My thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at this well run show, also thanks to my stewards on the day. A beautiful autumn day at this lovely venue made for an interesting day. I am grateful for all those who entered but as usual the entry was blighted by absenteeism. The quality in the bitch classes far out weighed the dogs, but my main winners were pleasing.
I have to speak as I find & I am sorry to say that movement was woefully lacking. Many dogs appearing stuctually sound but falling apart on the move, seemingly unable to put one foot in front of the other. Exhibitors must consider fitness, muscle tone & condition as part of preparing a dog for the ring. Many dogs looked unsure on the move, lacking purpose & seemed surprised when asked to move out! Ears remain a perenial problem. The correct expression for a collie is NEVER achieved with big heavily tipped ears set wide apart on the skull, giving a 'common' look as apposed to one of intelligence. On the plus side tail carriage was good today. Most were well presented & temperments were good.

Puppy Walk
1st Randalls Ladnar Inkheart. 5 month old tri bitch giving very polished performance. Extremely promising in every way, wouldn't change a thing about her at this stage. Very collected on the move, postive out & back. I am sure she has a great future ahead.
2nd Biggs Aqualita Iridessa at Spirecroft. Happy Sable baby full of exhuberance,having a grand day out enjoying herself & why not when you are 4 months old!


Veteran dog (2:1)
1st Wray's Tahkisis High Voltage. 9 year old darker blue dog in absolute pink of condition & coat. Quality head piece, beautiful moulding, correct stop, lovely eye shape correctly set, flat skull. Though balanced throughout I found him shorter in back & neck thus losing the elegant outline I was looking for. Correct size all male with excellent bone. Able showman very attentive to handler, but does tend to crowd in after the tit bits which does not help his outline. Moved with much verve, positive out & back. Happy character, he just sparkled with joie de vivre today, great to see.
2nd Towlers Redola Daydream Believer. Golden sable boy now 11 years & moving soundly though just lacking drive at his age. Another quality one piece head, soft moulding, clean through the cheeks, correct stop, very kind eye giving soft expression. Well made with good bone. Just having to give way to the younger dog who was on top form today.

Minor Puppy dog: no entries.

Puppy dog (1:2)
1st Howards Brooklynson Errol Flynn. Approaching 11 months sable boy but still very raw baby. Good type presenting pleasing outline, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, correct length in back, good angulation at rear end. Rather narrow & lacking body at this stage. Head very clean, strong underjaw, needs to clean out in stop, eye placement square set though correct shape ,giving him harder expression. Ears good & skull flat. He did not move as well as his construction suggested, loose & narrow but I think he needs a lot more time in his development.

Yearling dog (3:1)
1st Wrays Takhisis Trick Or Treat 16 month tri boy a little between coats. Difficult age for young males & I think it showed today. Pleasing type presenting balanced outline. Again alittle narrow at his stage of growth. Masculine head, clean, good moulding to foreface, needs stronger chin. Correct stop, eye shape & set good producing kind outlook. Ears could be tighter but used well. Moved out purposefully but untidy coming & going losing topline in profile. I think he now needs to mature & it will be interesting to see how he develops.
2nd Ludlows Tudorlyn Misty Dreams at Malina. Sable boy of 19 months. Attractive type with pleasing head, balanced with correct stop, very flat skull, sweet eye. Ears ok  but Does not make the most of himself & is difficult to present. Moved ok when he got going though slightly proud of tail.
3rd Scotts Aniesh Legend In Black

Undergraduate dog (2:2)
1st Ludlows Tudorlyn Misty Dreams for Malina
2nd Hulls Lizmark Morning Gold. Rich sable who lacked masculinity of 1st. Shorter coupled with lack of neck & incorrect front angulation causing him to move much too close coming toward. Good head type, one piece head, lovely moulding, clean cheeks, beautiful flat skull, needs stronger chin. Correct almond eye obliquely set giving sweet expression.

Post Graduate dog (3)
1st  Pryors Aqualita Dr No. I have been a big admirer of this dog in the past as I think from the neck dowm he is pretty much perfect. Supreme breed type he has faultless construction, all curvey angulation, length of back, slight rise over the loin. excellent size masculine strength without cloddiness, superb bone. Regal in statue & outlook. Classic head type, great chin, clean with flat skull. Ears correct when he decided to use them. Eye placement alittle square set & too much width between the eye, needing a little more definition in stop which would just sweeten his expression. Moved accurately out & back & with fantastic topline in profile. BUT somehow today he just didn't get his act together, he was inbetween coats, lacking condition, he didn' t seemed focused. I still love him but I have seen him look better than this. In the run off for best dog he was, for once, out moved by the winner. Reserve best dog.
2nd Hulls Lizmark Winter Wish. Tri boy who has much to commend him. Good type of lovely size, correct length to backas creating very balanced outline. Nice head type with good stop, kind expression, ears a little low set. Moved really well, much drive & purpose, tidy coming & going.
3rd Ludlows Maqueeba Just A Dream For Malina.

