Puppy Dog (4, 1)

  1. Blake’s Corydon The Ringleader: Very promising sable & white male pup, which has excellent proportions. Lovely ears. Excellent scull for his age and round muzzle with a strong under jaw. I would prefer a better stop. Correct bite. Lovely arch of neck and excellent silhouette, when he stands. His body and angulations are superb. Lovely strong hocks. Excellent movement from every view. Very good tail and coat quality. Wonderful temperament. Very promising, time will tell! Best Puppy Dog
  1. Foster & Madge Shep’s Moondance with Jaysur: Promising tricolour pup, which has very nice long lines. Very good head. Good ears. Very good neck, body and angulations. Very good movement. Excellent feet & bone.  Beautiful colours. He is promising.


  1. Ratcliffe’s Ladnar Kiss in the Dark

Junior Dog (4, 1)

  1. Hanson’s Jards Grand Attraction: Handsome sable white youngster. He is very sound. Lovely long head and very good ear carriage. Alert expression. Handsome overline. Very good front. Very good body and angulations. His good reach is pleasure for eyes. Excellent coat texture and colour. Excellent tail carriage. Showed very well and behaved excellently. This handsome male won also post graduate and limit classes. Res BD


  1. Ross’ Tremaro Star Touch at Samshernik: Golden sable male in excellent condition. I would prefer a bit longer lines in head and in body. A bit wide set ears, strong stop and dark eyes. Excellent pigmentation. Very good neck, front and back. Very good movement. Lovely feet and bone. Open temperament. Excellent presentation.
  1. Rae’s Antoc Soulmate


Post Graduate Dog (9, 3)

  1. J Grand Attraction
  1. Mellish Demelewis Moonchaser: Handsome tricolour male of excellent type and overall quality. I would like to see him in top show condition. Correct parallel lines in head. Dark eyes. Excellent expression. Lovely reach of neck. Good angulations. He only needs to mature in body. Very good movement. Very good feet and bone. Lovely coat colour and texture. Excellent handling.


  1. Vogan’s Lenosann Midnight Rascal

Limit Dog (6, 2)

  1. J Grand Attraction
  2. Wright’s Pelido David Weir: Strong headed masculine male. Stop on correct place, but a bit strong. Dark eyes. Very good expression. Lovely strong underjaw and wonderful lipline. Good neck and body. Moves well. Excellent handling.
  3. Radford-House Fivejay’s Highland Piper

Open Dog (3, 0)

  1. Geddes Ch Ingedene Spirit of Legend: Very handsome shaded sable male, which made his presence felt at the ring today. Big male of very high quality from nose to tail. He has lovely neck, body and angulations. Excellent movement from up and down, powerful drive. He is in top show condition. True pleasure to see this lovely example of Roughs. Credit to his owners! My Best Dog, BOB and BIS by Mrs Stella Clark.
  1. Boyle’s Barrenclough Touch of Class: Balanced sable and white male showing lovely long neck. Good ears. Too deep skull. Very good stop and eyes. Lovely reach of neck. Good angulations.


  1. Barnes Ingledene I am Legend

Veteran Dog (2, 1)

  1. Smedley’s Antoc Ice N Fire: Handsome blue merle veteran male, who has reached golden age, 9 years. This masculine male has lovely long head, beautifully carried ears and he has lovely expression. Excellent neck and very good front. His age can be seen in back, anyway he moves well for his age. I love his correct long lines in head and body.

Puppy Bitch (5, 1)

  1. Blake’s Corydon Dark Victress: Stunning, feminine bitch puppy showing perfectly. She has excellent proportions. Everything is in balance. Lovely clean head. Excellent ears. Correct stop. Dark eyes. Lovely round muzzle. Lovely reach of neck. Wonderful and well-muscled body for her young age. Balanced angulations.  Moves easily with good length of step. Excellent tail carriage. Lovely feet and bones. Excellent jet-black colour and lovely rich tan markings. Wonderful temperament. Simply: wow what a pup! My B.P.I.B and later she became Best Puppy in Show, judged by world-renowned breed specialist Mrs Stella Clark.
  2. Boyle’s Monsolana Butterfly Blue over Barrenclough: Blue merle bitch puppy of high quality and also true eyecatcher. Lovely head and expression. Very good neck. Wonderful front! Excellent body and its condition. Excellent angulations. She moves very well from every view. Excellent tail carriage. Correct blue merle colour and coat quality. Lovely temperament. Pride to owner! Later she won junior bitch. 
  3. Aikman’s Highnol Heaven Can Wait

