It was a pleasure to judge the best in show awards at his lovely relaxed show.  With a large spacious ring and lovely atmosphere, it was a very enjoyable day.  My thanks to the committee for a very enjoyable day.

My choice for BIS went to the Rough Collie Geddes Ch Ingledene Spirit of Legend.  At almost 2 years old just coming to maturity and when he fully matures will be a stunning dog.  Not in full coat but what he had was of the correct texture, waterproof and fitting the body well as the standard dictates.  Masculine with good bone throughout, good depth of chest with plenty of heart room and well sprung ribs.  Hindquarters muscled, with good second thigh and tight well padded feet, enabled him to give good ground cover.  His head is clean and of correct length, well rounded muzzle and good underjaw.  Eye and ear placement correct showing a lovely kind intelligent expression.

Reserve BIS and BOS the Smooth Collie Hutchings’ Collidach Mollony Fay Mouse.  Lovely coloured Blue Merle whose coat is of excellent texture.  At times difficult to assess her movement as her handler moves her too fast and all you can see is a blur of legs. When moved at a better pace she moves really well.  Very feminine with lovely outline, good front, well sprung ribs, hindquarters are well muscled and she has lovely strong hocks and excellent feet.  Head rather short for me and would prefer sweeter expression.

Best puppy and minor puppy in show Blake’s Corydon Dark Victress.  I wish she were mine – what a stunning rough tricolour, best I have seen inn a long while.  Beautiful head and eye, and her ears are set so well and used to full advantage. Even at this young age, her head handles so well everything correct in proportion to body. I was told this was her first show and amazed at how she took it all in her stride, never put a foot wrong and showed her socks off.  She is going to have a bright future.

Best veteran in show Milligan’s Ch Alfsden Hakuna Matata at 9 years old she is a picture of health and vitality and looks half her age.  I love her character s full of life and enjoying every minute even at the end of the day. It gave me pleasure to judge this lovely bitch and her owners must love her to bits. Lovely clean head and sweet expression, ears set and used at all times, beautiful rounded muzzle and good underjaw, lovely front, well sprung ribs, still carries a good topline. She has lovely rounded bone and strong well-padded feet. She moves true her feet hardly leaving the ground giving effortless ground cover.

Judge:  Stella Clark