First of all i would like to apologise to the Exhibitors & London Collie Club for the lateness of this critique but i did send it to Dog World & Our Dogs shortly after show who knows where they went.
I would like to thank the Committee for your warm welcome thanks to my stewards it was a pleasure to judge your breed open show also to the exhibitors thanks so much for your entries all in all i was pleased with my overall winners.

VD no entries
VB no entries
MPD no entries

PD 1st Page Mrs A & Mr J Lynmead Amalie let me go Sable dog very attentive to handler showed his socks off needs to mature on lovely well set ears clean wedge with good neck & length of back moved well BPD

2nd Spendelow Mrs J Uffspring Unmistakable Sable Dog bit unsettled not so happy to move today but im sure on another day he will be fine very sweet eye good length of head with good reach of neck.

JD 1st Hull Mrs G.M Lizmark Morning Gold Sable Dog with a good outline nice length of head pleasing eye good ear carriage which he used all the time well presented & showed well.

2nd King Mr Z.P Telforth Time Lord bit reluctant to show himself moved ok not so happy to use his ears so difficult to see expression.

ND 1st Telforth Time Lord
2nd Uffspring Unmistakable

GD 1St Wells Miss M.E Collingvale Crunchie At Terelimon Lovely Sable dog good outline & length of back nice ears which he used non stop sweet expression with clean wedge & nice length of head moved well.

PGD 1st Adams & Carlyon Mr R & Mrs L Bellcot Winter Bliszard blue merle dog well broken & lovely colour very flashy with good length of back moved well.

LD 1st Wells Miss M E Collingvale Cast A spell over Terelimon nice shaded sable moved out well very attentive to handler using his ears at all times with a dark well shaped almond eye giving a sweet expression showed well RBD

OD 1st Collins N.D.&C.A Triburle Zachary super sable dog with a most appealing expression lovely dark eye well placed ears who at times was reluctant to use but when he does shows it all nice arched neck good length of back moves with good drive well presented pleased to award him BD

2nd Hull Mrs G.M Lizmark Gold Standard another nice sable dog i would prefer a bit more substance nice length of back a clean head & used his ears well & moved out well.

MPB 1st Walder Mr & Mrs S.H Jolie Blonde De Cabrenysset for Hanvale Super sable baby at her first show a clean wedge & nice length of head for age such a sweet expression with a dark almond eye good length of back moved with drive showed so well & in superb condition was very happy to award her BPB & BPIB im sure many more to come.

2nd Davis Miss M Roschell Crystal Bluebelle Blue baby with a beautifull well broken colour sweet expression ears are a tad light at this stage but could settle with age showed her socks off & moved well.

PB 1st Adams & Carlyon Mr R & Ms L Ladnar Kiss n Temptation Tri bitch with with lovely jet black coat nice outline moved ok didnt want to use her ears at times but im sure on another day could be different.

JB 1st Davies Mr & Mrs M C Tiganlea Silver Trinket at Sabiha Well broken up blue of good clear colour nice outline very unsettled today so very difficult for handler to show her to the best.

NB 1st Ladnar Kiss n temptation.

GB 1st James Mrs J M Mertrisa Damsel in blue at Deanjan Beautifull blue bitch lovely clear colour nice outline with a good reach of neck & length of back moved with drive clean head with super expression at times a bit reluctant to use her ears but when she did had a most melting expression RBB

2nd Humphry Miss S Brilyn Platinum gift for Shasam another blue who is well broken up & very flashy with big white collar showing off her length of neck moved well.

PGB Ryan I Mertrisa Dizzy Miss Lizzy at Scottrye Sable bitch of lovely size & shape well presented a clean head with sweet expression well set ears very attentive to handler moved very well.

2nd Daley Mrs S A Tremaro Tainted Love at Rahlissa Well presented sable bitch with nice length of neck & back clean head planes would have liked her to use her ears more as at times lost her expression.

LB 1st Smedley & Browne C.A.&G Atendus Shared wish with Antoc pleasing sable bitch not in full coat but lovely length of neck & back aagain a clean head with soft expression well set ears which she used all the time very well presented.

2nd Horsley Mr & Mrs C& R Marchere Mystique blue bitch who is a bit heavily marked for me showed well for handler good outline moved well.

OB 1st Shipp R.P.& M.A Rahilissa Snow Maiden for Tremaro lovely rich golden sable not in full coat but well presented super outline with good reach of neck & length of back nice clean head ears well placed which she used all the time such a sweet expression from a lovely almond shaped eye moved with very good drive pleased to award her BB & BOB.

2nd Davis Miss M Rosschell Blue Crystall Ball Blue bitch i have allways admired super clear colour & well broken up a very soft expression but was very reluctant to use her ears today moved well.

Judge Gill Blaikie.