My thanks go to the committee of Yorkshire Collie Club for the invitation to judge Rough Collie bitches & the warm hospitality given to me by this well established breed club. To the very capable, hard working stewards who kept proceedings running smoothly. The exhibitors for a super entry & the opportunity to judge so many top quality, clean & well presented bitches, making decisions far from easy in several classes. Thank you all.

Movement has improved although there were a few who moved with the correct driving action from behind but lacked forward reach & were pinning in front. Being overweight would not help with this problem.

Care is needed regarding heads that are too deep through, wide, flaring backskulls, there is a difference in exhibits that are lazy when using their ears & one’s that cannot raise them enough because of this problem, eyes too far apart & are not obliquely set, over long forefaces & no slight or perceptible stop making the head totally unbalanced & so untypical of our beautiful breed. I am happy to say these undesirable head faults were not common in the lovely bitch entry.

The judge of dogs, Tomas Rohlin from Denmark, & I could not reach an amicable agreement on any In-Show awards. The referee Edith Pryor was called on to officiate for BIS then RBIS & BVIS.

The DCC winner annexed the pole position BIS, further disappointment was to follow when the beautiful, sound moving, fully matured bitch who was winning her second CC on the day obtained BOS after failing to gain the second highest award of RBIS, this was won by the RDCC winner, a minor puppy at a very tender stage in development 6 months 3 weeks of age & consequently, automatically won BPIS. The lovely veteran bitch also failed in her quest as the BVIS was also awarded to the dog giving them a full house.

Veteran (3)
What a lovely start to the day, all three worthy of the 1st card.

1 McLaughlin’s Ch Derbypark Could It Be Magic for Brihow, lovely well presented tri, shown in tip-top condition, neat correctly placed ears, showing nonstop, good balanced head, flat skull & moulded foreface, bend of stifle, well trimmed feet & short hocks, moved out well belying her 8 years of age;
2 Cooney’s Emryks Ellie at Lingwell, hard to believe this lady does not carry her title, this well presented sable was unlucky to meet 1 in such sparkling form, soft kindly expression coming from her sweet eye, correct stop & flat skull, good conformation & soundly constructed enabled this rising 10 year old to move freely;
3 Sargeant’s Coarhabeg Blowin In The Wind. 

Minor Puppy (12,4a)
1 Hodges’ Riverside Song Venice Queen at Jopium, 7½ months, sweet, well presented s/w baby, good eye & head planes, nice bone & body substance, moved out well on her neat tight feet. BPB, unfortunately was not needed to challenge for the BPIS award;
2 Scott’s Chantique Sugar Plum Fairy, pretty well presented sable baby of nearly 7 months with a lovely head, eye & expression, long reachy neck, stood & showed nonstop with her well placed ears, moved well; 3 Aikman’s Highnol Heaven Can Wait. 

Puppy (8)
1 Jones’ Erjon Ever So Sweet, lovely 10½ months tri presented in good order with a shiny black coat, correct head proportions, expressive dark eyes, great length of back, nice bone, showed & strode out well;
2 Boyle’s Monsolana Butterfly Blue over Barrenclough, pretty well constructed blue of very pleasing colour whose coat was well presented, good head & eye, showed well & confident on the move at 6½ months;
3 Adams’ Ladnar Kiss ‘N’ Temptation. 

Junior (8,1)
1 Brooker’s Telforth Sweet Dreams to Corisian, & sweet she is, well presented heavily coated 13 months sable with very sweet head, eye & expression, sound construction & moved accordingly;
2 Rigby’s Kourika Krushed Krystal at Eximer, 14 months well broken, lovely colour blue who was well presented. Good length of back, level topline, angulated stifles, moved out nicely, showed well;
3 Ryan’s Mertrisa Zola Moon at Scottrye. 

Yearling Y(6)
1 K Krushed Krystal at E; 2 Sargeant’s Coarhabeg Forget Me Not, 19½ months, another good blue with a super neck & level topline, good length of back, presented & showed well, moved out on nice tight feet; 3 Copsey’s Alanita Jasmyn Thro The Mist. 

