My grateful thanks to the committee of Crufts of their kind invitation to judge the breed of which I have not only always been so very fond of but also have excellent memories at this show where my lovely Ch Foxearth Jubilant won three CCs, twice with BOB when each time she was short-listed under the old Working group.
I felt it a great honour and was more than pleased with my very good entry, filled with quality Smooths where, in some classes, competition was extremely hot, especially in the open classes.
Temperament was exceptionally good, as was presentation. My hands were as clean at the finish as when I started, no evidence of any dirt at all, so credit to you all for your excellent presentation.
This was indeed a privilege to be afforded the opportunity to go over such quality dogs. My grateful thanks, also, to my two more than efficient stewards, Lynn Crane and Elaine Waddington who kept proceeds on the move at all times.


V (5,1a). Four quality dogs who I have previously judged and placed highly. 1 Lister’s Ch Eridor Im Mr Blu at Newarp (imp Australia). Previously awarded this b/m a CC, has entered veteran status with aplomb. Maintained his form with additional CCs. No doubting his quality, now 9 ½ years old but still as fit as a fiddle. Stylish, clean head, good neck, good eye, appealing expression, good reach of neck, good depth of chest, in good body covered with coat of correct texture & good colour, moved out very well; 2 Forbes’ Ch/Ir Ch/Int Ch Pelghart Paint It Black at Willowhurst (WW08 EUW09), as name suggests, a tri to whom I awarded the CACIB in Belgium & a RCC behind winner of class. Now 9yrs old, still maintains his very masculine, almost arrogant stance. In excellent condition, well muscled up, strong bone, body well covered & firm, sporting coat of correct texture. Good head, pleasing dark eye & expression, good neck & shoulder, nice sized boy, very sound mover; 3 Griffiths’ homebred Alopex Matt Finnish, most appealing tri, fit as a fiddle at eight years, nice head, flat skull, good ears, pleasing eye & expression, sets himself up well, presented in excellent hard condition, excellent muscle, very workmanlike on the move; 4 Trundley’s Juniperwood King Of Kings.

P (0).

J (1) Trundley’s Blamorder Back To The Future, 17 months b/m, very friendly & agile! Son of DCC, very pleasing head, excellent ears, flat skull, sweet eye & expression, very good neck, full white collar stretching back to body but not white factored as roots end at withers, good straight front legs, good feet, good length of back, good rear construction, very well developed thigh musle, extra long tail, very sound on the move.

PG (4,1) 1 Musty’s Shulune Imperial Gift for Buebezi, bred in the purple, also sired by day’s DCC with many of his attributes, tri of super make & shape, quality head, good ears, very dark eye, sweet but masculine expression, in good body covered by coat of correct texture, good overall construction, good shoulder & front, straight legs, good tight feet, excellent thigh muscle, extra long tail, very sound mover. Caused some amusement by jumping the shadows where the sun shined through; 2 Benton’s homebred Oakestelle Sebastian Bach, homebred tri, smaller type but definitely masculine, pleasing head, good eye, enquiring expression, in hardy condition, good firm legs, good rear, turn of stifle & thigh muscles, moved well keeping topline; 3 Beeney’s Coneypark Cappuccino, homebred s/w, all male, at only 2nd show so a bit overawed but conducted himself well, clean head, good depth of chest, turned out well, moved ok.

L (5) Very good class. 1 Czyzak’s Cuba Libre Smooth Drinks (imp Poland), 3yrs 9mnths s/w, & all dog! Most masculine, impressive lad full of confidence added with touch of arrogance. Balanced head, good ears, skull & muzzle, very sweet eye & expression, alert at all times, flat skull, strong neck into good shoulder, very good overall construction, body well covered, good rear angulation, extra long tail, excellent temperament, well handled to move with authority; 2 Denton’s Ryecombe Jaffa Jake at Brackenhaye, 3yo tri with lovely head, good ears, flat skull, lovely dark eye & expression, strong neck, good bone, good overall shape, very long tail, moved with animation; 3 Gay’s Yagane’s Blue Mist, homebred from champion parents, nicely marked b/m, smaller than 1 & 2 but masculine with it, well turned out, lovely head, kindly marked, sweet eye & expression, very sound mover. 4 Benton & Wood’s Oakestelle Vivaldi.

