London &  Provincial Collie Club 22nd November 2015


Thank you to the hard working committee for inviting me to judge Smooth Collies at their Championship show.
Last time I judged Smooth’s I was a little concerned about some of the deep back skulls and poorly angulated fronts, but today there were very few. It was a very good entry with very few absentees. There was a lot of quality on show, so I was spoilt for choices. As with most indoor venues on mats some don’t move as well as they should, so I made some allowance for this. The icing on the cake was seeing my BOB & BPIB going BIS & BPIS over a very good Rough entry.

Veteran dog (2,0) 1) Listers Ch Eridor I’M Mr Blu at Newarp. Now over ten years old, but this boy still has plenty of quality when standing. Balanced lean head of good length and a very kind eye. Strong front, with deep chest and still holding a very good top line, with well-muscled and strong loin. He is now weakening on his rear which unfortunatly affects his movement. BVIB 2) Trundley’s Juniperwood King of Kings. 8 yrs Tri with lots of quality that he doesn’t always like to show. Slightly shorter head pattern then one, but with a nice stop and good eye. Excellent front with good width. Well sprung ribs. He tends to slouch when standing and stands wide at the rear. On the move he needs to have more reach and drive, but this could be due to the surface. Maybe not the best showman, but seems to be siring some nice puppies.

Puppy dog (3,0) 1) Coles Sturtmoor Dream of Kasvelyn This 11 mth s/w is so eye catching, he has such a clean head for his age and a sweet but mischievous eye. Flat in back skull and perfect ears that he knows how to use. Excellent neck leading to a good front and neat tight feet. Nice top line and strong loin. He could be better developed in the rear, but time is on his side. His movement was good when he put his mind to it, he just has that little bit of the devil in him, which when tamed will be to his advantage. Thrilled to see him go BPIS over a very nice Rough puppy.  RCC, BP & BPIS 2) Norman’s Seanua Signature. 8 mth s/w with a stronger head pattern, nicely rounded muzzle and good eye, well set ears and strong neck. Good front, strong body. Like 1) just needs to develop in rear. He needs to settle on the move as was tending to plait on the front. Hope he doesn’t grow too much more. 3) Trundley’s Juniperwood Legacy.
Junior dog (1,0) 1) Kinsey’s Sturtmoor Khaos of Kaswyn.  Sibling to puppy winner, nice lean head pattern and decent eye. Good ear set. Ample neck, he has gone leggier than his brother and therefore has lost the some angulation in the front, so will need to wait until he develops with age. As a result there was a lack of reach and drive on the move.

Graduate dog (0,0)

Post Graduate dog (0,0)

Limit Dog (3,1) 1) Benton’s Oakestelle Vivaldi. 16 mth tri with lots of quality, fairly well-developed for his age.  Good head, very clean with nicely rounded muzzle. Would prefer a sweeter eye. Ears well set and used. Ample neck and good front that just needs to develop in chest, but remember he is still very young. Body of good length, strong and with a good quality coat. Excellent rear angulation with strong hocks. Moved freely round the ring, but just tending to swing his front legs.  2)  Trundley’s Blamorder Back to the Future. 2 yrs b/m of a rangier type. Good lean head, but just drops off slightly on the nose. Lovely long neck and good front. Body shape good, but needs a bit more weight, could have better rear angulation. Moved freely but quite erratic.
Open Dog (4,0) 1) Williams’ Ch Foxearth Forward Thinking of Mcclelland. I have always liked the look of this 6 yrs s/s/w and was not disappointed at all. Not the biggest boy, but totally balanced throughout. His head is so clean and without too much depth. A very gentle eye and well set ears that are just tipped enough. Good length of neck which leads to the near perfect front, good top line and rear angulation to match the front. Would just prefer him to carry slightly more weight. Moved out so easily around the ring. A big thank you to his owner for bringing him such a long way. CC & RBOB. 2)  Hutchings Ch Collidach Molloney Ta Tu you. Another very well balance tri, not quite the same head pattern as 1) being slightly stronger in back skull and lower set ears. But he has such good construction with perfect front and rear, and a good width of rib with plenty of heart room. He also has a good quality weather proof coat. Another one that can move equally as well indoors or out.  3) Denton’s Ryecombe Jaffa Jake at Brackenhaye.

