Thank you to the Ladies Kennel Association for inviting me to Judge there show.  It had a lovely atmosphere with all the Christmas spirit. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, and thank you to all the exhibitors for their entry.

MPD 6 (0)
1st Margetts Mrs J @ Wells Miss M. Caronlea Celtic Lord at Collingvale7 month old sable overall nice body shape, shows and moves like a veteran. Ears bang on top would prefer a bit more moulding and a sweeter eye but deserved to win his class. BPD
2nd Ashe Mrs I. Forrestwalk Rocket Man.8 month old glamourous golden sable head handles well nice set ears sweet eye  well of for bone & substance makes a nice picture but did not move as freely as one.
3rd Wray miss S Takhisis Trick or Treat

PD 3 (0)
1st Spendelow Mrs J D Uffspring Unmistakable  Nice dog with clean head,  well set ears which he used to his advantage  nice body shape with good reach of neck and length of back moved well
2nd Lockyer Mrs M Redola Just in Time for Gataj Golden sable puppy well off for bone & substance nice level topline correct head with sweet expression let down by his ears they are light and did not use them very well which was a pity all round a nice puppy.
3rd Everett Mrs K & Mr D Ileya Johnny Depp

JD 4 (1)
1st Brooker Mrs & Miss P M. E J & J L  I am Fantastic Du Bois Des Amazons for Corisian Sweet clean head & nice expression well set ears nice shape and conformation overall. Moved well made the most of himself.
2nd Sibbald Mrs V & Miss P Telforth Tony Lovely clean head  sweet eye giving that desired expression Nice level topline well off for bone and substance in profuse coat made a nice picture but he was a bit sluggish on the move difficult decision between one and two.
3rd Britnell Miss S Kynan Arctic Moon

PGD 14 (2)
1st  Cooney Mrs B Jopium Stole My Heart at Lingwell very nice golden sable boy lovely clean head with obliquely set eye giving that lovely expression well set ears good reach of neck lovely shape moved freely one to look out for.
2nd Congdon Mr J & Mrs M Monsolana Bluzstar for Aaronwell Blue Merle and what a star he is in very nice condition lovely colour Blue  head handles well  with correct stop well placed eye. Good reach of neck nice topline lovely bone and sunstance did not moved as well as one.
3rd Duffield Mr G Anglefield Taittinger

LD 13 (4)
1st Collins Mrs C & Mr N Triburle Zachary Lovely boy nice head correctly placed stop sweet eye and expression. Nice neck and overall body shape stands and shows well, moves with ease. For me he just needs time to mature on to finish the picture but was pleased to award him the RESERVE CC
2nd Loader Mr J F & Mrs A T. Redola Gran Turismo Very nice boy with that adorable expression. Nice head with correct stop gorgeous eye giving that really soft melting expression. Nice make and shape moved well. Ears a bit light and he did not seem so settled today, but I think he is a lovely boy and will be one for the future.
3rd Jeffries Mr L A K & Alexander Miss L Chantique Hot Toddy at Deorwine

OD 4 (1)
1st Loader Mr J F & Mrs A T Redola Gran Torino Lovely dog that I have admired for some time. He just looks so impressive very masculine but with a nice head sweet eye and beautiful moulded foreface.  Lovely outline in full maturity. He has  strong bone and good substance pleased to award him the CC and I understand his title
2nd Foy Mrs O & Hawkins Mr B INT Ch Beldones Double Diamond A lot to like about this dog, he looks lovely from the ringside. In beautiful coat and condition groomed to perfection. Lovely overall shape and moves out well.  For me I would just prefer a sweeter expression to finish the picture, saying that I am sure he will get his title.
3rd Hodges Miss J Jopium Heart and Soul JW Sh.CW

VD 1 (0)
1st Growcott Mrs J S Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth 7 year old Dark shaded sable with nice head pattern, he stood and showed well. He has a nice overall shape and moves out well shame there was only one in his class.

