London and Provincial Collie Club
Open Show 16th February 2014

It was a pleasure to judge my first club show in the UK.  Thank you to the exhibitors for the lovely entry and to the committee for such a well-run show.  I had a mix of types with certain faults very pervasive with many collies cow-hocked on the move and lots of stops that whilst correctly place were too deep- we must remember the standard says ‘slight but perceptible’.  Presentation was overall good however better handling would enhance many exhibits.  Finally many young dogs really had very tartar laden teeth. I was looking for a collie that showed ‘impassive dignity’ and was very satisfied with my winners.

Veteran dog
1st 35 Jones’ Caprioara Diamond Treasure. Tri dog of correct type. Good length of body with decent construction throughout.  He has reasonable head planes but a more almond shaped and obliquely set eye would enhance the expression however the overall expression was one of intelligence.  Good ear carriage.

Minor Puppy Dog
1st 29 Hull’s Maqueeba Crafted in Black at Lizmark. 7 months old tri dog, nice shape and has very advantageous markings and has a jet black coat.  Correctly placed sweet eye and correctly placed stop just hope it doesn’t deepen further.  Nice tail carriage and moved ok.
2nd 38 Ludlow’s Maqueeba Just a Dream for Malina. 7 months old sable. Sweet eye and correct ears. Profusely coated.  Insufficient bone for size and lacked strength through his body.  Moved ok.

Puppy Dog
1st 20 BD BOSIS BPIS Hanson’s Jaros Grand Attraction and what a grand lad he is! 10 months old sable and I found him to be really very promising. Upstanding dog  exhibiting the impassive dignity I was seeking. Very correctly constructed and balanced throughout and best mover by some way in this class.  Very correct in head with beautiful obliquely set almond eye. I just loved him! Ably handled by his young handler and cannot wait to see this young dog develop.
2nd 53 Ross’ Tremaro Star Touch at Samshernick. 9 months old sable.  Sweetest of eyes but rather too much stop but beautifully moulded foreface. Well presented. Moved ok.

Junior Dog
1st 28 Hull’s Lizmark Winter Wish 14 month old tri and oh how I wish he was more a showman. Exhibited correct balance with excellent length of body and good angulation. Very kind eye would just like a little less stop. Moved reasonably well but was not entirely happy with the surroundings.
2nd 40 Maxwell and Wallis’ Trenley Tatenen 15 months old sable, moved best in the class but not quite exhibiting the collie type I was seeking, decent bone and kind eye but too short all through.  Lovely happy temperament and very well presented.

Yearling Dog
1st 40 Maxwell and Wallis’ Trenley Tatenen
2nd Mclaughlin’s Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow. Attractive tri colour, nice ears and good bone. Very well presented but very cow-hocked on the move today.

Graduate Dog
1st Barnes’ Ravenskye Imperial Wizard 2 year old blue male exhibiting excellent colour.  Lovely type with beautiful refined head however he lacks substance throughout and needs more spring of rib and weight. Kindest of eyes and lovely ears though he was reluctant to share his charms today.
2nd Hull’s Lizmark Gold Standard.  Moulded foreface and kindest of eyes but could be more masculine and I would like more elegance in body shape finding him rather short and lacking in angulation throughout.

Postgraduate Dog
1st White’s Caprioara Grey Owl. Blue merle dog of nice type. Refined head but needs a little more stop. Very well constructed front.  Kind eye.
2nd Bowden’s Takhisis Elektric Light. Nice type of dog with sweet eye and rounded foreface. Ok body shape. Not happy with the floor.

Limit Dog.
1st  Hendrick’s Metrisa Emrys Destiny at Anpasch. Excellent colour with decent bone and front. Kind eye. Moved ok but not completely balanced throughout.
2nd Rae’s Antoc Kiss the Girls. Beautiful headed blue with the kindest of eyes.  Very well presented however he lacks elegance in his construction.

