West of England Collie Society
Sunday 28th September 2014

Smooth Collie

I would like to thank the officers and committee for giving me the opportunity to Judge this stunning Breed, also to my stewards who kept the whole show moving. With a paper entry of 35, I would also like to thank all those exhibitors that entered, and valued by opinion.

It was apparent throughout all the classes that the Smooth Collies can all move, it was such a pleasure to watch all dogs move around the ring with so much style and ease, and not being dragged or the handler strolling around the ring. A day’s work would have been easy for any of those dogs present.

Special Yearling Dog
1st Benton & Wood’s Oakestelle Vivaldi: this 15month tri-colour is very impressive, has a good wedge shape head with correct almond eyes, the ear set is good with the correct fall forward. Strong pasterns and good amount of bone, could do with a deeper chest but being a young male that will come with age. His movement around the ring was very good, he was a shade close in his rear movement, again with age and more muscle that will be corrected. Tail set and length of bone correct. I’m sure has a bright future.

Post Graduate Dog: 3 entries absent

Open Dog (6-2 absent)
1st Gay’s Yagane’s Blue Mist: A well presented blue merle, lovely head with a correct stop and eye placement, showed his ears correctly all the time in the ring. Correct arch to the neck, well laid back shoulders and correct upper arm. Strong patterns and correct oval feet, lovely deep chest and well sprung ribs, good length of body with a slight rise over the loins. His movement was very good and made moving around the ring look easy. BD. RBOB.
2nd Denton’s Ryecombe Jaffa Jake: Very happy Tri colour has a nice clean head with a correct stop and eye placement, good underjaw. Well laid-back shoulders and deep chest and well sprung ribs. Good length to the body and correct tail set. His movement was good and only just lost out to the winner of this class. RBD.
3rd Gidding’s Ryecombe Discovered Gold

Veteran Bitch (5-4 absent)
1st Gidding’s Ch Foxearth Gold Filligree: this nine years old was a credit to the breed, she knew exactly what was expected of her, lovely head with a correctly placed stop, good underjaw and teeth still look to be healthy. Good length of neck and well laid back shoulders, correct length of body and nice tail set, would never have guessed her age while watching move around the ring. BV


Puppy Bitch 1 entry absent

Special yearling bitch (3-1 absent)
1st Benton’s Oakestelle Venus De Milo: 15month old blue-merle lovely young lady nice smooth lines to the head, very slight stop and eye placement correct. Ear set is good and she was alert all the time in the ring, well arched and muscular neck and laid back shoulders. Good length to the body and tail set correct. Her movement was effortless around the ring. I see no reason why she cannot achieve the success her mother, only lost out to maturity for the major Breed awards.
2nd Lusty’s Blamorder back with a Dream: she is a lovely shaped blue-merle, the most obvious fault is she has far too much white factor but putting that aside she has a lot to offer. Lovely clean wedge shaped head. Correct stop and almond shaped eyes, strong arched neck with a good length. Well laid back shoulders and a correct length of body, good turn of stifle and strong on the move.

Post Graduate Bitch (3-1 absent)
1st Norman’s Seanna Serendipity: a maturing sable lady good strong underjaw, ample stop and lovely almond shaped eyes which gave a lovely sweet expression. Good muscular neck well angulated shoulders and deep chest with well sprung ribs, correct length to the body with a nice sweep over the loins with a correct tail set. Very good on the move and wanted to please all the time.
2nd Moores Tomalca Buttons ‘N’ Bows at Manordeifi: Very alert sable girl, ear placement is very good has a nice stop and good shape to the eyes. Correct deep chest and well sprung ribs, would have preferred a bit more length to the body, but that may have been the uneven ground, lovely tail set and the movement satisfactory.

Open bitch (12-4 absent)
Wow what a class full of top quality bitches, would have graced any Championship Show class, and probably one of the best classes I have ever judged.
1st Benton’s Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle: Have seen this blue-merle lady mature from a young puppy, although this is the first time I have ever judged her. Having a litter has now completed the picture, Lovely head with the right amount of stop, eye placement good and ears well placed with a correct tip. Well-arched and strong neck, well laid back shoulders with well sprung rids and good deep chest. Correct length to the body and nice tail set. Well-bent Stifle and hocks correctly let down and powerful, she could have moved all day around the ring with no effort. BB, BOB.
2nd Lusty’s Juniperwood Just a Dream: lovely tri-colour full of quality, she pushed the winner all the way and almost made it. Beautiful head with a strong underjaw, correctly placed stop and eye placement, would have liked her to show more of her ears, well-arched neck with a good deep chest. Nice sloping shoulders with the front legs placed correctly. Good firm level back with the correct slight rise over the loins and lovely tail set, this girl could move and made it look effortless. On another day positions in this class could be completely different.
3rd Gay’s Yagane’s Lavender Mist.

Judge: Tony Foster (Jaysur)