It has been four years since I last judged, and due to ill health have not been to many shows in the last three years, and most of the exhibits were new to me.

Thank you all for a super entry, I do have a few observations. What has happened to the almond shaped eye that gives us the wonderful expression? So many today had either large round eyes or piggy eyes. Movement - so many throwing a right back leg out? Dirty teeth - no excuse. Finally, what has happened to the size, or lack of it, and substance?

Veteran Dog

1. Damos Diamond Legend
2. Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth
3. Elsamos Soul Star

Three lovely boys, all having lovely moulded faces, good bone and moving well. Second I have given honours to before, sadly he had other things on his mind today. The tri took veteran dog on his overall composure.

Minor Puppy Dog
1. Lizmark Centurion - Golden Sable boy who needs to fill out in foreface, nice body and shape, lovely long tail, as did all this exhibitors dogs, eye could ahve been a better shape. Moved ok.

Puppy Dog
1. Caronlea Celtic Lord at Collingvale - medium sized puppy, good length of head, just needs to fill out in foreface a tad more, nice body shape, moved well which won him the class

2. Master Eragon of Darahill - a lovely sized puppy in full well groomed coat. Lovely length of head and strong muzzle. Well off for bone, movement needs to tighten up.

Junior Dog
1. Tudorlyn Misty Drfeams for Malina - Nice sized lad, nice head and ears and length of back, correct tail carriage. Moved well

2. Lynmead Amalie Let me Go - Pretty S/S of smaller stature than one, never the less balanced and moved ok

Yearling Dog
1. Alanita All that Jazz - Upstanding tri boy, nice full muzzle and good length of foreface, his ears could be tighter, may be some thinning out? Lovely black coat, moved ok

2. Tudorlyn Misty Dreams for Malina

3. Bahatiview Bojangles for Tudorlyn

Graduate Dog
1. Rahlissa Relight my Fire at Darahill - Lovely lad, with good length of head, good stop, moved well, ears a tad heavy

2. Collingvale Crunchihe of Terelimin JW - S/S in good coat, smaller type than one, nice head and length of back, moving ok

3. Bahatiview Bojangles for Tudorlyn

Post Graduate Dog
1. Trenley Tatenen - Not a big lad, but has a lovely head with good eye shape, moulded foreface, giving a lovely expression, ears bang on top, good turn of stifle enabling him to move well. Good tail carrige BD.

2. Mertrisa Secrets and Magic of Stavods - Of different type to one, pleasing head, moved ok

3. Bellcot Winter Bliszard

Limit Dog
1. Darahill Chaos at Sablemyst - Upstanding lad of nice size, balanced head, rounded muzzle, tail carriage fine, moved well

2. Prince of Sunlight Stardust over Waltstar (imp hun) - Lovely coloured blue merle, in good coat, unfortunately one of his ears was lightish which spoilt his expression

3. Lizmark Solid Gold

Open Dog
1. Hanvale Happy Go Lucky - 6 year old boy handled by his breeder who got the best out of him. Nice head with good under jaw, lovely ear carriage, not in full coat. Tail ok. RBD

2. Lizmark Black Gold - How did this lovely boy get away from the home kennel? Tri boy in fabulous coat and conditin. Has a good length of head, filled muzzle, what a shame he played his handler up.

3. Lizmark Gold Standard

Veteran Bitch
1. Buebezi Bijou Avec Derbypark JW - What a lovely B/M she is, has a lovely dark eye giving a very sweet expression. Good turn of stifle, neat short hocks, moved very well, groomed to perfection BVIS

2. Morvania Summer Affair at Deanjan - Another lovely girl, unlucky to meet 1 who was in top form

3. Lizmark Lookin Fab

Minor Puppy Bitch
1. Lynmead Amalie Good as Gold - Pretty baby, nice head and eye, moved well

2. Lizmark Beks Beauty - Different type to 1, I preferred 1's eye and expression

Puppy Bitch
Wow - nice to have two nice bitches, was something special

1. Jolie Blonde de Cabrenysset for Hanvale (Imp Fra) - What a poppet she is. Her head is balanced with lovely dark eyes, giving a soft expression. Ears bang on top, correct turn of stifle, short hocks enabling her to move with ease. In fabulous coat and condition, obviously loves her dad, she is so bubbly. I loved her BPIS

2. Rahlissa Love Song - Another nice puppy who hadnt the coat of 1, but never the less is quality. Moved well

Junior Bitch

1. Monsolana Pepper Sweet - B/M who is a nice size, moved ok, I wasnt keen on her markings, but she did enough to win this class

2. Sassari Sugar Moon - needs more time but a nice girl who moved ok

3. Aaronwell Anastasia with Lyndale

Yearling Bitch

1. Collingvale Chardonnay- Shaded Sable coming back into coat, head balanced with a good foreface, excellent body shape, moved well, shown on a loose lead RBB

2. Rhodabern Wisper and Kiss - Shaded Sable looked a picture standing, has a clean head, in excellent coat, moved ok

Graduate Bitch

1. Jopium Fascinator - Tri girl, who moved the best in this class, lovely dark eye, moulded foreface, lovely dark tan, ears could be a tad higher, her coat is a lovely colour and in excellent condition. Moved well

2. Mertrisa Damsel in Blue at Deanjan - Blue girl I have admired before, a beautiful size and shape

3. Lizmark Golden Girl

Post Graduate Bitch

1. Tremaro Tainted Love at Rahlissa - Very nice shaded sable. Had a correct length of head, ears a tad heavy, but she used them well. Moved out well

2. Bellcot Silver Petal, slightly finer in bone than one, a lovely coloured blue who moved well.

Limit Bitch

Bermajo Black Pearl at Bellcot - Very nice, slightly bigger tri bitch, lovely dark eye, balanced head with correct stop placement. Good reach of neck enhanced by a full white collar, in sparkling condition, moved very well BOB/RBIS - well done.

2. Marchere Mystique - Lovely blue girl who has the loveliest of eyes, giving a melting expression. Her movement is a joy to watch, its such a shame her ears are heavy.

3. Lizmark Gold Nugget

Open Bitch - absent

Judge - Mrs Sandy Blackmore (Magenta)