THE LONDON COLLIE CLUB               25th October 2015

I would like to thank all the committee & officers for the appointment to judge at your show & the warm welcome given , thanking all exhibitors who entered , the venue was very good with judging outside on the grass, the weather was very kind a lovely sunny day giving that summer feeling .

On the bad note I found creeping in small eyes , lack of neck ,  straight shoulders lacking angulation , but overall  conformation I was very happy with .

Veteran D ( 4, 1 )
1st. Walder , CH Hanvale Doogie Howser , 9 yr old ! Moved very well ,face well rounded muzzle, head well balanced with stop in correct place ,clean wedge shaped ,  dark almond shape eyes , ears used all the time giving the alert look expression desired , neck of good length well arched , stood freely showing profile of his well made conformation .
2nd. Wray, Takhisis High Voltage , B/M beautiful color blue ,heavier boned but similar applies to his head qualities , moved well , but lacks the length of body to 1 & finish.
3rd .Shipp. Mystic Touch of Tremaro

Veteran B ( 7, 3 )
1st McLaughlin, CH Derbypark Could it be Magic for BrihowJW , 9yr old !! I cant believe it , this bitch I so love the quality of her, which I have judged before but has achieved to the upper house to CH well done , head of correct proportion to her size , stop in correct place , clean lines whatever way you view, almond shape eye , ears in correct place & well used , desired reach of neck arched to flow line to shoulders which are well angulated , body length longer than height , slight rise over loin, hind quarters has well bent stifles , low hocks parell, this lady flows round the ring seemingly effortlessly such smooth action , rear has the power & drive we all seek to see  , BB , BOB & BIS
2nd. Hull , Lizmark Looking Fab , S/W , head of clean lines with stop in correct place , eyes almond shape , ears used well & set correct just slightly light , moved well , good shoulder angulation .
3rd  James , Morvania Summer Afair at Deanjan .

MPD  ( 1 )
1st King , Deanjan Danbuster at Danemead , 7 months S/W , stood alone but has lots of promise, has clean head of correct proportion , stop in correct place , eyes almond shape giving the desired expression , used his ears well which are correctly placed on top obviously needing time for head to finish which is going on the correct lines , great reach of neck , nice shape in profile .

PD  ( 1 ) absent

JD  ( 4, 3 )
1st  Wray , Takhisis Trick or Treat , Tri lovely jet black coat , head handles well clean lines from side profile & above , stop in correct place , lovely dark almond shape eye , ears used well & on top , flat skull , would prefer bit more length neck & shoulder angulation , rear movement just needs to tighten hopefully will come with age , looks good on profile .

ND ( 1 , 1 ) absent.

GD  ( 3 , 2 )
1st  Philpin , Bahatiview Bojangles for Tudorlyn , a Tri which has a lovely fitted coat of correct texture , has clean head lines with stop in correct place , almond shape eyes giving the required expression , using his ears well attentive to handler , has good reach of neck  onto shoulders which are well angulated , rear has good bend of stifle with well let down hocks , his good  construction shows on the move & in profile which won him RBD .

PGD  (3 , 1 )
1st Brown , Riverside Song Kisses of Fire  ( imp ROM ) S/W lovely well constructed dog  , head clean wedge & stop in correct place , dark almond shape eye , expression being spoilt by his ears being too wide , moved well with level topline & drive from rear .
2nd  Stanton , Chelborn Just Decided , S/W heavier in type  , has good reach neck , just lacked movement & head properties to 1st ,

LD  ( 4 )
1st Stanton , Chelborn Just Decided , 2nd in previous class , as above  applies , he is off sound type excels in bone , conformation in profile looks good , he has clean head , eye & expression ok
2nd Adams & Carlyon , Bellcot Winter Bliszard at Dycoshem , beautifullcolored B/M showed & stood well , has clean head of correct proportion with stop in correct place , dark almond shape eye , flat skull, ears spoilt expression being rather heavy but in correct position on top of head , moved ok

OD ( 5, 1 )
1st Howard ,Darahill Chaos at Sablemyst , S/W  no mistaking what gender he is , has well rounded molded muzzle, stop in correct place , giving the desired expression with dark almond shape eyes , flat skull , ears well used & on top , lovely reach of neck , good length of back with slight rise of loin , rear legs well angulated & hocks let down , lovely profile . B D

MPB  ( 4 , 2 )
1st McDade , Marjalu Memories with Lyndale , B/M of lovely colour &well broken , head of correct proportion clean lines , stop in the right place ,eyes lovely almond shape giving a true collie expression with ears using & bang on top , good reach of neck well arched , shoulders well angulated , length of body slightly longer than height as standard requires , slight rise over loin , rear angulation with well bent stifle & short hocks moved well but needs time to tighten but still a baby with quality , BP B & BPIB
2nd Adams & Carlyon , Latika Actis Poland at Dycoshem , S/W head handles well with clean lines , well moulded muzzle stop in correct place but would prefer more stop & bigger eye but she has quality, today was not her day as she just so erratic on the move & didn’t want to play ball .

