APRIL 2015

BITCHES – My sincere thanks to the officers & committee for inviting me to judge & for their generous hospitality on the day. Not a huge entry but made up for that in quality & at the end of the day I felt spoiled for choice. Assessing movement on this flooring is always difficult as the Collies generally are a little reluctant, preferring to have grass under their feet! Presentation in the main was excellent but teeth/gum care continues to be a problem. Thoroughly enjoyed my time. I was delighted to see the bitches take BIS, RBIS & BP under Marion Penwarne.

MP (3) 1 Lillyway Loobylou, 8 months tri, very appealing overall, sweet expression, ears a little wide & heavy, very good outline with neck, shoulder & angulation, good forechest & in excellent coat. Moved very well; 2 Cotswoldway Heartbeat, another very nice tri with excellent outline & body fitting coat. Nicely balanced head with good fill for age, sweet eyes & expression, ears unsettled at times. Super neck & topline flowing into good croup & well set & carried tail, good bone & angles. Moved out sound & free; 3 Rashel Follow Your Dream. 

P (6,2a) 1 Rahlissa Love Song, s/w at almost her first birthday she is in full puppy splendour & loving it, very feminine in outlook, excellent outline & angulation, good body, forechest & bone. Balanced head, well placed eyes & well used, neat ears. Moved out very well. BPB, BP; 2 Bhyllsacre Babycham, another lovely s/w & again, pushing her first birthday, in great coat & condition. Excellent outline & good angles. Balanced head, sweet eyes, ears just a bit wide & heavy, foreface well filled; 3 Wicani Cinnabar. 

J (8,1) 1 Corydon Femme Fatale for Mejola, just over her first birthday this tri is so well put together, super neck & topline flowing around a good croup to a well set & carried tail, well angulated & with good substance. Well filled & smooth about the head with correct balance, slight stop, dark well placed & obliquely set, almond shaped eyes & good ears produce a very sweet expression. Just a bit between coats & in excellent condition, sound moving but not going quite as she could if outside; 2 R Love Song; 3 Karibuni Chilli Pepper.

 Y (4,2) 1 Mysinder Dancing Queen, just the style of head & expression I like, clean, smooth & well filled foreface & skull, sweet, well placed, dark almond eyes giving a beautiful expression, ears not being used as they could as the set is good but did enough to see the sweetness when it does all come together. Lovely outline, good angles & excellent coat, moved out free with a good stride, shade soft in topline; 2 Ladnar Mystic Circle.

M (5,1) 1 B Babycham; 2 Corydon Moonflower, very attractive, excellent outline & angles, strong stance, head balanced & well filled, very neat & well used ears. Beautiful expression from well placed, dark, almond shaped eyes. Moved well; 3 M Dancing Queen. 

N (4) 1 B Babycham; 2 C Moonflower; 3 Corydon Victoriana for Demelewis. G (4,1) 1 C Femme Fatale for M; 2 Imaginist Waxing Lyrical, s/w, completely out of coat, showing excellent outline & balance, well boned & moving free & true. Very clean head & soft expression from sweet, dark eyes, well filled foreface & skull, good ears & alert. Really good & solid type of bitch; 3 Ladnar Mystic Circle for Alfsden. 

PG (6,3) 1 Imaginist Wrenaissance, s/w, lovely style, very sound. Feminine head, dark, well placed eyes with sweet expression & good ears but could try harder. Excellent make & shape with good substance; 2 Camanna Connie Selecca, very beautiful s/w, excellent expression from really beautiful eyes & good ears. Balanced head with good moulding & skull. Good outline & coat but carries too much weight affecting front movement; 3 Jopium Fascinator. 

ML (4) 1 Churchoak Temptress at Wicani, b/m & my surprise of the day. Found this bitch so pleasing to go over. Under that dappled & white face marking is a most beautiful, clean & moulded, well balanced head. Planes, stop & eye set are just right, cheeks are clean with good underjaw. With one blue & one brown eye, expression can be compromised especially as the blue can give a very flat, cold look, but, look into the brown one & you can see the sweetest, melting expression & soul of a Collie, the ears are well set & used. Excellent body & outline, firm back, good bone & angles & strong on hocks & feet. Just coming into a new coat & it is clear silvery blue & black. Although sound on the move, she was rather untidy in her eagerness to go round but could not be denied the RCC & RBIS; 2 Phreelancer Phond Memories, very sweet s/w, just coming back into coat which showed off her lovely outline & good body. Very sweet & feminine head & expression, excellent neck & topline, well angulated with good bone, sound moving but reluctant on this surface; 3 Radiant Crystal Star of Cotswoldway. 

L (7,1) 1 Demelewis Catch The Breeze for Corydon, 4 year old tri & a completely new one to me. Most beautiful outline & truly feminine all through. Sweetest expression from dark, almond & obliquely set eyes & neat well placed ears. Head is clean & nicely moulded about foreface & flat skull. Good neck & topline, good substance & bone, well ribbed, deep body, in excellent, body fitting coat, sound mover. CC & BIS; 2 Saganan Lady True Blue, another beautifully coloured & marked b/m. Balanced head of good style & with enough fill, again with one brown & one blue eye which are slightly fuller than 1, excellent earset & use but could tip a little more to advantage. Excellent neck & topline, good angulation, substance & body, moved free & true; 3 Chelhaven Playing around Chelborn. 

O (6) 1 Brilyn Feel The Difference, very feminine, lovely body, bone & coat, correctly harsh & body fitting, good balance throughout. Sweet head & expression, well placed stop, sweet eyes & good ears which she showed very well. Moved out soundly holding a good topline; 2 Fr Ch Eloise Des Beldones, excellent outline, body & substance. Good neck, shoulders & topline sweeping into good rear. Very sweet & feminine face with good moulding, dark eyes & good ears together producing a soft expression, showed very well. Just a little overdone with feathers, moved out sound & free; 3 Corydon Grandeflora. V (4,2) 1 Alfsden For Your Eyes Only, still a young veteran at 8 years & going very well. Excellent head qualities with good expression & well used ears. Typical outline, well made body & fitting coat. Moved out freely & in superb general condition; 2 Myriehewe Amazing Grace, another 8 year old showing more of her age. Very sweet & most beautiful colour & markings, moved out well but tends to stand slightly ‘tucked’. In excellent condition.