Sports Connexion Centre
Ryton on Dunsmore Coventry.

First my thanks to all the exhibitors that managed to get through the bad conditions, the rain and diversions on the motorways, to enter under me, you made my day.
My thanks to the committee who were so helpful, and the meal the Club provided via the Connexion Centre Catering. Also for the gift that was presented to me at the end of the day.
The hall, rosettes and sashes that were laid out, with the gifts for everyone, made the whole place look splendid, and made it a happy show, with a warm atmosphere.
Lastly my grateful thanks to Jan and Jean my stewards, who helped me so much, who without I would have had a harder day.   So thank you, to you both.

Class1; VETERAN DOG 6 entries (3absent) 3 Judged.
1st Walders  Ch Hanvale Doogie Howser. D.  S/W carrying a quality fitted coat.   7 year old male in top condition,  no coarseness or cloddiness .  Used his  well placed ears well, of correct size and shape, giving a sweet expression. Well moulded muzzle, clean blunt  wedge from above, scull flat and tapered gently from his nose to his ears,  in profile  he had a perceptible stop, planes of equal length. He has a correct bite, teeth are good, adequate neck, well laid back shoulders , feet arched,  plenty of heart room , deep chest, had nice straight legs and round bone, firm top  line with a nice length of back , nice deep chest and length of ribs which were well sprung, giving a good  underline, enough bend of stifle, quarters well muscled , hocks firm, from the rear parallel as he moved away, his gate when moving was smooth ,which  gave him the powerful drive he used when covering the ring, holding his topline,  as he went,,  He was very sound, and just out moved the others in the class, in fact he also moved the best in the challenge .  Well done BD and DCC

2nd. Jacksons  Mysticteam Quick Silver to Sassari. D. Blue Merle, in good coat and condition. On the day preferred  the movement , head and size of the winner.  Sweet expression , correct bite. Angles of shoulder and quarters were sound, but did not cover the floor as the winner did.

Class 2 ; Minor Puppy Dog. 15 entries  (1 absent) 14 Judged.
1st Duffield’s Angelfield Heaven can wait D. S/W  in lovely coat in pristine condition, I could not wait to go over him,  he showed absolute faith in his handler, such a sweet expression, used his ears well, which were well placed, planes of head both from above and profile, gave me a blunted wedge, already his scull is flat and his stop in the correct place. Teeth good , enough under jaw,   medium size eye, set obliquely, alert  and active. Shoulders had correct angles, good length of neck, straight legs,  nice rounded bone and  tight arched feet. Nice spring to ribs, excellent length of back firm top line, slight arch over loins,  had enough angle in the stifle, and  hocks well let down, good length of tail to the hock joint,  his movement was sound going away and coming towards me. His gate let him flow with ease, covering the ground  very smoothly. Effortless !. What a class , BPD. And BPIS I was delighted for him.

2nd  Wells  Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon. D.  Another lovely baby, again nice expression  used his ears well , he had good shoulders good quarters, held his top line on the move . Good baby coat, in  super condition moved and handles well, but could not live with the winner overall or on movement, so hard to come up against a super youngster  as the winner is.

Class 3 ;  Puppy Dog 14 entries 3 absent)  11 Judged;
1st; Randall’s  Ladnar Harvey Moon Tri of good colour and in good coat, one I have judged before and placed highly. He has a lovely head with a blunt wedge planes all correct and stop correctly placed, For a Tri he has a sweet expression, eye of medium size, set at an oblique angle. Flat in scull,  scissor bite, good teeth. Well  laid back shoulders, strong fore legs with round bone and tight feet. Plenty of heart room, deep chest, firm top line and nice rise over his lions. Firm quarters strong hocks. He moves well  both coming and going, with an excellent gate. Was unlucky to meet a lad in such form as the Minor puppy, who just moved  every other puppy out of the hall today. I have no doubt there will be battles in the future between them. Super lads.

2nd; Newton & Patterson’s  Rahlissa  Re Light My Fire For Darahill, Another  super puppy dog in good coat and condition. He also had everything the winner had, but the winner was more mature and more settled, his eye was sweet, his head correct and so was his construction, and he showed and moved well.

Class 4;  Junior Dog  14 entries (1 absent) 13 Judged.
1st Hodges’s Jopium Stole My Heart. S/W in super coat and condition, as all are from this kennel,  I have to say though shorter backed than I like, though he surprised me when going over him, he was sweat in eye, used his ears, nice length of neck, running into well laid shoulders ,good round bone, feet well arched and tight. He has well bent stifles, firm hocks, moved well and covered the ground at speed. A worthy winner of this class.

2nd Hull’s Lizmark Winter Wish . Tri Dog ,this lad was a little lazy using his ears today but of a type I like. He lost out to the winner on expression and movement, perhaps better outside.

Class 5;  Special Yearling 11 entries (1 absent)  10 Judged.
1st; Telford’s Glenbowdene  Shades of Gold. D. S/W.   Out of coat, but everything to see, lovely head with lovely parallel planes, giving an blunt wedge. Perceivable stop in correct place, uses his ears , which are well placed. He has a sweet gentle expression, correct scissor bite good length of neck,  which when in coat will show it off more. Good lay back of shoulder, good length of leg, round bone , neat feet. Good underline from his chest to end of his ribs, good bend of  stifle and well muscled. Good length of tail , and well let down hocks. He moves strongly and with drive, holds his top line when gaiting.  He watches his handler and is attentive. Really showed the class how it should be done.