Limit Dog (4)
1st Hulls Lizmark Solid Gold. Sable lad of smaller type, in great coat & condition. Lovely moulded one piece head, good flat skull, ears ok when used. Eye too small.  Balaced throughout but felt he was narrow, lacking depth & width in chest. Moved with drive but too close front & back.
2nd Bellcots Winter Blizzard at Dycoshem. Very masculine male of good type. correct blue colouring well broken up in strsight fitting jacket. very attentive to handler, shown well. Too strong in head for me, ears low set & breaking forward by half spoiling expression. Very flat skull but a little deep through. Moved enthusiastically but weak rear end.
3rd Scotts Aneish Portrait In Blue. Sadly this lovely boy was lame in the ring today as he would have gone much higher than this.

Open dog (3:1)
1st Sargeants Coarhabeg Sea Hawk. Here was a surprise as I don' t think I 've seen him before. Lovely honest tri boy approaching 4 years. Fully mature in great condition & able showman. Not flashy boy but my eye kept being drawn back to him. Lovely breed type standing with much impassive dignity. Beautifully contructed, ample neck, good depth of chest with well sprung rib. Correct angulation without being overdone. Substantial but with elegance.  Correct one piece head, good underjaw, smooth moulding too foreface, clean cheeks. Dark almond eye beautifully set giving kind intelligent outlook. Flat skull, parallel planes broken by slight stop. Neat ears which he used all the time. When asked to move he just took off, long flowing stride tremendous reach & loads of drive. The further he went the better he got. He was very accurate coming & going. One of the best movers here today. Well done. Best Dog.
2nd Hulls Lizmark Gold Standard  Richly coloured sable in good coat & condition. Different type to winner, not so masculine & smaller in stature. Nice shape & well made. Sweeter in expression but preferred the more masculine outlook of the winner. Moved ok but just couldn' match the winner.

Veteran bitch (2)
1st Hulls Lizmark Lookin Fab. 7 year old sable in excellent coat & condition. Presented very elegant outline, well constructed with good length of back. Attractive feminine head with beautiful eye & flattest of skulls, no depth or flare. Showing very well & moved with grace & style.
2nd Sargeants Coarhaberg Kaleidoscope. Darker blue girl who was enjoying her showing today. Found her slightly square in outline though constructed well enough. Movement was true with drive. Pleasing expression but thought her a fraction strong in back skull.

Minor Puppy bitch (1:1)
1st Latika Actis Poland at Dycoshem. 7 month bright golden sable girl showing loads of promise. Lovely outline, elegant shape with super reachy neck & great shoulder placement. Depth to chest, length of back, good rise over loin.Hind angulationa was excellent. Head handles really well, well filled foreface, slight stop, almond eye obliquely set, flat skull with small ears on top. Charming expression with much cheekiness, eyes sparkling with fun. Full of puppy exhuberance, she gave her handler a hard time which became became more evident on the move. Later in the day, after a little tiredness had set in she settled down. Move she could, absolutely accurate with good reach in profile. For BPIS she had to give way to the much more mature smooth. Bags of potential I think her owner will have have loads of fun with her.

Puppy bitch (2:3)
1st As above
2nd MacDonalds Brooklynson Hepburn at Rossavon. Different type to the winner but full of promise. My favourite colour of the day with a fitted jacket the colour of a polished conker. Well constructed girl though shorter coupled, good angulations she was very well balanced. Moved really well. correct head pattern, ears well placed & used. Needs more moulding to foreface which may still come, also needs to be a little cleaner between the eyes. Presented in top condition.

Yearling bitch (3:3)
1st Randalls Ladnar Footsteps. Young blue lady presented beautifully in brand new coat. Attractive type, lovely balance throughout from arch of neck, to tip of long tail. Appealing expression, good stop, almond eye, clean flat skull, well used neat ears, would prefer a fraction more underjaw. Very collected on the move, accurate fore & aft. Just lacking the maturity of the older bitches on the day but the best of this girl is yet to come.
2nd Ladnar Kiss'n Temptation. Tri built along similar lines with a little more strength throughout. Balanced with a good shape which she kept on the move. Action was correct with drive. Pleasing head type, stronger but clean, well placed almond eye, correct stop, flat skull with good ears that she used.

Undergraduate bitch (1:3)
1st Hulls Lizmark Golden Girl. Very femine bitch in rich golden jacket in good condition. Smaller type but balanced throughout. Pretty head, beautifully moulded, very sweet eye, flat skull, ears well used. Moved really well.  Found her a bit narrow all through. I would just like to commend this exhibitor for sticking to a type, every exhibit he brought in the ring was just like the last, I was struggling to tell them apart. Well done.

