Derby County Show 28-6-15

Such a shame it coincided with Blackpool although entries were low I had some quality exhibits. Thank you to the secretary and committee for my judging appointment and to my 2 stewards, to the exhibitors and their wonderful dogs.

Rough Collies.

Puppy Dog/Bitch 3 (1a)

1. Davis Riverside Song Zaraza of Rosschell Imp

Sable and White baby of nearly 8 months. Excelled in body shape, nice wedge head, stop, almond shaped eyes and ears on top giving a sweet expression. Well boned, lovely reach of neck and lay of shoulder. Neat hocks and good length of tail. Moved ok. Well presented should have a bright future. BPIB.

2. Wray's Beldones Duchess of Dreams.

Junior Dog/Bitch 3 (2a)

1. Dodsworth and Carr Libanel Magical Martinque

Sable and White bitch of 14 months old who stood alone. Her head was wedge shaped with a well placed stop, almond eyes, neat ears with a good depth of chest, nice lay of shoulders and level topline.

Post Graduate Dog/Bitch 4 (2a)

1. Cooney Jopium Stole My Heart at Lingwell.

Well named this sable and white young man of 2 years was very pleasing to the eye. His well balanced head, correct stop, dark almond eyes, neat ears combined gave him a masculine but sweet expression. Good underjaw and depth of chest with a good lay of shoulder. Level topline, good bone, neat feet and short hocks which powered him round the ring. Nice length of tail, well presented and in good condition. BOB.

2. Dodsworth and Carr Rosschell Will I Am at Libanel.

Open Dog/Bitch 4 (1a)

1 Hodges Jopium Drifting Mist

2 years 3 months blue merle dog who has a well balanced head, good underjaw, dark almond shaped eyes. A little reluctant with his ears maybe due to his surroundings but when he did lift them he has a sweet expression. Good body shape, well boned and presentation was good. RBOB.

2. Davis IR Ch Rosschell Blue Crystal Ball.

3. Dodsworth and Carr Erjon Ebony Rose at Libanel.


Mrs Pat M Brooker (Corisian).