The British Collie Club
Championship Show 28th February 2015

Firstly I would like to thank The officers and committee for making my wife and I feel so welcome. Also to my stewards for the efficient way they kept the ring going. Most of all the exhibitors for the truly lovely entry making many of my placings difficult indeed. Thanks to everyone for the sporting way they received my decisions.

Class 12 Veteran Bitch 9-4
1    McLaughlin’s Ch Derbypark Could It Be Magic For Brihow JW 8 year old tricolour still in tip top condition, having watched her gain her title and blossom it was a pleasure to go over her. Beautifully balanced in all departments and effortless on the move. Sweet eye and expression helped by well used ears on a balanced head with moulded foreface.
2   Howard’s Ch Blue Bell Mystique De Cathyja (Imp Fra) 8 year old blue merle. Sound in all departments and another positive mover. Lovely blue coat colour, correct head plains excellent eye, Correct stop and flat skull giving a soft expression.
3   James’ Jamesfair She’s Got Talent.

Class 13 Minor Puppy Bitch 7-1
1  Walker’s Chantique Stevie Nicks At Starlenga 7 month old sable and white. Quality from her head to her tail. Lovely balanced head with correct flat skull and parallel lines. Good eye and expression and excellent reach of neck. Level topline with excellent front and rear angulation moved Soundly.
2  Blaikie’s Kourika Kandita 7 month old blue merle. Good make and shape with a nice eye and expression and a good reach of neck and level topline, lost out on movement to one but has bundles of promise.
3  Growcott’s Lillyway Looby lou.


Class 14 Puppy Bitch 11-0
1 Walder’s Jolie Blond De Cabrenysset For Hanvale 11 month old sable and white. Lovely balanced shape with correct length of back neck proportions leading to a lovely expression with sweet almond eye correct ear size shape and placement. Good bone and sound movement, lost out in the puppy challenge due to happy tail syndrome!
2  Cronk’s Chelborn Kiss’N Desire 9 months old sable and white, Another sound example of the breed with good make and shape, deep chest and well sprung rib. Correct head plains and wedge shape. Moved with drive.
3  Shipp’s Prince of Sunlight Naomi At Tremaro


Class 15 Junior Bitch 12-2
1  Timmons’ Kynan Mika Blue Moon 15 month old blue merle. A lovely sweet feminine expression with a nice clean coat colour. Beautifully balanced shape which was evident on the move a joy to watch animal and handler at one with each other and covered the ground with ease.
2  James’ Jopium Stuck In A Moment With Jamesfair 12 month old tri colour in excellent condition and jet black coat. A nice expression coming from rounded muzzle sweet eye and well used ears with correct flat skull. Lovely level topline which was held on the move.
3  Fox’s Alanita Winter Jasmine

Class16 Maiden Bitch 7-0
1 Walder’s Jolie Blond De Cabrenysset For Hanvale
2 Cronk’s Chelborn Kiss’N Desire
3 Mcintyre’s Meryctin Brite Lika Diamond 2 year 10 month old sable and white Pleasing head eye and expression with sound construction, with good neck and body shape. Moved soundly. Would like to see her in full bloom, well presented.

Class 17 Novice Bitch 8-0
1 Walder’s Jolie Blond De Cabrenysset For Hanvale
2  Jackson’s Sassari Sea Shimmer 2 year old blue merle, A lovely balanced bitch with a nice clean blue coat beautifully turned out. Well used ears, clean head sweet dark eye and nice expression. Moved soundly.
3  McCormick’s Lynmack Let There Be Rock 10 month old sable and white in good coat and condition, nice expression coming from good eye ear carriage and level head plains. Sound mover, Unlucky to be in such strong company.

Class 18 Graduate Bitch 15-0
1  Llewyellyn’s Salsina Sweet Lily 2 year old sable and white in excellent condition and immaculately turned out. Beautifully balanced and sound mover, lovely body shape with level topline and deep chest, good front and rear angulation. Sweet expression with correct almond eye, flat skull well rounded muzzle and correct size shape a placement of ears. Shown and handled well.
2 Blakie’s Kourika Karrizma 2 years 8 month old tri colour. All the above applies to this tricolour who only lost out on the final move, Lovely jet black coat again in tip top condition and such a nice expression for a tri, I'm sure a bright future is in store.
3 Brooker’s Telforth Sweet Dreams To Corisian

Class 19 Post Graduate Bitch 13-2
1  McEntee’s Gerian Sun Moment 2 year 5 months old Sable and white. Nicely proportioned with good bone level topline and good angulation front and rear. Lovely sweet expression with lovely correct shape and dark eye correct flat skull and rounded muzzle and moved well.
2  Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator 3 year old tri colour. Sound in confirmation and movement with good angulation front and rear. Lovely deep chest with good spring of rib. Good length of neck and in proportion with her back. Sweet expression which is hard for a tri and well used ears.
3  Broadhead’s Rhodabern Whisper And Kiss


Class 20 Mid Limit Bitch 12-1
1  Llewyellyn’s Salsina Sweet N Sassy 4 year old sable and white, very feminine and in excellent condition, Beautiful overall balance and in tune with her handler. Beautiful eye well rounded muzzle and correct size shape and placement of ears which were used non stop. Moved soundly.
2  Brooker’s Chantique Simply Dee For Corisian 2 years 9 month old sable and white, not as much coat as 1 but this did not detract from her overall quality. A lovely balance in length of back and neck, excellent angulation both fore and aft. Melting expression and attentive to her handler, never dropping her ears and moved with drive.
3  Hollywood & Waterhouse’s Amalie Lynmead Love Story


Class 21 Limit Bitch 10-3
1  Mitchell & Jordan’s Avonfair Secret Attraction 5 and a half year old sable and white in top condition and willing to please her handler. Lovely expression with correct almond shaped dark eye well rounded muzzle clean wedge with flat skull and well used ears. Good length of neck and deep chest with a level topline and good angulation front and rear. Moved soundly.
2  Walker’s Hana Of Lowlands Green Valley At Starlenga 2 years 8 months old sable and white, with correct proportions in length of back and length of neck, good front and rear angulation which led to sound movement. A lovely expression coming from a sweet eye well used ears and rounded muzzle and level head plains. Unlucky to meet one.
3  Oliver’s Marjula Talk Talk

Class 22 Open Bitch 11-3
1  Cronk’s Ch Chelborn Desirable 3 years and 4 months old sable and white I had given a res. CC previously and she has fulfilled her early promise. Turned out to perfection and in tip top condition. Beautifully moulded foreface leading to a lovely eye and correctly placed and well used ears. Flat skull, good length of neck leading to level topline. Good angulation to the front and rear which propelled her round the ring with ease. I was so pleased having given her the CC that my co Judge Mrs Stella Clark agreed with me in awarding her Best Of Breed followed by Best In Show thanks to B.I.S. Judge, Mrs Fran Kaye.
2  Foy & Hawkins’ Eloise Des Beldones 5 years and 9 month old sable and white, Striking make and shape, beautifully constructed, her head is correct and has a good eye stop muzzle and back skull, good reach of neck and level topline. Elegant on the move with correct tail carriage, which showed her virtues. Beautifully presented. Res. CC Res. B.O.B. and Res. B.I.S.
3  Walder’s Ch Heart Of Gold At Cabrenysset For Hanvale

Tony Iley (Ileyda)