Barking Canine Club
Saturday 3rd October 2015
I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this fantastic friendly show. It is so very well run with wonderful large carpeted rings, which were a joy to work in and really get the dogs moving.

My stewards were fabulous and kept proceedings moving efficiently throughout the day.

Lastly thank you to the exhibitors for accepting my decisions in a sporting manner and for those of you who made such nice comments to me afterwards. There was a lovely atmosphere around the ring.

Rough collies
Puppy (4,1)
1. Rutherford's Treeview Tell no Secrets
S/w bitch, almost twelve months. Clean wedge head, flat skull, used ears well though head is a touch stronger than I would like in a bitch puppy. Very similar in type to her litter sister who was second in this class. Won for me today on balance, shape, outline and reach of neck. Well presented.
2. Rutherford's Treeview Hope and Promises
3. Adams & Carlyon's Latika Actis Poland at Dycoshem (imp pol)

Junior (3,2)
1. Pattersons' Treeview Promise to Boogie
S/w bitch, almost 12 months, litter sister to 1&2 in puppy. Similar in type again. Showed her socks off today. Clean head, nicely tipped ears. Well laid shoulder and nicely angulated rear. Liked her overall shape, balance and reach of neck but would like her to lose a lb or two. A sweeter expression than her littermate won her BP in the challenge today.

Post Graduate (6,0)
1. Philpin's Tudorlyn Fairy Dust
S/w bitch of almost twenty months. Clean head, though ears are wider set than I would like and this impacts her expression. Showed attentively. Has a tendency to tuck herself under which makes her appear short in back when one steps back to view in profile but she is not. She is well made and balanced throughout and this won her the class today. Moved out well.
2. Adams & Carlyon's Ladnar kiss 'n temptation at Dyoshem
3. Ludlow's Tudorlyn misty dreams for Malina
4. Hull's Lizmark golden girl
5. Muffett's Monsolina pepper sweet (imp Russia)

Limit (6,1)
1. Maxwell & Wallis' Trenley tatenen at Hamisks
I judged this dog when he was not long out of puppy and he won my heart then. Now, at almost three years old, he has grown into a magnificent dog. Stunning shaded sable, presented with coat in gleaming first class condition.This dog oozes quality and screams breed type to me. When he walks in the ring, there is no question whether he is a dog or bitch, he is all dog, full of spirit and personality. I love his head pattern with what I consider to be just the right amount of stop and masculine yet sweet expression with a lovely moulded foreface. He showed brilliantly today and free stands well showing off a well constructed front and rear, and a good length of back. Moved out so well today in our large ring, the best I have ever seen him. He needs to be given his lead and will take off at speed. Fit for function? Without a shadow of a doubt. This dog deserves to be in the top honours. BOB.
2. Philpin's Bahatiview Bojangles for Tudorlyn
3. Adams & Carolyn's Bellcot Winter Blizzard at Dycoshem
4. Ludlow's Maqueeba Just a Dream for Malina
5. Muffett's Derbypark Collee Wobble

Open (6,1)
1. Pattersons' Amalie Lynmead You're a Star to Treeview
Very pretty, feminine s/w bitch. Lovely shape viewed in profile with super length of back. Being critical, I would like her an inch taller but she is still balanced throughout. Very well laid shoulder, well angulated rear, moved out at good speed with real drive and was a pleasure to watch. Reluctant to use her ears today. RBOB.
2. Hull's Lizmark Gold Standard
3. Maxwell's Samhaven Rorrin
4. Muffett's Lizmark Black Gold
5. Adams & Carolyn's Tudorlyn New Hope

Smooth collies

Junior (0,0)
Limit (1,0)
1. Griffiths' Foxearth Furore
B/m bitch, 2 1/2 years old. Clean wedge head, nicely shaped eye. Would prefer a more defined stop. Moved out well with good reach at front coming from a well laid shoulder and great drive coming from a well constructed rear. Kept top line well during gait.

Open (2,0)
1. Howard & Smith's Jack Mack's Hefin Huw (imp deu)
B/m bitch, of well broken colour. I like her head planes, so parallel when viewed in profile, with well defined stop and almond shaped eye giving a pleasing expression. Neat well tipped ears used attentively. In superb condition, well muscled throughout. Good reach of neck, nicely angled at rear. Good depth of chest. In the breed judging, moved out well, keeping a level top line but I felt could have been just a touch lighter on her feet. However I watched her later I the group and after a little nap, she was definitely more animated. Pipped second in open for me (who is an old favourite of mine) with the gift of youth today. Thank you for bringing her. BOB
2. Griffith's Alopex Matt finish RBOB

Hannah Walder