West of England Collie Society
Sunday 6th April
Rough Collie Judge Anita Fox


May I thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge their open show and for the exhibitors for their entry. My stewards were very hard working throughout the day making sure we somehow managed not to loose anything in the strong winds. And we did brave some windy conditions on the day which I’m sure will have unsettled some of the dogs. We finally decamped to the hall when the rain started part way through the bitch judging. The vast majority of the dogs were groomed to within an inch of their lives and it always humbling to think someone has gone to that effort for you. Please don’t forget to clean teeth, there were a lot of dogs even puppies with dirty teeth and this is not just about aesthetics but the general health and well being of dogs. BIS agreed by myself and co judge for smooths was the blue merle smooth, Gays Yagane’s Lavender Mist,  who was a natural show girl, her conformation was spot on and this showed in her movement. Her head handled very well with no extremes or coarseness with a nicely defined stop. I would in truth have liked her blue a little clearer, but I’m being picky. Would I have liked to take her home?? Yes I would.

Rough Collie
Veteran dog 4, 3

  1. Scamps Marketdene Apple of my Eye. A good sized shaded sable lad balanced head with a well placed stop, eye and ear set. Good lay of shoulder with balance to length of back to height moved out well at the front a little wide at the rear.

Puppy dog 10,2
One of the trickier classes lots to like here with some dogs moving well for youngsters.
1 Randall’s Ladnar Harvey moon. Jet black eye catching tri colour making a good size which I like. He has a lot of substance. Very appealing expression with a wedgy masculine head. Smashing lay of shoulder and length of back nice turn to his stifle. Moved out very well from all angles BPD 
2. Well’s Collingvale Cruchie at Terelimon smaller in stature than 1 and shorter head pattern however over all balanced shape with particularly good shoulder and neck all of this showed in his very positive movement. I think he is going to mature on well 3. Collin's Chelborn Soul Desire for Tribule.

Junior dog 7, 1
1 McLaughlin's Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow (imp Deu) Sparkling tricolour. Good balanced masculine head throughout, without being coarse. Very well put together body type, good lay of shoulder with balance between height and length and he was very steady and true on the move.
2. Ross's Tremaro Star Touch at Samshernik coming up from 5th in puppy and more settled in this class. Finer type than 1 overall with a little room yet to fill in foreface but head of a nice length and appealing expression with a very nice eye. Very balanced overall shape with fab reach of neck and shoulder. Very much the type which pleases me. On the move just needs to tighten on the back end.
3.Ware's Rowlands Paddy Mdginty at Wassail.


Special Yearling dog 3, 1
1. McLaughlin’s Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow (imp Deu)
2. Morel and Aikman's Welenga Bush Tucker with Brooknut.  Tri of a very good colour with rich deep tan markings. Balanced leaner head, good neck and front action with a nice length of back. Movement needs to tighten on the rear .

Novice dog 1,0
Collin's Soul Desire for Triburle. Coming up from 3rd in puppy. Very glamorous sable boy. Fine but balanced head with a very appealing eye and good ear set. Very well off for bone and lovely turn of stifle. Moved out ok.

Graduate Dog 6, 1
Hull's Lizmark Gold Standard. Rich sable coloured boy. Very refined and balanced head with a nice well placed eye giving a melting expression. Not a big dog but very well balanced all over with a good height to length ratio. Won the class overall because of his effortless and well powered movement. RBD
2. Shipp's Tremaro Catch a Star coming up from 4th in puppy and so happy to see him come back in more settled and this made for an improvement in his movement. As a type he is right up my street, no extremes, not too much coat, rich colour and stunning shape. Lovely head with just a tiny bit of room left for a tad more filling in foreface, ears and eye set bang on. Very promising youngster.
3.  Mc Laughlin’s Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow


Post Graduate dog 2,0
1. Skinner's Nikal It’s Gud to be Black. Very nice tri dog, who in all the dog classes was one of the few who stood 4 square. Lovely eye with a masculine head although had a tendency to hold his head down with his jaw tucked in which spoilt his lower lip line somewhat. Very balanced length of back to height, good shoulder and turn of stifle. Moved out well.
2. Walton’s Prince of Sunlight Stardust (imp Hun) blue dog with a clean wedgy head good length of back with well placed shoulders. Notable correct tail carriage on the move and he moved out well.

Limit dog 7, 2
Tricky class some different types of dog and had to balance up the merits of each to come to some decision.
1. Collin's Triburle Zachary JW I have handled this dog when he was a junior and He had matured well, dripping in coat and as I found before his movement is one of his strongest points. His head is so refined with no coarseness, lovely flat skull which in truth is hidden a bit by his coat. He can use his ears and when he does he has the most wonderful eye and expression.  I did feel I would have liked a bit more in size overall but the quality and finish of the overall dog just can’t be denied. I liked him as a junior and I really like him now! BD and BOB

2. Francis’ Rossavon Singing the Blues at Rhyslin. A very different type to 1 and caught my eye. His size is my cup of tea and he is of a very good clean blue colour. Overall head pattern was correct with good ear set when he uses them. Nice proportions through out with good stifle and shoulder.  He was well off for bone but I would have liked a little more coat left on the hock. He moved out well. He is on growing his new coat and as with all good sized dogs he really needed that to finish the picture.  I will look out for this boy as he is definitely one to watch.
3. Rae's Antoc Kiss the Girls.


