BITCHES – First I must thank my ring steward for their efficient management of the ring. I have been attending Crufts for dare I say 40 plus years & in this time never been able to see all I had on my wish list, & this time was no exception as I had the honour of being asked by the Kennel Club to judge their prestigious show.

I had some lovely bitches before me & some had to go home without a card but to no disgrace in the company they were in. The majority were clean & well groomed I know what an effort you made. So thank you. I was surprised at dirty teeth on some of the youngsters it does not bode well for their later years (so easily prevented) with no hefty vet bill & to save you the anxiety of your animal to have to go under anaesthetic.

V (14,4a) 1 McLaughlin’s Derbypark Couldit Be Magic at Brihow, this tri bitch appeals for her exuberance, a clean head & a nice dark eye with good spring of ribs, moved well from a good bend of stifle & nice short hocks; 2 Licini’s Int Ch Cherry Blossom, good outline in profile, she is well angulated with good balance of foreface to backskull with nothing exaggerated, she had good overall balance in body & presented a nice overall picture; 3 Tame’s Rahlissa Aint Misbehavin, overall shape & body balance of this bitch is pleasing with attractive head, nice length back & good topline extending into a well set tail, just needs to fill a little in foreface. 

MP (1) 1 Boyle’s Barrenclouth Golden Jade, stood alone in this class but on going-over her she handled well, she as a good spring of ribs, her head is of correct proportions with nice eye & expression, her foreface needs to fill but that should come with maturity. 

P (6,1) 1 Ship’s Prince Of Sunlight Naomi at Tremaro, standing she gives a good overall impression, & has instant appeal, she has a lovely clean head which handle well, with no flaring or heavy backskull her well arched neck flows into good shoulders, with correct body length, she has a good front & well bent stifle & moved out well, most appealing for type, I was delighted that along with the agreement of my co-judge, was pleased to award her BP; 2 Cronk’s Chelborn Kiss’n Desire, well presented. She has a feminine head maybe little deep though in head profile, but her shape & body balance is excellent with good quarters & correct tailset & carriage, just the right amount of bone with neat & well trimmed feet; 3 Tames’ Rahlissa Love Song, this well shaped bitch showing promise, her head has parallel planes, with the right amount of stop but needs to fill a little in foreface, settle on the move to the job in hand to be heard of again. 

J (23,4) 1 Jackson’s Sassari Sea Shimmer, this is the most attractive blue, my first impression was confirmed on handling her. She has a lovely outline & well angulated, with nothing exaggerated, nice neat ears, her back is of good length with nice sweep over the loins, good tail carriage; 2 Randall’s Landar Footsteps, another merle of similar stance, her head is good & clean but stop needs to clean a little, she has good overall balanced with strong neck & shoulder angulations, nice length of back & tailset; 3 Boyle’s Monsolana Butterfly Blue over Barrenclough, this blue is more mature than 1 & 2, she has a good profile with good depth of ribs, her shoulder angulation is correct carrying on through over a good bent stifle. 

Y (24,11) 1 Williams-Smith’s Danrox Loves To Be Wicked, I loved the beautiful moulding of her head, she has a well filled foreface, nice eye & expression, she has plenty of heartroom, stands off her handler foursquare on nice neat feet; 2 Smedley’s Antoc Soul Diva, another nice feminine bitch who I feel needs a little more time, as she looked a little immature against 1, she has balanced proportions with everything in place with a good body shape, ample length of neck, & good breed type; 3 Pitchfork’s Merrimede Lovin Spoonfull, a little heavier in head & body than 1 & 2 & more mature all round, but as a nice expression & body outline, ribs are well sprung, nice rounded bone, good length to back.

 PG (18,5) 1 Fox & Moore Danfrebek Amazing Grace for Alanita, her head is balanced but feel her ears could be a little tighter, good length of back, & quarters all in keeping with the overall profile, the right amount of bone for a bitch; 2 Kaye’s Danfrebek Amberwish Francesca,  I see she has the same sire as 1 & has similar attributes, her head pattern is good, clean with no flaring in cheeks or heavy backskull, but maybe a little finer in head than 1 but she as a sweet expression & overall body balances, she needed to be moved by a different handler as unfortunately I think did not get the best out of her; 3 Whitacker’s Jopium Magical Dream’s, a tri who wears black well, she is most appealing in expression which is not always seen on a tri, her head is clean & possesses a good shoulder placements, extending through to a good length of back & well set tail. ML (23,4) 1 Licini’s Keyline Happy Kiss, lots to like about this lovely bitch, she has overall balance, her head planes has correct parallel planes, adequate shoulder angulation & she has a level topline, & nice slope to croup. Moved out well to take this class; 2 Condon’s Isn’t She Lovely Des Beldones via Aaronwell, sable of overall good shape & balance. Nicely boned, she has well shaped head, nice eye & expression, good in shoulder angulation. I feel her chest needs to deepen a little. Standing I thought she could have been the winner of this class but found Happy Kiss that little bit more mature in body; 3 Whitaker’s Jopium Magic Dreams. 

L (10,1) 1 Lockyer’s Gataj Willow Of Surprises, shaded sable stood foursquare to show of her lovely shape. Good head pattern with flat skull & well rounded muzzle. Good spring of ribs, nice firm topline, nicely boned with neat feet; 2 Hodges’ Jopiun Ice Eclipes, merle, a little finer than 1 but such an exquisite blue, no faulting her shape, her head handles well with a feminine expression. She has ample neck leading to a good length of back & good bend of stifle with neat hocks; 3 Killingworth’s Sandhurstbay Secret Blue, as her name give you a clue she is another blue, she as a good wedged head, maybe not as clean in stop as 1 & 2 but she has a pleasing expression & is constructed well with a good deep chest & nice topline. 

O (22,2) 1 Granger’s Ch Samhaven Wired For Sound, took my eye. This girl stood foursquare looked at her handler & seemed to say "come on let’s do this.” She has again the outline & construction I was looking for, her head is so clean with neat set ears which she used all the time, standing of her handler on a loose lead to show off her good arched neck of good length, her shoulders are correct she possesses a level back & has a well set tail, moved soundly fore & aft, I was pleased to award her the CC. My co-judge & I were in agreement that both the dog & bitch represented the breed well the bitch taking BOB over the dog who gave his all to his handler; 2 Hawkin’s Brilyn Feel The Difference, she again has that lovely expression & softness that appeals to me, she has a true wedged head her foreface is well moulded & her profile pleases the eye, she has good level back & tail set carried correctly, her stifle is well bent & she moves soundly on nice neat hock. She just lacked the overall furnishings of the winner which was a close call. Pleased to award her RCC; 3 Walder’s Ch Heart Of Gold De Cabrenysset for Hanvale, I had the pleasure of judging this girl as a youngster & at that time she carried a huge puppy coat which I thought rather spoilt her shape & appeared a little short in head but as she has matured, her true shape can now be seen her head has lengthened into a lovely wedge, her dark eye gives a sweet expression, her body is of good length with a solid topline, good spring of ribs. 

GC (3) 1 Arrowsmith’s Saganan Lady True Blue, unplaced in previous class, she is slightly different to what I was looking for, I feel her stop could be cleaner but her head is a good wedge, also she has good length of body, level topline; 2 Boyle’s Uffspring Unchained Melody over Barrenclough, sable who covered the ground well, nice dark eye & good spring of ribs, lacking in coat today; 3 Beardsworth’s Maysinder Dancing Queen, unplaced in previous class, not a flashy sable but her body shape is good, ears could be tighter, I feel she was a little overwhelmed & did not make the most of herself.