The Smooth Collie of Great Britain
Sub Group Open Show Sunday 1st June 2014

Special Award Classes – AV Smooth Collie.

My thanks to the Committee of the Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain for the invitation to judge the Special Award Classes at their Open Show and so giving me the opportunity to go over so many Smooths in a single show environment.

Thank you also to all the exhibitors who entered in what was for many a very busy day for them with two shows running back to back. Even with the inevitable absentees I was presented with well filled classes of quality dogs.

I found all dogs of good temperament and no examples of excessively small eyes.

P. (10,2)

  1. Musty’s SHULUNE IMPERIAL GIFT FOR BUEBEZI, A fine upstanding, nicely maturing tri dog of 9 months with a lovely moulded foreface, sweetest of eyes and good under jaw. Balanced masculine outline with neat feet, good depth & breadth of rib, bend of stifle and muscled front & rear. Moved well with good front extension and rear end drive.
  2. Brown’s BLAMORDER BACK IN TOWN. 8 month old tri bitch, feminine head with level planes, sweet eye and expression & moulded foreface. Well muscled with, straight front, good depth of rib, bend of stifle. Once settled into her stride moved true front & rear.

PG. (10,4)

  1. Kennedy’s RYECOMBE DEB’N AIR, an all male s/w dog, but not coarse in any aspect.  Nicely rounded muzzle, good under jaw & well placed ears. Good reach of neck, straight front, bend of stifle and well boned & muscled.  Moved with good front reach and powerful rear drive, keeping his level top line.
  2. Denton’s RYECOMBE JAFFA JAKE. Tri dog of different type to 1 but still all male. Nicely balanced head, with level planes & well set eyes and ears. Moved true front and rear with good reach & drive retaining his level top line.

O (12,6)

  1.  Denton’s KEVRANNA THERAS ENATE ECHO, s/s/w bitch with a super overall outline. Nicely balanced head with level planes, well placed eyes & ears all used to good effect, a natural showgirl. Straight front, good reach of neck, depth & breadth of rib, and front & rear angulation. Lovely feminine shape with good bone and shown in hard condition. Moved at just the right speed she showed good front extension and powerful rear drive.
  2.  Moores’ MANORDEIFI SILVER DAZZLER. B/M bitch with lovely colour & markings. Balanced head with level planes & the sweetest of eyes. Needs to settle in the ring to enable her to show off her true expression. Straight front, good rear angulation and once settled into her stride moved away strongly.


Bob Gay (Judge)