Veteran bitch 2,1.
1. Avery’s Lynviews Golden Toffee JW Shaded sable coming up to 12 and showing the young ones how to do it! Lovely balanced head with ear carriage spot on and a dark eye. Balanced shape of body overall, in good coat and moved out well.

Minor Puppy bitch 3,1
1Morey's Lynmead Amalie is this lace at Brooknut. 8mth old sable. Clean head with good ear carriage a little room for filling in foreface, moulding developing well. Good shoulder and overall balance and moved out well for her age. 
2 Ryan’s Mertrisa Zola moon at Scottrye. Glamorous tricolour. Head developing well with a well placed stop and nice moulding to foreface and kind eye. Overall nice shape to her body and again she moved out well unfortunately she was probably teething and this was affecting her ear carriage today but a very well put together puppy showing lots of promise.

Puppy bitch 8, 2some very promising puppies
1. Lockyer's Gataj Sweet Surprise , and that she was! Loved the overall balance of this girl, no extremes. She had substance without losing her femininity. Clean balanced head stop spot on, very appealing eye shape and set and good ear carriage and size. Lovely lay of shoulder and was steady and true on the move. One to take home! BPB BP and BB and BOS
2. Margett's Collingvale Chardonnay Lovely well shaped feminine head and eye very attentive with ears bang on. Smaller bitch but in proportion, good height to length ratio although carrying a coat for 2 collies today! Good shoulder and turn of stifle and moved well.
3. Tame's Rahlissa Paper Roses

Junior bitch  6,2
1 Congdon's Isn’t she lovely des Beldones via Aaronwell (imp Fra) Golden sable with an elegance to her shape. Very clean head with no sign of flaring, good stop and well placed eye giving an appealing expression. She obviously has character this shows in her ring presence and in her expression. Movement was particularly good to her front.
2 Smedley's Antoc Soul Diva smaller bitch with her mind well and truly on the job in hand. Balanced throughout with a refinement to head, stop perceivable and spot on, good eye set she uses her ears could be just a squeak tighter. Very good shoulder and turn of stifle and she moved effortlessly.
3. Margett’s Collingvale Chardonnay

Special Yearling Bitch  4,1

  1. Lockyer’s Gataj Jubilee of Surprises. Rich sable eye catching show girl of 22mths. Head handles well, stop well placed and pretty appealing eye set and shape. Body balanced through out with good turn of stifle and she moved very well. RBB and I later found out litter sister to BB
  2. Congdon’s Isn’t she lovely des Beldones
  3. Collin's Triburle Mischief JW

Novice Bitch 3,1

  1. Smedley’s Antoc soul Diva

2. Margett’s Collingvale Chardonnay

Graduate 6,2.
1.  Hulls Lizmark Gold Standard. Tricolour who moved out so well, stood and showed and with her ears bang on, her head planes were spot on also. Correct stop good eye placement, body shape was classic with good lay of shoulder length of back to height ratio, a beautifully put together girl.
2. Collin's Triburle  Zeeta Very pretty sable coming back into coat . Perhaps more my head type than 1, so balanced, lovely eye giving such a melting expression. Good shoulder with an elegant neck line. Turn of stifle was also good. Just preferred the length of back of 1 and action on the move.
3. Congdon’s Isn’t she lovely des Beldones

Post Graduate Bitch 7,2.
1. Lockyer’s Gataj Willow of Surprises. Shaded sable of a good rich colour with a pleasing expression and good rounded foreface. Would have liked her ears a tad tighter. Balanced body shape pleasing shoulder and stifle and very good top line standing and on the move. Found our later she was the mother to BB and RBB
2.       Whitaker's Jopium Magical Dream.   Appealing jet black tri colour who I have judged before. Her head is balanced her stop is spot on although I wouldn’t want anymore. She has a good eye placement with a larger but not unpleasant nor incorrect eye. Her body shape is good being balanced throughout with an elegance to her neck line. She moves out better when her handler gives her a loose lead.
3. Avery’s I’m Posher than You at Lynviews

limit bitch 3,0

  1. Horsley’s Marchere Mystique. Lots to like in this girl. Blue of a good colour very nicely balanced head which handles very well. Very kind eye and expression. Ears could be lighter and tighter. Her body shape is good with a lovely length and elegance and she has that slight rise to her loin. She is positive mover.
  2. 2. Harveys Valleyhaven Rose of Hope for Nutvale. Glamorous shaded sable. liked her overall balance. Head handled well with a good clean back skull with well placed eye and stop and a bit of a cheeky expression going on too!. Moved well.
  3. Whitakers Jopium Magical Dream

Open bitch 5,3.
Whitaker's Sabinha’s Sweet Melody. I have handled this girl before and there is much to like. A very well put together sable girl balanced through out. Very nice head, handles well with very good ear carriage and eye placement. She is larger in eye than some but still retains a very pleasant and sweet expression. She moves as her body suggests with ease and shows herself off to her best advantage both standing and on the move.
2. Avery’s I’m Posh and Smart via Vonarkle. Smaller more compact sable girl but still loads to like. Clean head with a good eye shape and placement. She was shorter in back to 1 but of a more petite type overall. She moved ok in the hall although I think she might be a dog who favours the outside ring more.


Anita Fox