O (8,1) Excellent class, competion so strong & exciting, gave me a real buzz. 1 Hayward’s Ch Foxearth Flintab, homebred b/m from champion parents approaching four years, clearly at his best. Awarded him BPIS at club champ show where so attracted to his beautiful colour. Has now filled out & developed into a super male, always standing his ground. Such a lovely clean head to handle, so well sculpted, flat skull topped by excellent ear carriage, correct stop, well filled muzzle, sweetest of eye & expression with sufficient arrogance to mirror his ‘I’m the boss’ tempo. Well arched & muscled neck into good shoulder, good depth of chest, straight well boned front legs, tight feet, good length of back covering well developed body covered in coat of good harsh texture, rear angulation compliments his front, enabling effortless movement. Well handled, sound as a pound, certainly fit for purpose, very good temperament. Promoted himself sufficiently to win the DCC in a very tight battle for top honours. When it came to the BOB challenge, the bitch was still fresh from topping her rivals where her faultless movement and showmanship earned her the day, but that is taking nothing away from Flintab. Pleased to give him the ticket; 2 Novotna’s CZ/SK/NL/DK/LUX/PL/HU/A/SLO/HR/D/RO/SMR/AZE/NDA Ch Brontes Elenor, Czech invader boasting titles in 17 countries and ran 1 to within a whisker. Awarded him the CACIB & BOB at the Kessel International in Germany at the backend of ’12, so pleased to see how well he has matured, developing into a top quality dog. Best turned out smooth of the day, tri totally beautiful dog in the masculine sense, exuding an amazing expression of love, intelligence & concentration. Cleanest of heads, excellent ears, flat skull, good stop & muzzle, lovely well placed dark eye, strong, well muscled neck into very good shoulder, lovely strong legs, excellent feet, good depth of chest, very good overall conformation, good length of back covered in beautifully presented gleaming black coat of correct harshness, well developed rear, very strong thigh muscle, like 1, effortless mover without raising a sweat. Excellent temperament, totally fit for purpose, confidently handled, very pleased to award him the RCC; 3 French’s Ch Foxearth Flock Master for Breckamore JW, full tri brother to CC winner with much of his attributes, excellent type, quality head, well placed & used ears, flat skull, very good eye with enquiring expression, strongly built, in hardy condition, very well handled, slightly spoilt his chances by lifting his tail, slightly losing cohesion, shame because he’s an excellent mover, could have followed his brother home; 4 Leikola’s Ch Timonan Clouds Can Catch JCH EUJW-13, SEW-13, SI1-L4 DKW-14 NORDW-14. This class was a delight to judge.

GCD (2) 1 Trundley’s Juniperwood King Of Kings; 2 Benton’s Oakestelle Sebastian Bach, homebred tri, lovely male head, good eye & expression, strong muzzle, good neck & well covered body, very good temperament, good legs & turn of stifle, moved well.


V (5,2) 1 Gays’ Ch Manordeifi Sapphire Mist at Yagane, rising nine years, super feminine b/m of obviousl quality, turned out in the best of order, well balanced head, flat skull, excellent ears, lovely eye, beautiful expression, good front & legs, good depth of chest, well constructed rear, let down of stifle & strong hocks enabling effortless driving movement, super temperament, very sound; 2 Lusty’s Juniperwood Dream Maker at Blamorder, seven years, most feminine tri, pleasing head, good dark eye & expression, good ears & skull, very much on her toes, very good mover; 3 Neff’s Hightri Until ShCM, belying her name, she is a b/m, pleasing head, flat skull, good ears, nice eye, alert expression, at times was sullen but sympathetically handled, once finding her true stride, moved ok. P (1) 1 White’s Breckamore Bridget Jones. I believe her named character wore enormous knickers but this feminine tri, I’m sure, would be far more selective in her lingerie. Has enjoyed a spectacular start to her career & looks a certainty to join the top house. Most beautiful clean head, excellent well used ears, good skull, stop & muzzle, coal black eyes full of intelligence & femininity, bitch with attitude, good overall conformation, body well covered, coat of correct texture, level topline kept on animated movement, very good rear construction, sound as a pound, super temperament, very well handled. On the day, giving a bit to the more mature ladies but that is taking nothing away from her qualities. BP.

J (3,1) 1 Peacock’s Blamorder Back To The Start for Saraneth, full tri sister to JD winner where much of the comments apply to this feminine girl of 17 months, very full of herself, nice head to handle, good eye, very alert expression, good skull & ears, good neck & front, level back held on move, extra long tail, lovely temperament full of attitude, well handled; 2 Forbes’ Willowhurst Vanity, homebred tri by kennel’s Int champion but at just 12 months, giving bucketloads to winner. However, nice type, clean head, excellent ears, very feminine & alert, good neck, turn of stifle, nice disposition, moved out well.

