London & Provincial Collie club     24th August 2014

I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this well run show with a lovely garden party atmosphere.  Many thanks also to the exhibitors for a lovely entry of 74/79 with the usual crop of absentees. It always amazes me how people make the time & effort to bath & groom their dog and then forget to clean its teeth some of which were shocking! I found some of the males lacked size & body weight, whilst I found many of the bitches over loaded hence bad movement. Please remember a fit collie is a happy collie you are not doing your dog any favours.
Having said that I was more than happy with my line up.

PD 5, mixed class of types all at different stages, what I liked in head did not move so well.
1st Madge & Foster, Shep’s Moondance with Jaysur (IMP DNK) 8m Tric who won this class on his movement. A flashy boy with a lovely shape, head coming along nicely. Needs time to mature and come into his own. BPD.
2nd Arrowsmiths, Saganan Gundagai 10m B/M Finer in head than one, nice shape, good bone moved well.  
3rd, Hulls, Lizmark Morning Gold.

1st, Wells Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon, 15m S/W Nice head eye and expression, lovely neck onto good shoulders upper arm, length of back with neat hocks, lovely bone & nice tight feet, groomed to perfection moved well.
2nd, Raes, Antoc Soul Mate, 15m s/W in-between coats. I preferred his head to 1 but lost out on movement.
3rd, Stantons, Chelborn Just Decided.

YD,6 (1)
1st Philpins, Bahatiview Bojangles For Tudorlyn, 19m Tric what a lovely boy loved his head eye and soft expression which is hard to achieve in a tri very good under jaw. Good neck into well laid shoulders good upper arm length of back tail set and neat hocks, strong bone and tight feet moved well. Turned out in excellent condition.
2nd, Maxwell & Wallis, 21m S/W Another lovely boy splitting hairs between these two just preferred the movement on 1st. Stunning expression with nicely moulded foreface good under jaw, nice length of neck into good shoulders & upper arm, loved his bone, groomed to perfection. 
3rd, Wells, Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon.

1st Wells Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon,  1st in JD,
2nd Hulls Lizmark Solid Gold S/W reluctant to show today none the less nice boy with a lovely expression,  nice out line good bone moved ok.
3rd Chiose Gemheid Waves of Pride.


PGD, 4(2)
1st Calvert & Sergeants, Coarhabeg Osprey With Leningay. Tric who I have judged before and wasn’t dissiopented, In good condition & maturing nicely, lovely expression dark eyes ears bang on top, good neck into nice shoulders & upper arm good length of back & bend of stifle nice long tail moved well.
2nd Glovers Caprioara Blueberry Charm at Stormsett, B/M just didn’t want to be here.

1st Hulls Lizmark Gold Standard S/W Nice looking boy who I would like a bit more of. None the less nice expression with lovely eye and ears bang on top. Good neck, shoulders, upper arm, length of back & bend of stifle lovely bone moved very well. Beautifully presented.
2nd Raes Antoc Kiss The Girls, B/M preferred this boy’s size and substance just lost out on movement. Lovely head with the sweetest of eye for a merle, ears bang on top nicely moulded foreface with good under jaw, nice out line with lovely bone, another presented in tip top condition.
3rd Sergeants Coarhabeg Sea Hawk, My heart ache of the class, once he settles I’m sure he has a bright future.

1st Muffetts Lizmark Black Gold, Wow just what I was looking for a male that stands with impressive dignity! Tric so much to like about this boy stunning expression coming from lovely eye ears used none stop, lovely moulding of foreface good under jaw, fantastic length of neck to shoulders, good upper arm, length of back & bend of stifle lovely strong bone and neat feet, moved like a dream pleased to award him BD,RBOB,BOS.
2nd Calvert & Sergeants, Coarhabeg Snowy Albatross With leningay, B/M in-between coats, Nice head eye & expression, would prefer a tad more neck to complete the picture good bone neat feet moved well.
3rd, Hulls Lizmark Moonglow.

VD, 2,
1st, Jacksons Mystic Team Quicksilver To Sassari, B/M in excellent condition Loved his head eye and expression, good under jaw, lovely out line strong bone with neat feet and short hocks, moved very well, groomed to perfection. I was pleased to award him RBD, BVIB & later in the show see him win BVIS, Well done.
2nd, Smedleys Antoc Ice N Fire, another lovely B/M in excellent condition, slightly longer in head to 1 with lovely eye nice moulding to foreface good under jaw, nice out line with strong bone moved ok. 

