Lancashire and Cheshire Collie Club
Championship Show 3rd May 2015
Rough Collies Dogs

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge this super show. Two very experienced stewards enabled everything to move smoothly. On my entry today I would say the breed is in a good position and quality has improved in recent years, probably due to being able to use dogs from Europe.

Minor Puppy Dog 1
1st Hawkins. Guilt Edged Brilyn.
Stood alone, but well deserved his placing. 7 month golden sable & white, well grown, and in good coat for his age. Well placed ears, tipped nicely and he uses them well. Good head, nice bone and feet. Moved a bit loosley but will hopefully improve as he matures.

Puppy Dog 4 (1)
1st Collin's. Jump In The Fire Du Bois Des Amazones.
11 month old Sable & white, sired by a favourite of mine and carrying his dads lovely expression. He has good ears which he does use, flat skull, sweet eye, stop correctly placed. Nice body shape, well let down short hocks and good bend of stifle. Movement was a little erratic as he didn't like the wall, but moved nicely coming towards me. I was pleased to award him Best Puppy Dog.

2nd Wrays Takhisis Trick or Treat.
11 month old tri colour, size bigger than 1. This boy is so well balanced all over, moved with effortless ease, nice head pattern, would prefer tighter ears but he uses them to advantage. well muscled neck, sloping shoulders, good length of back with nice rise over loins, well set tail. in good harsh coat.

3rd Congdon's Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell ( import Rus ) ( Naf Taf )

Junior Dog 2
1st Lockyer Redola Just In Time for Gataj
Golden sable & White 13 months old, Loved a lot about this dog, He has a lovely expression, with well filled foreface and good underjaw, sweet eye clean stop, Although the ears are light I hope you will work on them, as I think he could go far. Well muscled, moves well.

2nd. Everett Ilyda Johnny Depp
Tri colour of 13 months. A big boy longer all over than 1 . Very reluctant to use his ears. Good fitting coat. Well muscled thighs. Handled well.

Maiden Dog 3 (1)
1st M. Bounty Taste.
3rd place in a strong puppy class. 8 1/2 months Tri. There's a lot to love about this puppy, he excels in body shape, lovely reach of neck, good shoulders. Excellent bone and neat oval feet. Stood and showed like a veteran.

2nd Hollinshead Starlyn Diamonds 'R' Forever.
11 months Blue Merle. Well boned good bend of stifle and short hocks. Lovely foreface, good ears and he uses them well, This dog would benefit from some ring training.

Novice Dog 5 (1)

Same Placings as Puppy Class

Graduate Dog 7
1st Sibbald's Telforth Tony.
Golden sable yearling. I have followed this dogs career and I was pleased to be able to go over him and he didn't disappoint. Striking head and expression, sweetest of dark eyes, correct placed stop, ears bang on top with well filled back skull. Good arched muscular neck with good shoulder placement. Well boned legs on neat tight feet. Lovely bend of stifle with short hocks ,in good coat of harsh texture. Stands and moves well. Presentation was excellent. I was pleased to award him the Res C.C.

2nd Cooneys Jopium Stole My Heart At Lingwell.
Almost 2 year old Golden sable. Slightly bigger than 1. Nice head and expression, good foreface and underjaw. Super depth of chest and spring of rib. In good straight harsh coat. Shows and moves well.

3rd Dodworth's and Carr Rosschell Will I Am at Libanel.

Post Graduate Dog 14
1st Brooker's I Am Fantastic Du Bois Des Amazones For Corisian ( Imp Fra )
Another lovely golden sable son of Famous Hero and again as the puppy winner he has the lovely expression of his sire. Balanced head, sweet dark eyes, good stop, well placed ears which he uses all the time. Well balanced body, Good bone with tight small feet. excellent reach of neck and spring of rib, moves with drive and shows well. I would just like a little bit more of him all over. Won a very strong class.
2nd Hodges Jopium Drifting Mist.
Blue Merle . Loved this dog and he was unlucky to meet 1st. Gorgeous expression, well filled foreface with strong underjaw, sweet dark eyes. Great depth of chest, super length of back, He stands on well boned legs and neat feet. Moved well.
3rd. Congdon's Monsolana Bluzstar For Aaronwell. ( Imp Rus )

Limit Dog 9 (1)
1st. Walkers Starlenga Dizzie Rascal
I loved this dog, if only he would show off his virtues. Rich sable of 3 1/2 years. Lovely expression well filled foreface. nice underjaw. Good stop, pleasing flat skull. Correct ears all give this expression. To be critical I would prefer a slightly more almond shape to his eyes. In good harsh coat , good tail set . Well balanced , good legs and feet, covered the ground well.
2nd Collin's Triburle Zachary
Another lovely sable dog, super head and expression. Pleasing reach of neck, with good sloping shoulder and length of back. Moves well. Groomed to perfection and smelt lovely.
3rd Jefferies and Alexander's Chantique Hot Toddy at Deorwine

Open Dog 7
1st Loaders Redola Grand Tourismo
3 year old sable and white , winner of this very strong class. He has an expression to die for. Correct eye and stop. Lovely foreface and underjaw gives him a soft melting expression. Ears he uses well and gets them bang on top. Lovely arch to his neck, deep chest with good spring of rib. Excellent length to height ratio. Short hocks with a good bend to the stifle. Moved with ease, and just flowed around the ring. I was pleased to award his first C.C. and along with my co judge res Best of Breed.
2nd Hawkins & Foy Beldones Black Illusion.
Tri colour of 4 1/2 years. He has the blackest of coats and a very dense undercoat. Nice wedge head, well filled foreface and underjaw. Neat small ears. Stands and shows well. Moves out with pupose.
3rd. Hodges Jopium Heart and Soul. Completes a trio of lovely dogs

Judge Jean Catliff