Open Dog
1st Hull’s Lizmark Black Gold 3 year old tri male constructed on lovely flowing lines and very balanced throughout.  Moved freely of correct breed type.  Good ear carriage and a kind, obliquely set eye gave the correct collie expression.  Lovely chin.
2nd Barnes’ Ingledene I am Legend, 4 year shaded sable dog of beautiful breed type. Sadly out of coat today and not the most enthusiastic of showman.  Very correct head type with correctly placed obliquely set eye.


Veteran Bitch
1st Clark’s Ingledene Here to be Seen at Stavos. Upstanding 7 year old tricolour bitch of correct breed type. Very good construction throughout and moved freely and with enthusiasm.  I would like a little more refinement in her head  but her beautiful balance won her this class. Best Veteran in Show.
2nd Corben’s  Myrieheww Ouija Board Via Caprioara Another 7 year old triclolour bitch of very correct breed type and similar remarks to the 1st place winner apply this girl having the refinement I was looking for her in head but not quite having the front construction of the 1st. Two lovely bitches.

Minor Puppy Bitch,
1st Howard’s Shandlmain Mariposa.  Really beautiful sable and white bitch. Lovely bone and size and stunning body shape with a very correct head and lovely chin.  Obliquely set eye giving a very correct and cheeky expression. Moved ok.  Excellent presentation.   Best Puppy Bitch and pushing head for BPIS.
2nd McDade’s Chelborn Sweet Desire at Lyndale.  Cute as a button but rather twee for me.  Sweet eye and lovely temperament.  Needs to be more co-ordinated on the move but only a baby.

Puppy Bitch
1st Finney and Clark’s Bahatiview Blue Jean. 11 months old blue merle. I found her rather deep in head however but she moved the best in the class. In very heavy coat which was well presented.  Very good bone and nice eye.
2nd Tame’s Rahlissa Paper Roses. Very pretty shaded sable bitch with decent body shape but not as positive on the move as the 1st.  Very well schooled and excellent showgirl.

Junior Bitch
1st Ames Trenley Gold Feather of Vorda. Lovely temperament ! This girl was very happy to meet me but her enthusiasm meant that her movement was a bit erratic. Sweet eye and correctly placed stop.

Graduate Bitch
1st Hull’s Lizmark Gold Nugget. Tri bitch of very good breed type. Correct head planes with very correct stop and an obliquely set eye. Lovely ear carriage. Excellent balance in her body proportions though a touch more neck would enhance. The longest of tails finishing off her shapely silhuouette. Just wish she would show a little more enthusiasm for showing however she is a quality bitch.  Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd Glover’s Wings over Water onto Stormsett. Another tricolour bitch- this girl was the best mover in the class not quite in coat yet. Very well balanced in her body and very correctly constructed. She has a clean head but it just lacks in overall finish and balance.  Showed well.

Postgraduate Bitch
1st Horsley’s Marchere Mystique.  4 year old blue merle bitch of good colour and ok type. Well filled foreface with good bone. Move freely but a little erratically.

Limit bitch
1st Collin’s Wicani Love on Blue Firdays. A 5 year old blue merle bitch of outstanding breed type.  Not in full coat but presented in wonderfully fit condition and so sound on the move confirmation of her very correct construction.  The most beautiful of eyes in a very correct head giving the oh so alluring expression I was seeking. She was very happy to show her charms and showed her head off. I wish she was a better colour but with all her other charms that can be forgive. Best Bitch, Best of Breed and Reserve Best in Show.
2nd Philpin’s Tudorlyn Little Princess Sh CM. 3 year old sable bitch. Very pretty and super show girl. Also show in lovely hard condition. Reasonable front and enough bone for size. Moved ok.   Nice head and pretty expression.

Open bitch
1st Clark’s Buebezi Bisou Avec Derbypark. Blue merle bitch who was really rather overweight however in spite of this moved the best in the class. Decent breed type with well filled head however she has too much stop.  Heavily coated and very well presented
2nd James’ Morvania Summer Affair at Deanjan. 5 year old sable with lovely temperament. Moved ok. Reasonably well balanced with good length. I found her expression rather erratic.

Yvonne McGrath (Seryphina)