Puppy Dog (1, 0)

  1.  Trundley Blamorder Back to the Future: Very promising puppy male, good bones. Nice head with excellent ears. Good, a little round eyes. Beautiful expression. Could be better pigmentation. Excellent neck. Well matured body for his age. Balanced angulation. Good hocks. Powerful movement and excellent tail carriage. Promising blue colour, but a little too big white collar. Open temperament.

Junior Dog (3, 0)

  1.  Musty’s Shulune Imperial Gift for Buebezi: Beautiful overall, good size and bones. Clean & beautiful head. Excellent ears. Dark eyes, long stop and good underjaw. Good neck. Strong, well matured body. Open angulation in front, good angulation in rear. Easy movement, but could be longer reach. Good tail carriage in movement. Excellent colour and texture in coat, friendly temperament. Also winner of novice dog class.


  1.  Benton & Wood’s Oakestelle Vivaldi: Very promising junior male, medium size and enough strong bones. Beautiful head, excellent parallel headlines, good stop, excellent ears, good eyes and very pleasant expression. Good neck. Good body for his age, balanced angulations, a little high hocks.  Easy mover, good tail carriage. Enough good colour, happy temperament.

3.  Benton’s Oakestelle Sebastian Bach

Novice Dog (1, 0)

  1.  S Imperial Gift for B

Post graduate Dog (4, 1)

  1. Kennedy’s Rycombe Deb’n Air: Very nice overall, good size and bones. Clean head with dark and a little round eyes, excellent ears and good expression. Beautiful neck, good back, very good body, balanced angulations and good hocks. Moves very easily. Beautiful coat colour and excellent texture, open temperament.


  1. Anderson’s Breckamore Best Bitter: Very good shape, middle size, strong bones. Nice clean head, good stop, ears could be better, dark eyes. Good neck and back, strong body. Excellent front, balanced angulations.  Very good mover, excellent tail carriage in move. Good colour, friendly temperament.
  1. Trundley’s Juniperwood Kinda Smart


Limit Dog ( 7,1)

  1. Czyzak’s Cuba Libre Smooth Drinks (imp Pol): Excellent overall, big size and good bones. Good proportions. Beautiful head, almond eyes, excellent ears with true collie expression, good underjaw. Very good neck and back. Very well matured in body for age and very good angulations, powerful movement with good tail carriage, good coat colour and excellent texture of coat, open temperament, excellent handling.
  2. Bott’s McClelland Hot Shot: Very beautiful, but little shy being today, middle size, good bones and proportions. Excellent clean head, darks eyes, good ears when using them. Good parallel lines in head. Beautiful neck. Good body. Moves effectively. Excellent tail carriage. Beautiful colour.
  3. Denton’s Ryecombe Jaffa Jake


Open Dog (5, 0)

  1. Hayward’s Ch Foxearth Flintab: Very stunning blue merle with excellent colour. Excellent type with high quality overall. Excellent clean head with dark almond eyes. Good ears and underjaw. Excellent reach of neck, good back, balanced angulations and moves very easily. Excellent tail carriage. Clean blue colour. Open temperament. True collie, which I would like to take to my home. CC & BoB


  1. Williams’ Ch McClelland Hotter than Hell: Very beautiful overall, excellent type, good size and bones. Clean head, round muzzle, good stop, excellent eyes and good expression. Very good neck and back, good body, excellent angulations. Moves easily with good length of step. Good tail carriage in move. Excellent colour. Open temperament.
  1. Hutchings’ Ch Collidach Molloney Ta Tu You


Veteran Dog (6, 1)

  1. Forbes Ch/Ir Ch/Int Ch Pelghart Paint it Black at Willowhurst: Very stunning veteran dog. High quality. Good size and bones. Excellent head with almond eyes, excellent ears and true collie expression. Good neck and back. Strong body, moves very easily with good drive, happy temperament. Showed very well and behaved excellently. Res CC


  1. Lister’s Ch Eridor I’m Mr Blu at Newarp: Handsome blue merle veteran. Excellent type, good size and bones. Beautiful head with good eyes, nice expression. Beautiful neck. Good back. Balanced angulations, moves easily. Open temperament.
  1. Howells’ Ch Manordeifi Smart Guy at Southcombe


Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 1)

  1. Forbes’ Willowhurst Vanity: Stunning puppy with excellent overlines. Correct proportions. Beautiful head, dark eyes, excellent ears, true collie expression. Very good neck and back. Good body for her age. Excellent angulations, moves very easily, but must train more! Very good length of steps. Happy temperament.