Veteran Bitch (1,1)

Puppy Bitch (2,0) 1) Trundley’s Sturtmoor Klarrisants Kiss. Litter sister to BP and many of the same attributes apply. Tri with very appealing head, nicely rounded muzzle, good stop for age and a very sweet eye. Well set ears used well. Ample neck and good forequarters for her age. Good depth of chest and body of good length. Well off for bone and good double coat. Moved very round the ring. Will watch her career with interest. 2) Theobald’s Seanua Softly Softly. Another nice puppy unlucky to meet 1. Head of good length and level planes, but wouldn’t want her any deeper in back skull. Very sweet eye and nice well used ears.  Balanced body with decent angulation and good tight paws. Well set tail. She didn’t move perfectly today, but considering her construction this should improve with age.
Junior Bitch (2,1) 1) Forbes Natalain Kilkenny at Willowhurst A very feminine s/w of 14 months. Beautiful lean head pattern with good underjaw. Nice long neck leading to good shoulders, ribs deep but needing to develop in chest.  Very good top line and good coat. Strong rear assembly and good tail. She looks to be a handful on the move as she had plenty of drive, but was being held back making her hackney in front. I would like to see her on a loose lead in a big outside ring and I am sure like many we would see a vast improvement.

Graduate Bitch (1,0) 1) Trundley’s Juniperwood Joyful. This 4 yrs s/w was one of my surprises of the day.  Not the biggest of girls, but so well balanced with the most wonderfully feminine head with the sweetest of eyes. Clean throughout with level planes. Ears well set and tipped, but could be used better and slightly tighter. Her strong neck leads to an excellent shoulder and upper arm combination. Good depth of chest and plenty of heart room. Her good top line leads to a very good croup. She could stand better on the rear. Her movement was very free and easy in the class and with a change of handler in the challenge was even better. I think if she had a touch more animation she will trouble the best. Very pleased to award her the RCC.  

Post Graduate Bitch ((4,1) 1) Brown’s Blamorder Back in Town. A very classy 2 yrs Tri who pushed hard for top honours. A classic type with good balance throughout. Head very balanced with nicely rounded muzzle and good back skull. Good eye placement, but would prefer them darker. Good well set and used ears. Another one with excellent forequarters and deep chest. Good body length and ratio of rib to loin. She moved well on the front but slightly wide on the rear which cost her today. 2) Forbes Willowhurst Vanity. A rangier type who still needs time to fill out. Head of nice length still needing to fill in foreface. Good long lean neck, her chest still needs to develop. Good length of body and nicely rounded croup and tail set. Moved ok but a bit unsettled. 3) Trundley’s Juniperwood Kinda Special.

Limit Bitch (7,1) 1) Juniperwood Jubilation. Sister to RCC and won this class on her overall type and construction. Nice clean head with well-placed stop and flat back skull, though a tad stronger than her sister. Sweet eyes and well set and tipped ears. Another from this kennel with correct front assembly and good chest and length of rib. Good double coat, decent top line and tail set.  She moved well enough, but her construction suggests that it could be better. 2) Normans Seanua Serendipity, 2 ½ yrs s/w of good type. Head handles well with level planes and has a sweet enough expression. Ears set well with perfect tips. Good neck and shoulder placement and adequate upper arm. Good body proportions and tail set. Slightly long in hock. Moved quite erratically. 3) Haywards Plaisance Betty La Belle.

Open Bitch (5,0) What can I say about this bitch other than WOW! 1) Haywards Clingstone’s Hot Shot at Foxearth. This 4 ½ yrs tri has it all, from tip to toe. Strong but still feminine and balanced throughout. Good rounded strong foreface with excellent underjaw. Perfect amount of stop in the right place. Good kind, alert expression and flat back skull finished with perfectly set and used ears. Ample firm neck leading to excellent shoulder placement and ample upper arm. Good strong front and neat feet. Body of good width and length and excellent croup to well set tail. Good rear angulation and strong hocks. She was by far the best mover of the day, and fit for function, you bet! CC, BOB & BIS. 2) Benton’s Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle. This 6 yrs B/M is an old favourite of mine and still has so much quality, although just beginning to show her age and had to give way to the younger generation today. Feminine throughout and very light on her feet. Quality balanced head with good level planes. Eyes a touch round but for me this does not spoil her expression at all. Perfect ear set which she uses nonstop. Lovely long neck and good angulations fore and aft. Good top line although just tending to tuck her rear legs under today. As always shown and handled to perfection and moved with purpose. 3) Sewell’s Ch Foxearth Dressed to Frill.

Nick Smith