Post Graduate bitch (3:2). This was a nice class.
1st Blakes Corydon Blue Fizz JW. Another young blue bitch whoseshape was breathtaking. Most beautiful type full of elegance & poise. All sweeping lines from wonderful anglations, from fantastic front to curvey hindquarters. Much strength with correct bone in her smaller frame. Appealing head, balanced with good strength in foreface & chin. Dark kind eye correctly placed, lovely flat skull, clean through her cheeks. To nit-pick a smidgeon more defintion to stop but her expression was intelligent & sparkling. She moved as I hoped, her low centre of gravity had her powering across the ring, she was completely precise coming & going. Add to this a proper show girl coping with changes of handler not once but twice. Her feminity won her BOB but for BIS in the final go round the fluidity of the smooth bitch stride just pipped her at the post. Congratulations.
2nd Sargeants & Rodwells Coarhabeg Forget Me Not at Pomenka. Here was a pleasent surprise, another very pleasing blue bitch who was new to me. Unfortunate to come up against the winner. Very attractive shape on this well balanced correct sized bitch. Has strength but still femine. Presented in excellent coat & condition. Pleasing in head, nicely balanced without exaggeration, producing pretty expression with kind eyes & neat ears. Moved strongly with purpose. A bit of a charcter, she made me smile.

Limit bitch (3:4)
1st Newmans Phreelancer Phond Memories. Dark sable bitch with correct fitted coat,so simliar in silohette to 'fizz' almost from the same mould. Arched neck, excellent front, nice rise over the loin, rear angulation spot on. Strength but not cloddy. c
Classic head pattern, most beautiful eye, clean skull, ear carriage good. She was dignified & composed, showing beautifully. Elegant & graceful on the move, coming towrd she was precise but going away moving too close today. Well done. Res best bitch.
2nd Davies Tiganlea Silver Trinket at Sabiha. Medium sized blue of attractive type. Presented in good coat & condition. Nicely balanced head, good moulding, correct stop with flat skull. Not quite the eye set of winner but still pleasing expression.. Well made in body, nice depth of chest & correct length of back. Keen showgirl but does tend to crowd handler losing her attractive shape. Didn't quite get it together on the move, not reaching out in profile & untidy out & back.
3rd Wells Welanga Fire Jade

Open bitch (1:2)
1st Howards Shandlmain Pesquero Blue. Mature blue whose type & shape rivalled that of the winner. Sweeping lines from nose to tail, lovely angulations, size with substance. In full coat with frills & petticoats adding a touch of glamour to her poise. If anybody is unsure what the correct colour for a blue merle is, here it is - perfect colouring. Wedge shaped head, strength in foreface, correct stop, clean skull, medium eye well set, a little reluctant with ears but well set, giving classic collie expression. I so badly wanted her to move well, she has all the right equipment, in profile it was fine but out & back was not. I was so disappointed for her as she promises so much.

I was spoilt for choice with the quality of smooths on show today, every single exhibit being either a CC or res cc winner. Thank you so much for bringing them for me.

Junior (1)
Frenchs Breckamore By Design. Upstanding 11 month blue boy. Powerful & athletic type, correctly built, clean front with ample neck, deep in body with substance for age. Angulation in hindquarters good but just needs to develop musculature to balance out front. Good head pattern, strong underjaw, lovely almond eye well placed, good ears well used, needs a little more definition in stop & wouldn' want any more depth in skull at this stage. Moved particuarly well, big rangey stride & very clean fore & aft, steady topline. He has much ring prescence & am sure has a bright future. BPIS over the much younger rough bitch.

Open dog (3:1)
1st Hills Devern Denman. Tri boy rising 5 years. Medium size of classic proportions, not exaggerated in anyway. Very correct shoulder placement, decent neck, depth & width behind the wither. Strong top line with correct sweep over croup into well set tail. Lovely balanced head, good foreface,clean cheeks & skull, definate stop, ears good. Kind medium eye giving soft expression, not so easy in a tri. Moved cleanly & without effort. He was very easy on the eye & I kept being drawn back to him. Best dog.
2nd Listers CH Eridor Im Mr Blu at Newarp. 10 1/2 yrs old blue gentleman, now elder statesman for the breed. Still retains most beautiful head qualities, masculine but kind gentle outlook, rounded muzzle, smooth cheeks,correct skull, sweet sparkling blue eyes, attentive to handler. Very balanced with correct front, nice length of back,good rear angulation. Moved cleanly & soundly just with less enthusiasim than in his youth. I was pleased to award him BVIS.

Open bitch (4)
1st Bentons Alopex Marionette of Oakstelle. So very feminine mature 6 yr old blue of grand type. Beautifully constructed from perfect shoulder placement, through deep brisket, rise over loin to strongly angulated quarters. Wonderful wedge shape head, parallel planes intersected by correct stop. Strong underjaw, tight lipline, clean through cheeks with no hint of depth or strength in skull. Medium eye which to nit pick is a fraction full but does not detract from classic expression. Neat ears used well. Her movement is a joy, strong drive, extended reach & precise out & back. All appearing so effortless. Added to this she is the consumate showgirl. I cannot understand how she does not carry her title. BIS over the very lovely rough bitch, very well done.
2nd Listers Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp. Happy tri girl, lovely size with correct bone. Has balance throughout, correctly made with good length of back, good hindquarters & tail set. Attractive head, well filled muzzle, good chin, clean in back skull, lovely kind eye giving sweet expression. Slightly heavier tip to ears but uses well. Moved very well, clean & tidy just not the style of the winner.

Tracey Jackson