Leeds Rough Collies 26/07/15

I would like to thank the society for the invitation to judge and the exhibitors for the highest entry in the Pastoral group. The ring wasn’t really suitable for the size of some of the classes. I found too many dogs that hadn’t been groomed adequately knots, bobbles and matting. It was difficult to find dogs of the same type in my line ups and some I really liked standing disappointed on the move or with poor tail carriage. 

1st Carmichael’s Kilchrenan Keltic Brier 8 month old promising tri , all in proportion good body shape well constructed with a nice reach of neck. Would have preferred a better ear set but it didn’t deter from his expression his head was of good length and balanced.  Was a steady mover . Presentation and handling was good. Best Puppy dog
2nd Barrett’s Brooklynson Sundancer A good size but hadn’t got the finish of the first placed. Excellent reach of neck was well balanced overall. Needs to mature in head but gained this place on his fluent movement.
3rd Melvin & Jopson’s Leeamanway River Phoenix At Nithview

PD 3(0)
1st Jones Erjon Early Edition A well proportioned dog with a good reach of neck, a balanced head with a lovely eye giving a pleasing expression especially when he used his eras. Moved with drive was well presented and handled.
2nd Abbott’s Cotswoldway Brave Hearted  Has a balanced body with pleasing outline and moved well enough but lost out on head and expression .
3rd Greenfield’s Karcasam Beckham

JD 7(1)
1st Edwards Moonpromises Ever After (Imp) Tri not in full coat but what he had was well presented . Was a well balanced dog with a flowing outline good reach of neck. Balanced head with a nice eye and pleasing expression. Moved with drive but spoilt by his tail carriage which I forgave for a young dog and I liked his type.
2nd Tipper’s Tiganlea Too Good To Be Forgotten Another nice young dog carrying a profuse coat which makes him look a bit stuffy. He has a good reach of neck and body shape moved out well good tail carriage. Ears are a little low set
3rd Scott’s Chantique Gold Digger

PGD 8(1)
1st Hollinshead’s Starlyn Diamonds ‘R’ For Ever Blue merle of excellent clear colour. Well proportioned good shoulders with a good reach of neck a level topline a lovely turn of stifle. A balanced head with a super expression. Moved like I expected him to fluent and with drive.  What a disappointment I thought he could be my CC winner such a lovely type but in the challenge he was sluggish and yes I did have you all running round rather a lot but the ring was so small so needed to keep the dogs going. I think he is a quality dog and wish you luck for the future.
2nd Jones Erjon Excelebration  A well proportioned dog good reach of neck level topline and moved with drive. Nice eye and expression and good ears when used. Presented and handled well.
3rd Melvin & Jopson’s Starlenga Streets Ahead At Nithview

LD 14(2)
1st Boyle’s Barrenclough Moonglow A well constructed dog good reach of neck very balanced, good tail carriage moved fluently with drive. Balanced head but not quite got the expression I like but couldn’t deny him this class on movement. He would benefit from better grooming.
2nd Davies Chelborn Dependable Another well made dog good outline with a profuse well groomed coat. Balanced head lovely expression ear set a little low. Moved well but would benefit from losing a little weight.
3rd White’s Mejola I Am Persuasive JW

OD 18(5)
1st Barrett’s Ch Brooklynson Bruce Willis A good sized dog balanced throughout excellent reach of neck good spring of rib level topline a correct fitted coat although not in full coat. Not the head type I like but he has a good eye and ears and a nice expression. He excels on the move looks like he could go all day with good tail carriage. CC winner.
2nd Fryer-Clark, Stanley & Evans Best Kept Secret At Vonarkle Balanced dog on the smaller size but very well made. Lovely head type dark almond eye with a super expression. Moved with drive and coped with the change of handlers and pulled out all the stops to win the RCC . Presented to perfection.
3rd Hawkins Brilyn Intoxicated

VD 3(1)
1st Wray’s Takhisis High Voltage Blue merle A nice shape with a good reach of neck. Good body and level topline . Balanced head with a pleasing eye. Moved ok
2nd Corben’s Mysticteam Bond On Bond Via Caprioara. Wasn’t in the condition the winner was . Moved ok

MPB 13(1) 1st Kaye’s Kilchrenan Keltic Bliss litter sister to the MPD winner. Ideal size and lovely shape great reach of neck, neat oval feet. Balanced head and pleasing expression when she used her ears. Moved steady should have a bright future just lost out for best puppy bitch on maturity.
2nd Wray’s Beldones Duchess Of Dreams Balanced throughout and a nice size. Head was pleasing with well set ears and a nice eye giving a sweet expression. Movement was good but not as steady as the winner .
3rd Brooker’s Riverside Song Bossa Nova Baby joins Corisian (Imp)

PB 4(1)
1st Flint’s Highnol Candy Hearts Mature puppy balanced shape good reach of neck. Balanced head with a nice eye and sweet expression. Moved with drive , Presented and handled well . Best Puppy
2nd Abbot’s Cotswoldway Heart Beat Nice shape and balanced good reach of neck hadn’t got the clean head pattern that the winner had, Moved steady.
3rd Beare’s Guilty Secret With Brilyn

JB 10(3)
1st Melvin & Jopson’s Lillyway Lovin’You At Nithview Super balanced head with an almond eye giving the sweetest expression her ears are not the best but didn’t deter. Good size, neat oval feet balanced and a nice shape . Moved with drive and had good tail carriage . Not quite in full bloom but was presented very well one for the future .
2nd Flint’s Highnol Candy Hearts
3rd Jones Erjon Eye Candy

PGB 18(2)
This was a very nice class to judge .1st Hawkins Brilyn Glory Days  Feminine balanced throughout lovely shape good reach of neck,  nice turn of stifle ,neat feet . Very clean head with nice shaped eye a sweet expression. Moved very true and fluent. Presented well very unlucky to meet one of my favourite Rough Collies on top form but pleased to award her the RCC.
2nd Lockyer’s Gataj Welcome With A Kiss Beautiful clear blue merle .Balanced nice body shape with good angles. Balanced head with good ears which she used well. Moved with drive presented well.
3rd Scott’s I’m Scarlett Johansson Of Moon River For Chantique

LB 12
1st Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator Nice head patterns good eye with a sweet expression, good ears when used. Very balanced with a good reach of neck good spring of rib, good angulation. Moved out well with drive.
2nd Humphrey’s Brilyn’s Guilty Pleasure Is Shasam  A balanced bitch that moved steady not quite the expression of the winner earset was a little low .. Had a good reach of neck nice body shape .
3rd  Hollinshead’s Camanna Naomi Campbell

OB 16(6)
1st Barrett’s Ch Brooklynson Miley Cyrus To me she just epitomises the breed standard. So balanced excels in neck and body shape. Neat oval feet and good angulation. Her fitted coat was presented to a high standard .She just flows around the ring light and effortless. CC & BOB was pleased to see her shortlisted in the group after a flawless performance.
2nd Humphrey’s Brilyn Kiss At Midnite To Jamesfair A balanced bitch of pleasing type. Nice head patterns with a sweet expression. Moved well with drive
3rd Hassock’s Camanna Courious Caprice

VB 6(2) 1st Jessop’s Sassari Summer Skies Balanced throughout .Moved really well with drive which won her the class
2nd Cronk’s Ch Coral Sand At Samhaven A nice type balanced carrying a heavy coat just showing her age a bit today.
3rd Davies Sabih’s Songbird With Sachenda

Judge Tracey Wilkinson