Puppy Bitch (4, 1)

  1. Brown’s Blamorder Back in Town: Very lovely bitch puppy. Promising head, good eyes, excellent ear with good expression. Excellent neck. Good body in her age. Very good front. Good angulations in rear. Effective movement, good tail carriage in movements. Open temperament. Best Puppy


  1. W. Vanity
  1. Peacock’s Blamorder Back to the Start


Junior Bitch (7, 2)

  1. Benton’s Oakestelle Venus De Milo: Very stunning blue merle bitch, good size and bones. Beautiful clean head, very lovely expression, good eyes and excellent ears. Beautiful neck. Good back. Very good body for her age. Balanced angulations, moves effectively with good length of step. Excellent tail carriage. Beautiful blue colour. Open temperament. Very well handling. Res CC


  1. Hayward’s Breckamore Fly Me to Foxearth: Excellent type with good size and bones. Beautiful clean head, excellent ears and eyes, beautiful expression. Very good neck, strong back and very good angulations. Well matured body, moves easily with good drive. Good tail carriage. Good texture of coat. Open temperament.
  1. Norman’s Seanua Serendipity


Post Graduate Bitch (5, 1)

  1. Kinsey’s Ryecombe Jovial Jasmine of Sturtmoor: Excellent type, good size and good bones & proportions. Very beautiful clean head, dark beautiful eyes, good ears, nice expression. Very good neck and back, excellent body, balanced angulations and she moves easily with good drive. Excellent tail carriage. Very good colour and texture of coat. Friendly temperament.


  1. Trundley’s Juniperwood Joyful: Very lovely junior bitch, middle size, good bones. Excellent head with good eyes, ears and expression. Good neck and back, very good body, balanced angulations, good movement with excellent tail carriage. Open temperament.
  1. Bott’s Kingrock Bethany for Bardonhill


Limit Bitch (14, 6)

  1. Denton’s Kevranna Theras Enate Echo: Excellent type, good size and bones. Very lovely head with excellent dark eyes, good ears, lovely expression, good stop. Excellent neck and back, good body, very good angulations front and rear, moves very easily with good tail carriage. Good coat with very good texture. Friendly temperament.


  1. Beeney’s Rycombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark: Beautiful overall, good size and bones. Beautiful clean head, excellent ears and eyes, beautiful expression. Very good neck and back, good body, good angulations on front, could be better in rear, moves easily, good tail carriage. Beautiful colour and open temperament.
  1. Hayward’s Foxearth Fly Orchis


Bitch Open Bitch (12, 3)

  1. Hutchings’ Collidach Molloney Fay Mouse: Stunning blue merle bitch, high quality, clean head with beautiful eyes & good ears. Lovely reach of neck. Excellent & effective movement. She is in very good condition. Open temperament. CC & BoB


  1. Benton’s Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle: Very beautiful bitch, excellent type and shape, size and bones. Very beautiful head with lovely expression. Very good neck and back. Very good mover with excellent tail carriage. Clean blue colour. Friendly temperament.
  1. Hayward’s Ch Kiiramanna She Makes My Day at Foxearth


Veteran Bitch (7, 4)

  1. Hayward’s Ch Sandcastles As You Like it at Foxearth Very lovely veteran bitch, excellent type, high quality, very lovely overall. Clean beautiful head, true collie expression with almond eyes, moves like young dog, excellent handling.


  1. Hutchings’ Ch Foxearth Fluorescence at Molloney: Beautiful blue veteran bitch. Lovely type and shape. Excellent head type, good ears and eyes, very nice expression. Balanced angulations, good moves and open temperament.
  1. Neff’s Hightri Until


Brace (3, 1)

  1. Benton
  2. Lusty


Judge:  Piia Enlund (Finland)