2nd;  See notes  in class Junior Dog

Class 6;  Maiden Dog; 6 entries   (5 seen dogs) 1 judged
1st ;        See notes  in MPD.
2nd ;       See notes in PD.

Class 7 ;      Novice Dog               7 entries  (all seen dogs)
1st;    see notes in  MPD.
2nd;    see notes in PD

Class 8 ;   Graduate Dog;  4 entries  (I Absent)  (1 withdrawn) 2 Judged
1st; Hull’s  Lizmark Gold Standard.  S/W  dog in good coat, very attentive to handler, Pleasing head, planes good, nice wedge  stop correct , used his ears well to give a sweet expression, scissor bite, under jaw strong, good laid back shoulders nice round bone, good spring of rib, enough bend in stifle , hock let down, moved well covered the ground, and held is top line in profile. Earned his win on movement.

2nd; Maxwell's Trenley Tatenen S/W larger than the winner, he was very attentive to his handler,  this lad had all what the winner had ,  nice head, used his ears well  medium eye of good shape and placement, and make and shape, was just as good with good shoulders, neck and round  bone,  tight feet, Scissor bite and firm under jaw, held his top line on the move, but was beaten on the day by movement, the winner just had the edge on drive.

Class 9 ;  Post Graduate Dog   8 entries     8 Judged
1st ; Walton’s Prince of  Sunlight Star Dust ((Imp Hun) D. B/M  Lovely B/M excellent colour, presented in good
Coat,  with a lovely head  and a sweet expression. His planes made a blunt wedge ,perceivable stop, though his ears were in the correct place, he could have made better use of them, his eye was of the correct size for his head,  and set obliquely., good length of neck running into correct shoulders,  good strong legs , round bone and tight arched feet, Good length of back ,nice rise over his loins, good bend of stifle, hock well down, he moved well, did not like the corners --they were very slippy.

2nd ;  Kaye’s  Danfrebek Dressed to Kill. D. Tri  of good colour, in good coat and well presented , reluctant with his ears and a little wider apart than the winner, and was more unsettled, but the placement was good. Head had good planes and he had a clean wedge, and correct stop. Correct scissor bite. Shoulders were correct and he had round bone and tight feet, nice length of back and firm, adequate bend of stifle,  sound hocks he moved well but did not drive as the winner had done.

Class 10 ; Mid-Limit     6 entries  (1 absent0 5 Judged
1st ;  Willowdene’s  Double or Quits at Wassail  D.   Tri of good colour and coat, not my type, smaller than I like  but still had many merits, his head was balanced, with clean planes giving a blunt wedge ,  deeper stop than I like, but used his ears well ,all adding to a sweet eye and expression. His bite was correct and good teeth.  Well laid back shoulders, he had round bone and neat feet. Good heart room for his size, good ribs well sprung. Firm in body, and  well laid down hocks. Moved out strongly  holding his top line at all times.

2nd ;  Coulson’s Coarhabeg  Rider in the sky over Bluechip,  D Quality B/M, clear blue,  what a shame he forgot his coat, would love to see him in full bloom. Has a lovely head of good length,  his planes are all in the right place,  and makes a blunt wedge , correct stop, scissor bite correct teeth,. Straight legs, round bone good feet, firm top line  well muscled, he moved well, just looked naked without his coat .

Class 11 ;  Limit Dog. 15 entries   (1 absent)  (2seen dogs)    12 Judged
What a great class
1st ; Webb’s  Ingledene all About Love of  Shadowpark. D. Lovely upstanding S/W I have seen before , and admired from the ring side. Typical Collie bred to the standard,  that I Like. Head of good length,  equal length of scull to muzzle. His scull was flat, his stop just visible, parallel planes from nose to ears lovely blunt wedge,  used his ears and was alert to handler ,sweet expression , a little fuller in eye than I like, but still sweet. Correct bite, good teeth. He had a good length of neck running into a good shoulder placement , leg length I liked, round bone and neat arched feet, deep chest , nice underline , well bent stifle, with muscle, and well let down hocks, his gait was good  using his forearm extension to good use and drove strongly from the rear. Good class to win.

2nd ;  Jeffries /Alexander’s Chantique Hot Toddy D. S/W another  nice upstanding flashy sable. Critique of the winner fits this boy also, he had a better shaped eye, not so full as the winner. But he had not the length of neck the winner had,  but his shoulders , bone and feet, were good. He had a firm top line which did not alter as I watched his side gait, and on the day the winner drove hard round the ring which gave him the class.

Class 12 ; Open Dog  7 entries  (1 Absent)   6 Judged
1st ;  Barrett’s  Ch .Brooklynson Bruce Willis. D. Eye catching S/W in lovely bloom, fitted coat, and as always from this kennel turned out to perfection. His head is not for me, but having said that,  his expression was very sweet, and using his ears ,that were well placed gave him the sweetness. His two planes were parallel from the top of his head  and the top of his muzzle, were of equal length,  stop acceptable. Well rounded blunt muzzle, good under jaw. Pigment good, nose was black. He has  a clean wedge, which was smooth, when viewed from the front and side. Lovely neck running into equal well laid back  shoulders well angulated, having tight elbows, forelegs straight , well rounded bone and well arched feet. Nice length of back, which was firm, slight rise over loins, nice deep chest and good spring of rib. Good muscular bend of stifle, well let down hocks, had a good length of tail, reaching the hock and carried low, His movement from the front showed his legs were straight and powerful,, from the rear hocks were parallel to the ground, and side gait, and he held his top line which was smooth, covering the ground with ease and plenty of drive.
RDCC. Well earned

RC. Judge  J Fryer-Clark