Junior Bitch (6, 2)

  1. M Butterfly Blue over B
  2. Milligan’s Ladnar Mystic Circle with Alfsden: Lovely, balanced blue merle bitch of excellent quality and shape. Correct proportions. Very good head and expression. Very good ears. Lovely reach of neck. Very good front and back angulations. Excellent body. Moves well. Excellent bone. Lovely, long tail. Correct blue colour, a bit heavily marked. Shows very well.
  3. Davies Tiganlea Silver Trinket at Sabiha

    Post Graduate Bitch (6, 2)
    1.  T Silver Trinket at S: Feminine, blue merle bitch of very good quality. Correct proportions. A bit wide set ears. Very good head and expression. Very good neck. Balanced angulations. Moves well. Good coat texture. Very good blue colour for her age. Excellent handling.

    2.  Foster & Madge Jaysur And All That Jazz: Balanced sable and white bitch. A bit wide set ears, because the scull should be flatter. Correct stop. Eyes could be darker. Lovely lipline. Good neck. Needs to mature in body. Good angulations. Very good hocks. Moves well. Pleasant temperament.

3.  Ryan’s Mertrisa Dizzy Miss Lizzy at Scottrye

Limit Bitch (6, 2)
1. Newman’s Phreelancer Phond Memories: Attractive and feminine shaded sable bitch, which has excellent proportions. Lovely clean head. Excellent ears. Correct stop. Lovely eye colour, shape and placement. Good underjaw. Very good neck. Very good body for her age. Very good angulations. She moves very well from every view. Especially, I like her correct length of step. Excellent tail carriage in move. Very lovely feet and bone. Correct coat texture. Expertly groomed and showed. This very pleasant showgirl was mine Best Bitch today.

  1. Newton’s Fiocara Sweet Rhapsody: Sable and white bitch of excellent quality. Correct proportions. She has good ear carriage, correct stop, dark eyes and a bit deep scull. Very good neck. Good angulations.  Very good length of step. Her hocks should be a bit stronger. Good tail. Very good coat texture. Excellent handling! Also, her show condition is credit to the owners. RBB
  2. Smedley & Brown’s Atendus Shared Wish with Antoc


Open Bitch (3, 1)
1. Geddes Ingledene The Devil Wears It: Big and quality sable and white bitch, which has lovely silhouette. Correct proportions. A bit wide set ears. Very good stop. Very good eye shape and colour. Lovely dark pigmentation. Lovely reach of neck. Very good angulations. Very good body. Excellent movement. Excellent feet and bone. Lovely temperament.

2. Loader’s Ingledene Lace N Promises at Allangill: Quality tricolour bitch, which could have a better topline. Very good ears. She has lovely clean head and excellent expression. Correct stop placement. Very good neck. Balanced angulations. Very good body. Lovely hocks. Very good movement. Showed very well.

Veteran Bitch (5, 0)
1. Milligan’s Ch Alfsden Hakuna Matata: True beauty. Very lovely 9 years old veteran bitch in excellent show condition enjoying every moment in the ring. Very good ears, eyes and stop. Lovely lip line. Wonderful topline for her age, and still strong back. Very good angulations. Moves very easily with correct length of step. Just a bit loose in pastern. Long tail. Wonderful temperament. Expert handling. Rare too see the veteran in such a high condition! My Best Veteran in Breed. Later in the day Best Veteran In Show.

2. Mellish’s Demelewis Raven Moon: Quality bitch, which has correct proportions. Very lovely head and expression. Very good ears. Correct stop. Dark eyes. Lovely lip line. Lovely reach of neck. Very good angulations. High age can be seen in topline in movement, otherwise very sound mover. Very good black colour for her age. Lovely feet and bone. Friendly temperament. Excellent handling.

3. Smedley’s Francheska from Antoc

Judge:  Minna Manninen (Finland)