Judging BIS for Collie Club Of Wales was an experience to be remembered always.

This is a very friendly & hospitable club. My choice for BOB & BIS was Demelewis Catch The Breeze for Corydon, a well balanced & elegant tri who fitted my interpretation of the Standard with her one piece head & height to length ratio. Easy long reaching stride & plenty of drive from the rear holding her topline at all times; RBIS, Churchoak Temptress at Wicani, beautiful blue with the colour well broken up & which fitted her elegant body lines. Huge white shawl collar which enhanced her length of neck & clean one piece head in profile. Impressive movement holding her topline at all times.

BOS went to the dog, Chelborn More To Tell, gorgeous clear blue profuse & well broken up colour. Very masculine. His head is shorter & has a deeper stop than the girls but has a very sweet expression. Although not quite the elegant body lines of those above & not the extended reach in front movement he produced strong drive from the rear.

BP, was also a bitch, Rhalissa Love Song, a gorgeous s/w with glamorous fitting coat of good texture. Clean sweet one piece head & elegant outline. She has very good bone & substance for a puppy & her movement is excellent for one so young, in this she scored over the dog puppy; BV, went to a young looking 7 year old Mystic Touch of Tremaro, his well fitting bright golden s/w coat is in great condition. Very sweet headed dog although still maintaining a masculine outlook & although I did prefer the movement of the veteran bitch I went for the dog’s head & expression. May I add how beautifully presented all the dogs were, it was a pleasure to judge them. I will look forward to my co-judges critiques.