EACA Ch 2/8/15 BIS critique by Miranda Blake

I must begin my critique with a raft of thank yous. To the committee of EACA for the invitation and for such a relaxed and well-run show; to the stewards for their hard work, diligence and efficiency; to the exhibitors for their excellent presentation and sporting behaviour; to the rough collie judges Fern Sargeant and Jim Peach for their total agreement in all their in-breed awards; to the dogs for all their patience and showmanship; and finally to the weather – for being nigh on perfect – lending the “garden party atmosphere” that we, as the only UK collie club to hold their championship show in the open air, pray for!

BIS: Sue Hawkins’ Brilyn Intoxicated (rough collie). This 3 year old sable lad is very appealing on many levels. He has a gorgeous sweet expression, and uses himself very well – completely at one with his handler. His head on handling is cleaner and less deep than it appears. Correct stop, lovely dark eye, super molding of foreface. I would prefer a flatter skull  - but that is the perfectionist in me. He is well balanced in bodyshape, was in super fit body and condition and he moved very soundly round the ring. Top that off with a beautifully presented correctly-fitting harsh textured coat and it was my pleasure to award him BIS.

RBIS: Mike Davies’ Tiganlea Silver Trinket at Sabiha (rough collie). I have watched this blue girl and her handler from the start of her show career and they have both come such a long way. Her coat was presented to perfection, and together with her handler’s smart co-ordinated attire, they made an outstanding picture in the ring. Her head is nicely balanced with a flat skull, correct stop, but she has quite large ears which she can only get right on top if pushed! Then she has the sweetest of expressions. She moved quite soundly round the ring, I just felt she was a little heavy in body and this showed in her front movement – she did not have the forward reach or perfectly level topline that I hope for. However, her star quality, lovely expression and firm hind action won her the RBIS over the smooth;

Marion Benton’s Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle. This is a beautiful smooth, so nicely balanced, creating a lovely picture ringside. But her handler should not wear white trousers, as this 6 year old bitch has lost so much tan marking on her face, that she seems to disappear (this really showed up on the BIS picture). She has been a worthy BIS winner at EACA in the past, but today, in my opinion, the roughs were better.

BPIS/BMIS: Sophie Wray’s Beldones Duchess of Dreams (rough collie). What a sweetheart! A really super little girl, everything you could hope for at just 8 months. A balanced head, lovely eye set, super alert ears, balanced construction, great muscles and very sound movement. Correct coat type for her age and super attentive showmanship. Small enough at the moment to fit in my handbag! I hope she continues to grow on beautifully – a real star in the making.

BVIS: Pete & Gina Stillwell’s Bellawave Moonlite Melody (rough collie). This 7 year old tri girl showed everyone how to move perfectly. She won a very strong veteran bitch class in the breed, with 8 top quality veteran bitches present, as well as winning over both rough judges for BVIB. She has a well-balanced head with correct stop, super flat skull, lovely dark eye and alert ears giving a really feminine expression. She is very elegantly constructed, with correct angulation fore and aft, with an excellent length and spring of rib, strong loin and this outstanding construction meant that her movement was also outstanding – such a firm topline, and despite  the warmth of the sun, she moved lightly, effortlessly and efficiently round the big grass ring. He coat was jet black, super correct texture and fitted her outline as the Standard requires. This was her first major win as a veteran – I see a great senior career ahead.
Miranda Blake