Maiden (7,1)
1 R Song Venice Queen at J;
2 M Butterfly Blue over B;
3 E Ever So Sweet.

Novice (5,1)
1 M Butterfly Blue over B;
2 Flint’s Highnol Bewitched, 8½ months well presented tri, good bone, neat tight feet, neck enhanced by her lovely white shawl collar, pleasing head properties & a sweet dark obliquely set eye;
3 Fox’s Alanita Winter Jazzmine.

Graduate  (7,1)
1 Foy’s Haute Couture Des Beldones, super 2 years well presented s/w, great conformation, shoulder placement, bend of stifle, level topline, depth of chest, sweet dark obliquely set almond eye. Neat well used ears, balanced head combining to create a beautiful expression, powerful driving movement on neat tight feet & short hocks, clinched the RCC for her;
2 Brooker’s Chantique Simply Dee for Corisian, a lovely well presented 2 years s/w, unlucky to meet 1. Tight feet, short hocks, good bone & body, lovely conformation, level topline, sweet well placed eye, correct stop, born showgirl who moved out well;
3 Jones’ Erjon Elizabeth Arden. 

Post Graduate (8,2)
1 Collins’ Triburle Zeeta, well presented nearly 3 years s/w, lovely reach of neck with a big white collar, clean head pattern with a sweet dark well placed eye & well used neat ears giving a lovely expression, nice bone, tight feet, good angulation. Moving soundly. Nice girl;
2 McEntee’s Chantique Sugar Babe for Gerian, 2 years in good well presented coat, depth of chest, spring of rib, length of back. Balanced head, neat ears & pleasing expression, with her well boned legs, carrying her to move well;
3 Whitaker’s Jopium Magical Dream.

Mid Limit (11,3)
1 Loader’s Redola Nice As Spice, heavily coated well presented 4 years sable with a very pretty balanced head enhanced by her well used neat ears, in lovely body & condition, good angulation, spring of rib & depth of chest, went around the ring with ease, lovely;
2 Smith’s Aldermeade Cameron Diaz, nearing 3 years shaded/s of lovely type, presented well & I was literally splitting hairs between her & 1, most appealing head with a kind soft eye, using her ears to advantage, good body & conformation, steady true mover;
3 Hassock’s Camanna Cotton Pickerninny.

 Limit (6,1)
1 McDevitts’ Caronlea Dixie Chick, I had the pleasure of judging this beautiful, now nearing 7 years, lady in Ireland & she was BIS. My opinion of her remains the same, well presented tri with a lovely white shawl collar, sweet dark eye, balanced head, ears used constantly, good in body & bone, neat short hocks & tight feet enabled her to move with effortless drive from behind, very pleased to be able to judge her again, thank you for bringing her;
2 Brown’s Jopium Dreaming of Mertrisa, 6½ years well broken, clear blue in lovely condition & coat that was well turned out. Sweet eye, head & expression so difficult to achieve on a merle. Good depth of chest, neck & body, short hocks, neat feet, moved well, close decision for 1;
3 Coulson’s Bluchip Vanilla Skye. 

Open (11,4)
1 Kaye’s Danfrebek Love Child, a beautiful nearing 6 years well presented tri who instantly appealed for breed type without any exaggerations, sweet dark obliquely set eye, flat skull, lovely moulding to foreface, perceptible, correctly placed stop, strong underjaw combined to give a melting expression, neck of good length, level topline & length of back, correct angulation & shoulder placement, her black coat was of correct texture & fitted her well developed frame, good bone, short hocks & neat feet enabled her to move with drive, very pleased to award this truly feminine lady her 2nd CC & hope her 3rd isn’t too far away, ended the day with BOS;
2 Brown’s Mertrisa French Flutter, profusely coated, well presented, nearing 4 years tri, another with lots to like about her, loved her well developed shapely body & angulation, very pleasing head, eye & expression, moved around the ring showing off well boned legs, short hocks & tight feet;
3 Hawkins & Foy’s Int Ch Beldones Love Me.