soundly and with purpose  around the ring using full extension and drive. Loved his eye and expression and great ear carriage. Balanced head with good stop and smooth and clean throughout.  He is in complete unison with his handler. Shown in great coat and condition. Liked him very much.

3rd Jones Erjon Ebony Joker.  A truly lovely tri of quality shown in enough coat that gleamed with condition.  Head is lovely, all male and completely balanced with correct stop smooth velvety foreface and exquisite eye placement giving lovely expression. I love his rear angulation and great shoulder placement. Showed his head of and completely at one with his handler. For some reason he was not as fluid in movement as I have seen him before.

Veteran Dog  3

1st Growcott’s Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth.  A red gold sable of lovely type. He has a refined head with clean well placed stop, nice eye and well rounded foreface. I liked his shape and he moved well and shown in great condition.

2nd Towler’s Redola Daydream Believer. A paler sable than one of nearly 11yrs of age and I loved his type. He excels in eye and expression and moved OK for his age.  He told me he much he enjoyed himself when I told him how much he looked like his father. Loved him.