GCD 4 (1)
1st Spendelow Mrs J D  1st in PD
2nd Boyle Dr LW Barrenclough Moonglow JW VHC in LD Nice overall dog, clean head well set ears would just prefer a sweeter expression. Good reach of neck and length of back moved and showed well.
3rd Kenny Mr & Mrs JK & S Albakin Laird Douglas

MPB 10 (3)
1st Shipp Mr R.P & Mrs M.A Prince of Sunlight Naomi Very pretty feminine puppy almost 8 months old pleasing head with well placed stop sweet eye and expression refined in head ears bang on top, lovely body shape moved out well, this puppy will have a bright future. BPB and BPIB
2nd Walder  Mr & Mrs S & H Jolie Blonde De Cabrenysset for Hanvale (Imp) Slightly heavy type than one nice moulded foreface nice eye and expression good conformation moved well a bit happy with her tail.
3rd Tame Mrs.V. Rahlissa Love Song

PB 9 (1)
1st Loader Mr J F & Mrs A T. Redola Dream in Lace  Absolutely love this little girl pleasing head with well set eye, correct stop well set ears, nice overall shape could have moved out better, a little bit unsettled, but what a nice puppy.
2nd Walder Mr & Mrs S & H Jolie Blonde De Cabrenysset for Hanvale (Imp)
3rd McDade Mrs D Aaronwell Anastasia with Lyndale

JB 6 (1)
1st Congdon Mr J & Mrs M. Monsolina Pink Star for AAronwell (Imp) JW Gorgeous Blue Merle nice colour, huge white collar  Pleasing head well placed eye giving lovely expression good reach of neck lovely outline well off for bone and substance moved well.
2nd McLenahan Mrs L & Mr B & Mr J McLenahan Tiganlea Ticklepink with Shelfpark Heavy type golden sable nice expression well set ear in good coat & condition well off for bone & substance moved out well.
3rd.Boyle Dr.L.W. Barrenclough Golden Jade

PGB 12 (4)
Foy Mrs O & Hawkins Mr B Inspiration In Black Du Clos De SeawindI love this tri bitch just my type super head and lovely expression which is hard to come by in a tri, Nice head pattern with correct stop good conformation well off for bone moved soundly. Not quite in full coat but what she has was sparkling and fresh, it was easy for me to award her the Reserve CC and Reserve BOB
2nd Scott Mr A & Mrs C Chantique Bumble Bee Another cracking bitch that I have liked lovely head obliquely set eye giving that melting expression pleasing overall shape moved well, but did not make the most of herself today,
3rd Margetts Mrs J Collingvale Caviar

LB 5 (2)
1st Congdon Mr J & Mrs M. Monsolana Sunwish for Aaronwell (Imp) Really nice golden sable pleasing head correct stop well set ears good reach of neck level topline moved out well in lovely coat made a nice picture.
2nd Jones Mrs L.D. Erjon Elizabeth Arden Blue Merle Longer type than one, clean refined head nice eye set ears she used well, nice reach of neck good length of back moved well would have preferred a clearer blue.
3rd. Lockyer Mrs M Gataj Willow of Surprises

OB 10 (4)
1st Scott Mr A & Mrs C Scott Chantique Simply Dreamy  My Star of the day I have loved this bitch since I awarded her BPB and then she went on to be BPIS. She is the most sweet feminine bitch with such a soft expression, lovely head nicely placed ears, pleasing body shape, moved with drive was happy to award her CC and BOB
2nd Walder Mr & Mrs S & H Ch Heart of Gold De Cabrenysset for Hanvale (Imp) Another lovely bitch golden sable groomed to perfection refined head with sweet eye good reach of neck level topline  stood and showed well moved freely just prefer head pattern of one.
3rd Hodges Miss J Jopium Ice Eclipse

VB 5 (2)
1st Tame Mrs V Rahlissa Aint Misbehavin Lovely bitch 8.1/2 years Lovely head and expression nice length of back  lovely overall body shape nice bone moved freely, this is one that got away very nice bitch. BVIB
2nd McLaughlin Mrs M S Ch Derbypark Could it be Magic for Brihow JW this tri bitch says look at me, she is such a good show girl and does everything that is asked of her in good coat and condition with a big white collar, which makes her black coat really stand out. Moved and showed well difficult decision between one and two.

Judge Ms Gee McEntee