PG (9,3) 1 Norman’s Seanua Serendipity, homebred s/w of almost two years who absolutely exudes femininity. Real eyecatcher, stood her ground throughout. Quality balanced head, so clean to handle, very sweet dark eye, gorgeous expression, good skull & ears, good stop & muzzle, in super coat of correct texture, good depth of chest & front, good shoulder, strong legs, good length of back, rear well developed, so easy on the move, super temperament, lovely ring presence; 2 French’s Breckamore Bang Tidy, homebred tri of 20 months, pleasing head, good ears, flat skull, good stop & strength of muzzle, lovely eye, feminine expression, in good body & condition, very positive on the move, unlucky to meet 1; 3 Benton’s Oakestelle Venus De Milo, homebred b/m rising two years, well trained showgirl, pleasing head, very good ears, good dark eye, feminine expression, good reach of neck, well developed front, well handled, good mover, completed a trio of lovely girls.

L (5,1) 1 Gays’ Yagane’s Lavender Mist, homebred b/m from champion parents with a lot going for her, so shapely & sound, looks a picture when set up, quality head, excellent ears, flat skull, lovely dark eye, good stop, ultra feminine expression, good front, depth of chest & shoulder, strong straight legs, body well covered, not the best of colours but doesn’t detract from her quality, really nice temperament & attitude, excellent mover; 2 Howard & Smith’s Jack Mack’s Hefin Huw (imp Germany), 2 ½ year old b/m of impressive make & shape, different type but better colour than 1, well angulated, always on the job in hand, pleasing head, excellent ears, feminine eye & expression, strong neck, body well covered, level topline held on the move, good rear construction, lovely temperament, very sound; 3 Trundley’s Juniperwood Jubilation, homebred tri of four years, nice overall make & shape, balanced head, good ears, dark eye, good length of back, sound, bit lethargic, due in season; 4 Campbell’s Ryecombe Dolly Mixture.

O (10,1) What a beautiful class full of quality ladies. Great difference for type but quality throughout with competition keen as mustard. 1 Kirveskoski & Asikainen’s Est Ch Clingstone’s Famous Footstep FW’13, what a beautiful, breathtaking, striking s/w! Ultra feminine, seductive in all her ways, expertly groomed & presented. Interestingly bred by a Clingstones champion out of a UK bitch (Shulune), just couldn’t be denied. Real quality head of good length, pleasure to go over. Excellent well used ears, flat skull, perfect stop, well rounded muzzle, most beautiful dark eye with so, so feminine expression to die for. Very good shoulder angulation, good depth of chest & spring of rib, straight front legs, well boned, nice tidy feet, good length of back, strong in loin, well developed backend, turn of stifle, well developed thigh muscle, strong hocks, a joy to watch on the move. Lovely temperament, a very sound bitch expertly handled. What more can I say? Certainly hit me in the heart, couldn’t be denied. No hesitation in awarding her the CC. In the challenge, pulled out all the stops with effortless movement, showmanship, ring presence, you name it, she’s got it. BOB. Thank you so much for bringing her over to the UK. 2 Sewell’s Ch Foxearth Dressed To Frill, superb tri rising five, ticks all the boxes. Quality head, correct ears, flat skull, lovely stop, well developed muzzle, most beautiful dark eye & expression, so soft & feminine, overall conformation very good, correct angulation where it counts to enable her to move so positively once she got her pace sorted out. Like 1, has lovely ring presence. Turned out in the best of order, firm body covered by gleaming coat of correct texture & eventually handled to full advantage. RCC; 3 Hayward’s Breckamore Fly Me to Foxearth, 20 month super feminine tri giving a bit away to first 2 in development but built on such good line, with two CCs already in her pocket will easily gain her title. Turned out in best of order, so sweet it is hard to deny her. Calm & gentle in attitude, possesses quality head, lovely eye & soft expression, particularly well constructed at rear with good let down of stifle & hock enabling impressive drive from the rear; 4 De Feliter’s Ned/Bel/Lux/Int Ch Gallant Darya Happy Magic Star NJK BELW NEDW.

GCB (2) 1 Lusty’s Juniperwood Dream Maker at Blamorder; 2 Neff’s Hightri Until ShCM.

Geoff Duffield.