Shetland Sheepdog; Junior 1 Entries 1 Shown

1st Botham’s Balidorn Illicit Romance;(B) S/W Good ear carriage giving sweet expression,
Good rib cage , overall construction sound, firm topline. Moved and handles well.

Post grad; 3Entries  2 Absent 1 Shown
1st Botham’s Balidorn  Angelica Pickles. (B) S/W  Nice head pattern, neat ears,
Front not good, but rear was sound, it showed on the move.

Open  4 Entries;  2 Absent  2 Shown
1st; Bothhams Bushman shCM (D)  Shaded S/W  This lad had a nice head and correct ear carriage giving a  sweet expression, he was constructed soundly, and in profile made a nice picture as he was to type. He moved and showed well. BOB
2nd; Pearson’s Samhaven Fairy Dust at Monfortmagic  (B)

Bearded Collie; Junior; 2 Entries 2 shown
1st; Burscough’s  Chetcote Gone With The Wind to kilfinan (Can Imp) (B)
Lovely head this lady had, feminine and sweet, lovely eye, and well placed stop, was sound all over, with good spring of rib, good front and rear, moved and showed well. BP  and RBB
2nd;Burfitt’s Balidorn Contessa (B)

B/C Post Grad; 2 Entries  1 Absent  1 Shown
1st; MacDonald’s Thingamebob Italian Joy (B)  Another nicely made beardie,
I would have liked a little more bone, but construction was sound, she moved and showed well.

B/C  Open;3 Entries  1Absent  2 Shown
1st; Burscough’s  Kilfinan Country Knight (D)  lovely masculine beardie, with a lovely head well placed stop, gentle eye, good length to ears, good planes from scull to muzzle. Nice harsh coat, in profile  a good shape, ample length of back, sound front and rear, he moved with drive, holding a firm top line as he covered the ground. He was also well turned out  handled and showing well. BOB

Rough Collie; Junior; 3 Entries 3 Shown
1st;    Edwards Ladnar Blue Moon Over Elshajo; (D)  Still a baby really,  but the Most lovely coloured Blue Merle. He has a lovely head  correct eye, ears and stop, giving a sweet expression,  a super shape and good to go over,  good lay back of ribs,  nice bend of stifle, a nice length of tail, enough bone, sound on the move front and aft, he was beautiful and turned out very well. BP in Breed
2nd; Beardsworth’s  Maysinger Dancing Queen (B)

RC Post Grad; 3 Entries. 3 Shown ;
1st; Harrison’s Cariadhof Candy Kisses; (B)  Another nice feminine bitch, with a nice head ,eye, and stop.  Used ears, they were well placed to give a lovely expression. Her construction was sound , both at the front and the rear, standing made a lovely shape.
2nd; Evans Elshajo Black Magic (D)

RC Open; 6 Entries; 6 Shown
1st; Elshajo  Armani Moon (D) Tri ,of the best Colour , I have seen this dog when he was young and liked what I saw ring side, but he was better to go over, he has a lovely head with correct planes, slight stop and well placed eye, giving a very sweet expression ( hard to achieve in a Tri). He has a nice length of neck, well placed shoulders, and firm over his rear end, with a nice bend of stifle. His bone is round , straight front ,nice ribbing and nice over his croup. So sound moving a way from me and coming towards me, he covers the ground with such ease. His profile shape,  was a picture when standing, and he showed so well for his handler, he was turned out to perfection as they all should  be.  BOB. Reserve Best in Show.
2nd; Hawkins Brilyn Feel The Difference (B)  RB. of Breed

Thank you, to all the exhibits that entrusted me to judge their exhibits today, I felt privileged, as there were many of top quality, and well turned out making my day such a pleasure.
To the Committee,  thanks must go to all of you ! and for looking after me so well.

Judge; Mrs Anita Stanley (Vonarkle)




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