PB ( 4 , 1 )
1st Wray Beldones Duchess of Dreams , S/W  small type , has well moulded foreface, stop in correct place , used her ears well & attentive to handler , moved positive around the ring , would have preferred more length of neck .
2nd Adams & Carlyon  repeat from previous class
3rd Benton Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle

JB ( 3 , 1 )
1st Tame , Rahlissa Love Song , S/W head very sweet & well balanced throughout, well moulded muzzle , stop in correct place with dark almond shape eyes , flat skull , ears on top used constantly attentive to handler , reach of neck well arched just flows to level top line with the slight rise over loin, shoulders well angulated , rear movement with drive from her well let down hocks , movement was as expected from her conformation & in profile .
2nd Rutherford , Treeview Hope and Promises , almost all applies to this bitch as above 2 lovely girls that could change places at anytime , she lost out to 1st by movement .

NB ( 5 , 2 )
1st Williams , Pelido Blue Sapphireee , B/M clear well broken colour , head clean lines with well moulded muzzle , stop in correct place , eyes dark almond shape , ears used well & on top of a nice flat skull , neck of good length & well arched , shoulders well angulated , length of back with slight rise over loin , good ratio of length of body to height , rear moving with purpose on well let down hocks , should have a good future
2nd Growcott , Lillyway Loobylou , a Tri of nice type , similar remarks to 1st place but lost out on heavier ears & erratic on the move  .

GB ( 6, 2 )
1st James , Mertrisa Damsel in Blue at Deanjan , B/M of good colour & well broken , stood well on profile giving the desired collie appearance , head has well rounded muzzle & stop in the correct place , has the almond shape eye , ears used well & flat skull , shoulders well angulated , good bone , hocks well let down with short hocks , handler moved her well .
2nd Philpin , Tudorlyn Fairy Dust , S/W different in type , sound on the move & conformation just preferred 1 in head , could change places if was more finished .
3rd Adams & Carlyon , Ladnar Kiss N Temptation at Dycoshem .

PGB ( 2 )
1st Growcott , Triburle Tissues and Issues at Lillyway , S/W very femine , head having clean lines from both side & on top ,stop in correct place , eye dark almond in shape giving that desired melting expression , using her ears well & attentive to her handler , reach of neck well arched onto well angulated shoulders , good length of back , hind quarters well bent stifle with short hocks moved positive , lovely profile .
2nd Dinnadge , Tri of equal qualities apply , slightly bigger all over but still very femine , could change places , pressed hard but lost out on animation to 1

LB  ( 4 , 3 )
1st Horsey , Marchere Mystique , B/M stood alone but well deserved , has well moulded muzzle ,stop in the right place with almond shape eyes  used her ears well , nice flat skull , lovely coloured merle with very heavy coat , underneath was not disappointed to find having good well angulated shoulders,  length ratio to height was to standard .

OB ( 6 , 3 )
1st Shipp , Rahlissa Snow Maiden for Tremaro , S/W bitch just oozes quality , head of equal proportions stop being in the correct place , clean lines from any angle you look at her head , flat skull , ears used well & on top attentive to handler , shoulders well angulated , well arched neck flowing to good length of back rise over loin flowing to tail , hind movement used with power from her well bent stifle & short hocks , pressed hard  in challenge only lost out on  her finish , RBB & RBOB
2nd Growcott, Jopium Fascinator, Tri , of super quality very pretty , head of clean lines side & top , stop in correct place & ears used well , well arched & reach of neck , front & rear assembly well made hence her moving well , again another time could swap places .
3rd James , Deanjan Dynamite Dame

AV Collie (rough) & AV Collie (smooth)  D or B
Tricolour   ( 5  )
1st smooth Brown , Blamorder Back in Town
2nd smooth Benton & wood , Oakestelle Vivaldi
3rd smooth Peacock Blamorder Back to the Start for Saraneth

AV Blue Merle  D or B  ( 9 , 4 )
1st  Rough , Horsey , Marchere Mystique
2nd smooth , Benton oakestelle Venus De Milo
3rd Rough ,Williams, Pelido Blue Sapphire

AV Sable & White D or B  ( 7 , 4 )

1st Rough, Philpin Tudorlyn Fairy Dust
2nd Smooth, Moores ,Tomalaca Buttons N Bows at Manordeifi
3rd Rough , Gazeley, Amalie She's No Angel at Nikal

Judge - Tina May