Veteran (8) 1 Bellawave Moonlight Melody, a sparkling tri at just 7 years this young lady did not look her age, super construction, feminine head with correct well placed eyes, lovely body condition. Moved so well covering the ground with ease. BV; 2 Amalie Let Me Be at Collingvale, quality sable, super teeth & head handles well. Correct angulation, movement so sound; 3 Ladnar Primrose Path to Bocasa. 

Minor Puppy (5,1a)

1 Belones Duchess Of Dreams, young quality sable, correct ears, lovely eye, well filled cheeks, arched neck, correct angulation front & rear, moved with drive & extension. Super presentation. BMP, BP; 2 Riverside Song Bossa Nova Baby joins Corisian, head handles so well, lovely expression, correct coat, moved well & in harmony with her handler; 3 Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle.

Puppy (3)

1 Rashes Follow Your Dream, at 11 months this young tri has a promising future, correct head qualities, well angulated, moved well both coming & going. Very well presented; 2 Treeview Promise To Boogie, at just 6 months this young sable just needs a bit more time, lovely construction. Free flowing movement. One for the future; 3 Treeview Tell No Secrets. 

Junior (8,4)

1 Corydon Femme Fatale for Mejola, a quality tri with a super expression, very well constructed, lovely bone, sound mover, excellent presentation, very promising young lady; 2 Bellawave Cast A Spell, well covered sable, head handles well, lovely arched neck set into good well laid shoulders, moved in harmony with her handler; 3 Coarhabeg Helen Of Sparta.

Novice (4,2)

1 B Duchess Of Dreams; 2 Alanita Sasha Spirit Of Jazz, must get the speed right when moving, looked good standing. Needs ring training to stop her pacing. G (5) 1 Collingvale Chardonnay, super head topped with neat well placed ears, lovely eye shape, soft expression, correct angulation front & rear, moves well & in harmony with her handler, very well presented; 2 Maysinder Dancing Queen, sound sable, moves well, good bone, very well presentation; 3 Lizmark Golden Girl. 

Post Graduate (10,2)

1 Imaginist Waxing Lyrical, lovely head, neat ears, correct eye shape & set, giving this sable a lovely melting expression, well angled front & rear, moved freely & gracefully, a lovely bitch; 2 Tudorlyn Star Quality, another quality sable, very flashy with full white colour, correct head qualities, lovely arched neck, moved freely & in harmony; 3 Churchoak Truly for Seryphina.

Mid Limit (8,2)

1 Brilyn Glory Days, excellent head qualities. Lovely arched neck, well laid shoulders, full coat, moved with drive & extension, a well presented sable; 2 Tudorlyn Little Princess, lovely body shape, well laid shoulders, moved well to cover the ground with ease as only a well-made bitch can, well presented; 3 Amalie Lynmead Your A Star to Treeview. 

Limit (6,1)

1 Tiganlea Silver Trinket at Sabiha, quality blue bitch, correct eyes & ears well filled for face all contributing to a super soft feminine expression. Good angulation, correct pasterns, lovely depth of chest, moved with grace, style & drive. Very well presented. CC; 2 Brilyns Guilty Pleasure is Shasam, a very flashy bitch, head handles well, moved well coming & going, very well presented; 3 Welanga Fire Jade. 

Open (11,5)

1 Ch Brooklyson Miley Cyrus, super head supported by a well arched neck set in correctly laid shoulders, lovely angulation both front & rear, moved with drive & extension, a very worthy Ch. RCC; 2 Lizmark Gold Nugget, a very well presented tri in good coat, lovely head qualities, super bone, moved as only a well-made Collie can; 3 Ch Brooklyson Fifth Ave.


1 C Chardonnay; 2 Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp, an excellent tri Smooth Collie bitch. Correct head qualities, topped with neat well placed ears, lovely neck, correct shoulders, moved with a lovely flowing gate; 3 Tudorlyn Little Princess.

Jim Peach