PB, 4,
1st, Jacksons Sassari Sea Shimmer, 9m B/M MY notes say Wow! And wow she is in every department, Lovely head eye ears bang on top & shows none stop, she has an expression to die for, super length of neck into excellent shoulders, upper arm, good length of back and bend of stifle, short hocks neat tight feet and boy can she move! Groomed to perfection, I was more than happy to award her BPB,BPIB and later see her go on to win BPIS, Well done.
2nd, Philpins Tudorlyn Fairy Dust, Another really sweet puppy this time S/W at her first show if she continues to show the way she did today I’m sure she will have a bright future. Lovely head eye, ears bang on top, excellent length of neck into good shoulders & upper arm, Good length of back nice bone and tight feet, moved very well, turned out beautifully. Both these bitches had the shape I was looking for and wish them both continued success.
3rd, Bradshaws Wild Fire at Midnight At Yslann.

JB, 1,
1st,Ryans Mertrisa Zola Moon At Scottrye, 13m Tric in-between coats, she has a nice head, lovely eye ears bang on top all combining to give her a lovely expression. Nice shape good bone moved ok.

YB, 1,
1st, Maxwell & Wallis Mertrisa Fancy That, S/W stood alone, nice type of head although a tad to broad for me, would prefer a little less weight as this reflected in her movement.

GB, 9(4)
1st, Humphreys Brilyn Platinum Gift For Shasam, B/M took my eye the moment she entered the ring, lovely expression coming from neat ears lovely eye moulded foreface & good under jaw, she has a stunning shape with excellent neck, good shoulders, length of back nice bone & tight feet, showed none stop, in excellent condition, moved well round the ring,
2nd, Daleys Camanna Chasing Secrets For Melayla, S/W won her placing on movement, nice head type, lovely body shape with good bone showed none stop.
3rd, Hulls Lizmark Golden Girl.

PGB, 6(2)
1st, Arrowsmiths Saganan Lady True Blue as the name suggests B/M of the most beautiful clear colour, Lovely head eye & expression, Super out line with excellent neck into good shoulders & upper arm good length of back, bend of stifle, turned out in tip top condition moved like a dream.
2nd, Dinnadges Bellcot Silver Petal, B/M with a cheeky expression lovely head & eye, ears bang on top, another with the outline I was looking for with the same remarks as above,
3rd, Daleys Tremaro Tainted Love at Rahlissa.  

LB, 7(2)
1st, Dinnadges Bermajo black Pearl At Bellcot, Tric just loved the expression on this young lady, lovely head, with dark eye, ears on top showing none stop, she had the shape I was looking for with good neck to length of back, good bone, groomed to perfection and moved well, Pleased to award her RBB.
2nd, Fullers Damos Dream Walker, Sh/S Lovely clean head with nice dark eye, ears used none stop, another with the shape I was looking for, Good length of neck into good shoulders & length of back good bone & tight feet, in excellent condition moved well.
3rd, Smedley & Brownes Atendus Shared Wish With Antoc.

OB, 7(5)
1st, Humphreys Brilyn Kiss At Midnite To Jamesfair, Tric It’s no secret that I have admired this young lady at many a show & thought that on several occasions she had been hard done by...Well not today. She is everything I would look for in a bitch ultra feminine with a stunning expression coming from dark eyes & neat ears which she used none stop, her shape is to die for excellent length of neck into good shoulders, length of back, good bend of stifle, lovely bone with neat tight feet & short hocks, her movement is breathless I could watch her all day. Turned out in excellent condition groomed to perfection, I was more than happy to award her BB, BOB and to my delight see her go RBIS, Well done & thank you for bringing her.
2nd,Philpins Tudorlyn Little Princess Sh Cm, Sh/S Nice head eye & expression, she has a good neck into nice shoulders length of back & bend of stifle, lovely bone, turned out in good condition moved very well.

VB, 8(4)
1st Clarks Buebezi Bisou Avec Derbypark Jw. Not a lot between 1 & 2 just preferred the expression of 1, B/M in good condition lovely head eye & expression, nice out line good neck, to shoulders, length of back & bend of stifle, moved well. BVB
2nd Sargeants Coarhabeg blowin in The Wind, B/M of lovely colour nice head, eye & ears bang on top, good length of neck into good shoulders, length of back neat hocks, in tip top condition moved well.
3rd, Fullers Damos One And Only, These three veterans movement could certainly show the youngsters a thing or two.

Judge Sue Randall