London & Provincial Collie Club
Open Show 30th August 2015

Rough Collies

Many thanks to the committee who invited me to judge one of my favourite club shows, it was a day I have been looking forward to for a few years. I was on the whole content with my entry but very unhappy with a couple of exhibits who I did withhold. The first exhibit I withheld was a blue merle bitch that was so badly mismarked should not grace any ring. The second exhibit was so overweight that it my opinion it was detrimental to her health to be shown, her owner should know better. The same general issues requiring improvement in the breed centred around movement, which was poor generally. Also presentation left a lot to be desired with many exhibits having filthy teeth, long nails and matted ears.

Puppy Dog  - No Entries

Junior Dog – (2, 2)

Yearling Dog – (3,0) 1. Ludlows Tudorlyn Misty Dreams For Malina, 18 months S&W, nice head & expression with ears set well, good dentition. Moved reasonably well but felt he needed more drive. Sound top-line. Good little power hocks and he carried his tail correctly 2. Page’s Lynmead Amalie Let Me Go, a S&W approaching two years old, a little small for me, short in head with a full eye and needs to improve in movement.

Graduate Dog – (8,1) 1. Wells Collingvale Crunchie At Terelimon JW ShCM , a S&W just over 2 years old and one I remember judging as a puppy. A very nice dog has good shape and form, with a lovely eye & expression with ears right on top, lovely lip line and sound dentition. He moves well with a good top line and tail carried correctly, he has lovely power hocks which enabled him to move with drive BD RBOB 2. Ludlows Tudorlyn Misty Dreams For Malina.

Post Graduate Dog – (4,2) 1. Shipps Tremaro Catch A Star JW, a nice S&W just over 2 years old, well prepared and showed in good form. Nice head & expression with a reasonable underjaw. Good depth of chest, substantial bone with tight feet. His tail could be longer and I felt he needed more reach as he was a little tight in front extension 2. Stanton’s Chelborn Just Decide a good sized S&W just over 2 years old, his head was not for me as he was too wide in back skull but did have a nice eye, his expression would have been better if he would have been interested and used his ears, he was too short in neck and his front assembly was too tight.

Limit Dog – (5,3) 1. Adams & Carlyon Bellcot Winter Bliszard At Dycoshem, a blue merle approaching 6 years old, overall a little heavy. His ears were too low set, eye placement correct and had a decent under jaw but his expression was not the best. He was a little short in neck, his front movement was free but when he moved his tail was too high 2. Stanton’s Brilyn Signature Blend, a 4 year old S&W with the potential to be much better but was disadvantaged by the poor handling and preparation. Has sound head qualities and constructed well but movement was erratic, teeth needed a good clean.

Open Dog – (4,0) 1. Hull’s Lizmark Gold Standard, 4 years old S&W, one I have assessed in the past who overall sound in every way with good head qualities and free moving, would like more in substance. Shown in good form and was well prepared RBD 2. Wells Collingvale Cast A Spell Over Terelimon, 5 years old S&W, another I have assessed over the years but today was a little out of sorts, he remains a sound dog with good head qualities and lovely expression, he has always moved well but on the day was not the overall quality of the winner.

Veteran Dog – (1,0) 1. Arrowsmith’s Ch Saganan Aristotle, 10 year old, tri colour, a lovely boy who has always deserved his title, great head qualities, good bone and well-constructed, he moved well but could not get the better of the youngsters today. He stood alone but it would have taken an exceptional dog to have beaten him in this veteran class BVD, BVIB 


Puppy Bitch – (5,0) 1. McDade’s Marjalu Memories With Lyndale, a beautiful blue merle bitch, just over 6 months old, a lovely head with sound qualities and sweet expression, I appreciated her colour, temperament and potential for the future. She had substantial bone, tight feet and her tail was carried correctly BPB, BPIB, BPIS 2. Tame’s Triburle Tutti Fruiti, S&W, 6 months old, a lovely bitch, very similar in quality to the winner but I preferred the overall make & shape of 1 and she lacked in underjaw.

Junior Bitch – No Entries

Yearling Bitch – (3,1) 1. Adams & Carlyon’s Ladnar Kiss ‘N’ Temptation At Dycoshem, 20 months old, tri colour, a nice bitch, head qualities could be better as I would have preferred a better eye & underjaw, her ears were set correctly, loved her nice depth of colour and she moved ok 2. Withheld

Graduate Bitch – (3,2) 1. Margetts Collingvale  Chardonnay, S&W just over 2 years old, a lovely bitch with fantastic head qualities, well placed ear and ears which gave me the desired expression. Had abundant coat but not that it detracted from her make & shape. She had moderate bone, tight feet and well-muscled, she moved well with her tail carried correctly. BB, BOB

Post Graduate Bitch – (2,1) 1. Flower’s Serenlas Mayd To Walk In Sunshine, a Tri Colour approaching 5 years old, another I have assessed in the past, a little fine in muzzle and lacking underjaw, nice eye and ears are well set. Rear & front assembly well-constructed, one of the few who moved correctly today.

Limit Bitch – (3,1) 1. Arrowsmith’s Saganan Lady True Blue, lovely blue merle, lovely eye, well set ears giving me a delightful expression, good bone, tight feet, well-constructed front assembly which allowed her to move with ease 2. Philpin’s Tudorlyn Little Princess ShCM, a S&W, just over 5 years old, lovely bitch, does not have the head qualities of the winner, a good show girl who moved well and handles like a dream for her owner, very close between these two.

Open Bitch – (3,0) 1. Shipp’s Rahlissa Snow Maiden For Tremaro, a beautiful S&W, first class head qualities, nice eye shape and placement, well set ears, good underjaw, well-constructed which allowed her to move with ease, pushed for the top honour but pleased to award her RBB 2. Hull’s Lizmark Gold Nuggett, a tri colour 4 ½ years old, a sound bitch overall but lacks in the head qualities I’m looking for, front assembly is tight and she lacks drive but moved steadily on the day.

Veteran Bitch – (3,0) 1. Margetts Amalie Let Me Be At Collingvale, 7 years old S&W, a lovely bitch I have admired for years and she did not disappoint me, great shape with a lovely neck into a well-constructed front assembly which enabled her to move well and she had drive. I appreciated her head qualities which showed how feminine she was as she is not exaggerated in anyway BVB  2. Arrowsmith’s Amazing Grace, 9 years old blue merle of quality with soundness from head to tail. Lovely head & expression, lovely colour, good bone & tight feet, she moved well but not with the power seen in the winner.

Adrian Milligan (Alfsden / Matahakuna)