JUNE 2014

I should like to thank the Smooth Collie Club for inviting me to judge at this Open Show.  I was very pleased with my entry and enjoyed my day.

Veteran Dog or Bitch. 

1. Lizmark Looking Fab.  Shaded sable 7 years old.  Nice head and eye giving a sweet expression.  Good ears, well arched neck, good length of body.  Moved well. BV 

2. Chantique Simply Smashing at Rusforth.  7 years old  richly coloured sable dog.  Nice moulded foreface, good stop, well placed ears.  Well off for bone, good body length and bend of stifle.  Moved well. 

3. Alfsden’s For Your Eyes Only


Puppy Dog.

1.  Chelborn Soul Desire for Triburle.  Super puppy of good size and substance.  Well balanced head, correct eye giving a pleasing expression.  Well set ears, Nice neck, good shoulders and length of body.  Has a wealth of coat but a bit on the pale side.  Moved well. BPD  BP. 

2. Danfrebek Double O Seven at Stanlox.  Sable puppy 10 months old.  Nice head and expression, good reach of neck.  Good length of back and hindquarters.   Moved OK.  3. Lizmark Morning Glory.

Junior Dog.

1. Tremaro Catch a Star. A very nice dog in super coat and condition.  Good size, well moulded foreface giving the desired expression.  Well set ears. Good reach of neck and length of body.  Well angulated, moved well. 

2. Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon. A lot to like about this lad just out of puppy.  For me would like him a size bigger and he just needs to mature now in head. 

3. Tremaro Star Touch at Shamshernik.

Post Graduate Dog. 

1.Nikal Its Gud To Be Black.  Nice tri dog with good head and expression, well used ears.  Nice bone, good length of back, moved well. 

2. Trenley Tatenan.  Didn’t stay for write up. 

3. Tremaro Star Touch at Samshernik.

Limit Dog. 

1. Triburle Zachary.  Super dog very well balanced.  Head all in proportion which gave a pleasing expression.  Good front and shoulder placement.  Moved with drive.  BD RBOB BOS. 

2.  Collingvale Cast a Spell over Terelimon.  Another nice shaded sable dog, all in proportion, Good head and eye, ears bang on top. Good level topline, moved with ease.  RBD  

3. Lizmark Solid Gold.

Open Dog. 

1. Ladnar Timeshare for Rashel.  Nice  overall 4 year old tri.   Correct head, would have liked ears tighter.  In good coat and condition.  Moved OK. 

2. Lanlin Ghostly Blues.  Slightly longer in head than I would like.  Good well placed ears, nice length of back, moved OK.


Puppy Bitch. 

1. Brilyn Glory Days.  Pretty little 10 month old sable bitch, pleasing  head, nice eye, correct ear carriage.  Good neck and length of back, nice hindquarters.  Moved well.BPB

2. Mertrisa Zola Moon at Scottyre.  Another nice tri colour puppy, with good head and expression, all in proportion, moved OK. 

3. Lynmack Ruff Stuff for Kevranna.

Junior Bitch. 

1. Collingvale Chardonnay.  A nice sable bitch  just out of puppy.  Good head properties, well placed ears, good neck and shoulders, nice length of body and was certainly the best mover in this class. 

2. Tiganlea Silver Trinket at Sabha.  Well made blue of nice colour, head not quite for me.  Nice shape and good length of body, moved well. 

3. Shandalman Mariposa.

Post Graduate Bitch.  Super class of bitches which I am sure will change places on other occasions. 

1. Collingvale Caviar RBB. 

2. Triburle Mischief.  Had a job to split these two bitches.  They excelled in all departments.  Liked everything about them, super heads and body shape and my winner just took the class on her movement today. 

3. Brylin’s Guilty Pleasure.

Limit Bitch. 

1. Tudorlyn Little Princess.  Nice shaded sable  with pleasing head and expression, good ears, well boned, good length of body, well angulated, moved well.

  2. Triburle Zeeta.  Another very nice bitch from this kennel, good head and expression but unfortunately left her coat at home today, but saying that it showed off all her virtues. 

3.  Brilyn Feel the Difference.

Open Bitch. 

1.  Collingvale Crème Caramel.  Another super lady from this kennel.  She presented a beautiful picture standing and was a delight to go over.  Could hardly fault her and what a mover.   BB  BOB  BIS 

2. Brilyn Kiss at Midnite to Jamesfair.  Another quality tri bitch, unlucky to come up against my winner today.  Nicely moulded foreface, nice eye and well placed ears.  Well off for bone, nice neck, shoulders and length of body.  Moved well.

Margaret Jones (Judge)