APRIL 2014

Many thanks to exibitors for a very good entry

Puppy dog/ 4 abs

1 - Trundleys - Blamorder Back to the Future - Appealed instantly for type,  lovely well filled forface plenty of underjaw, nice eye and expression, ears he uses well and very good neck. Good topline,  beautiful colour,  moved well for so young and still a puppy. Will watch his career with interest RCC

2 - Bbentons - Oakestelle  Sebastian Bach  - Another very nice well made puppy, good foreface, nice eye and expression just unlucky to meet one

3 - Musty - Shulune Gift for Buebezi TAF

Junior dog 
1 - Bentons and Wood - Oakestelle Vivaldi - Tri puppy who is litter brother to the second in puppy, very much the same make and shape moved well

Post graduate dog

3 - Dentons Ryecome Jaffa Jake - Tri colour, well grown,  lovely well filled muzzle plenty of chin,  good well placed eye and well used ears. Good topline which he kept on the move

2 - Gays Yagane’s  Blue Mist - Another well grown male,  good bone, plenty of heart room, good neck which uses to advantage,  would prefer a better colour

3 - Kennedy - Ryecome Deb’n air

Limit dog 5  /3 abs

1 - Hills Devern Denman - Tri colour, well off for bone,  plenty of heart room, nice foreface and chin, moved well

2 - Leach - Manordeifi  Dionysus at Hilltarn -  Blue lovely colour, good bone,  well filled foreface, nice eye and expression,  moved well

Open dog 

1 - Hutchings - Collidach  Molloney Ta Tu You  -  Well known tri, has been unlucky in the past but today was his day. Excels in head,  lovely well filled foreface plenty of chin, lovely eye and expression, good ears when he uses  them, very good neck running into well laid shoulder good topline which he keeps on the move. Plenty of second thigh and neat feet. I was very pleased he became a champion on the day as I had given him best puppy as a baby DCC

2 - Norman & Ratcliff - Easy Listening at Seanua  - Sable / White  a dog who excels in head and neck. Shows well, but a little long in back for me, and he is carrying too much weight which affects his movement,   unlucky to meet one.

Puppy Bitch 3/ 0 abs

1 - Haywards - Beckamore Fly me to Foxearth - Shaded sable /white puppy,   nice foreface and eye, good ears and neck. A little long in back, showed well enough to win best puppy bitch.

2 - Browns -Blamorder Back in Town - Tricolour - Nice puppy who needs ring training, sister to the puppy dog, not as mature,  good neck and topline, moved well enough to win over her sister

3 - Peacock - Blackmorder Back to the Star

Junior Bitch 3/1

1 - Haywards - Foxearth Fly Orchis - Tricolour 17 months, lovely eye and expression, good ears, a little unsettled moved well
2 - Normans Seanua Serendipity -  Sable /white well grown for age, again from this kennelgood neck nice bone good feet  just preferred one

Post graduate  3/0

1 - Beeney’s Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark  -  sable/white, 2yrs old, nice well filled foreface and good chin. Well placed eye, good ears, good neck, kept her topline on the  move, showed well.

2 - Trundleys - Juniperwood Joyful - sable/white smaller type than one, showed and moved well

3 - Kinseys Ryecombe Jovial Jasmine

Limit bitch  11/2

1 - Gays - Yagane’s  Lavender Mist - Blue bitch who won on her overall type. Very good foreface, good chi,n well placed eye giving a sweet expression, very good well placed ears which she uses none stop, good neck and shoulde,r good length of back,  moved well

2 - Lusty's - Juniperwood Just a Dream - tri bitch who pressed the winner hard, nice make and shape, moved well

3 - Denton's - Kevranna Thereas Enate Echo

Open bitch 5/0

1 - Sewell's - Ch Foxearth Dressed to Frill - Tricolour that has that wow factor. I have watched her from being a puppy and was not disappointed  on handling her. Good front, plenty of heart room, nice bone, lovely foreface and underjaw, sweet eye  and expression,  very good ears and neck running into a good shoulder, nice spring of rib keeps her topline on the move   !!!!!!!! CC/BOB

2 - Listers - Manoredeifi Miss Daisy  at Newarp - Tricolour bitch who I have given a res c c to before,  well molded foreface lovely well placed eye giving a sweet expression,  good spring of rib   good topline moves well

3 - Gay's - Manordeifi Sapphire Mist at Yagane

Anne Hassock