I would like to thank the Midland Collie Committee for inviting me to judge Bitches at their Ch Show.  There was a lovely entry and my stewards, Tracy and Sue, kept the ring moving well which made my job so much easier.

Veteran Bitch (4)
1.  McLaughlins Ch Derbypark Could It be Magic for Brihow JW - A great favourite of mine in sparkling form.  Her coat gleamed .  Balanced head, well shaped eye, neat ears used all the time where there is food, good neck and moved well.  RCC and RBIS.
2. Loaders Redola Sugar & Spice - Feminine bitch in good coat.  Balanced head, good neck and sweet eye.  Moved well but was unlucky to meet the winner in such sparkling form.
3. Howards Ch Buebezi Belle Mystique de Cathyja (Imp Fra)

Minor Puppy Bitch (20, 4abs)
1.Cronks Chelborn Touch of Desire. - Very pretty puppy, nice outline, truly feminine, lovely head, sweet eye.  Needs to tighten up at the rear.  BPB.
2. Hassocks Camanna Caught In a Spell - Another feminine puppy, more mature with a wealth of coat.  Nice head, well placed eye but needs to settle.
3. Loaders Redola Just as Nice

Puppy Bitch (17, 8abs)
1. Tames Rahlissa Paper Roses. S/w bitch in good coat, arched neck, balanced head, neat ears, would like a slightly smaller eye.
2. Growcotts Triburle Tissues & Issues at Lillyway - Sweet headed bitch, well filled muzzle, neat ears, good neck, would like a smaller eye.
Buck & Edwards Lynmack Boogylicious

Junior Bitch (13, 1abs)
1.Congdons Isnt She Lovely des Beldones via Aaronwell (Imp Fra) - Lovely bitch, defined stop, good body and coat, used her ears well and moved well
2.Hollywood & Waterhouses Zelai Loves Swallows NAF TAF. - Nice bitch although slightly shorter in head, nice eye, good coat, moved well.
3. Harrisons Cariadhaf Candy Kisses

Special Yearling Bitch (13, 2abs)
1.Grindleys & Beaden Lanrue Ladybird of Myriehewe.  Lovely bitch with well balanced outline, good head, sweet eye, well filled muzzle, good neck, moved well.
2. Collins Triburle Mischief - Nice bitch, slightly heavier in back skull, good eye, neat ears, good coat, moved quite well.
3. Kayes Danfrebek Amberwish Francesca

Maiden Bitch (12, 5abs)
1.Congdons Isnt She Lovely via Aaronwell (Imp Fra)
2.Tames Rahlissa Paper Roses
3. Margetts Colingvale Chardonnay

Novice Bitch (8, 4abs)
1.Congdons Isnt She Lovely des Beldones via Aaronwell (Imp Fra)
2. Tames Rahlissa Paper Roses.
3. Brand/Reids Roananspray Midnight Kiss.

Graduate Bitch (12, 5abs)
1.Collins Triburle Zeeta. Feminine bitch with balanced head, well filled muzzle, well placed eye giving sweet expression, neat ears, good neck, moved well.
2.Grindleys & Beaden Lanrue Ladybird of Myriehewe
3. Humphrey & Hawkins Brilyns Guilty Pleasure

Post Graduate Bitch (9, 2abs)
1.Loaders Redola All Things Nice.  Feminine bitch, nice head although a little fine in foreface.  Good body and coat, moved adequately,.
2. Newton & Pattersons Darahill Crazy Love - Balanced head, well shaped eye, neat ears, good body and coat moved well.
3. Daleys Tremaro Tainted Love at Rahlissa

Mid Limit itch (10, 2abs)
1.McEntees Gerian Sunpassion - A bitch I have always admired, balanced outline, nice head with well placed eye giving a sweet expression, neat ears, good body and coat.  Let herself down in the challenge with her movement.
2. Walders Heart of Gold de Cabrenysset for Hanvale (Imp Fra) - Well presented bitch, good eye, neat ears which she used all the time.  Good turn of stifle, moved well.  Little strong in back skull for me but could not be denied her placing.
3. Coulsons Bluchip Vanille Skye

Limit Bitch (13)
1.Barretts Brooklynson Fifth Avenyue.The star of the show for me. Lovely outline, Feminine head, well filled muzzle with lovely arched neck.  Immaculately presented as usual and glided round the ring.  BCC  & BIS
2. Slaters Amalie Lynmead Lets Go Alexi to Stanlox - Nice head and outline, nice eye, good muzzle.  Moved well and unlucky to meet the winner in such sparkling form.
3. Hawkins Feel the Difference

Open Bitch (12, 4abs)
1. Hassocks Ch Camanna Coraline.  Sweet bitch with feminine head.  Well placed eye giving a sweet expression.  Good body and coat.  Moved well.
2. Hollywood & Waterhouses Amalie Lynmead Hi Honey.  Nice type of head, good ears, nice eye, a little on the big side for me.
3. Kayes Danfrebek Love Child.

Duna Jones (Judge)