Saturday 27TH September 2014.
Held  at Blue Circle Cruising and Sailing Club.

Many thanks to the Committee for their warmth and hospitality, and  allowing  me  the  opportunity to  judge at  this prestigious show. The event was well organised, with an ample  sized  grass ring. We were so lucky with the weather, and I was able to judge outside in what was a lovely relaxed atmosphere.

Thank you to my capable steward Gavin Sugden, who  kept the proceedings running smoothly, although he is not in our breed  he is a young man with a genuine interest in dogs and will be going places.

MPD 0 entries.
PD. 1. Miss L Scott. Caronlea  Charlie Brown at Degallo. 9 mth sable  stood alone, but he is a quality puppy with an exciting future ahead of him, He has good head proportions for one so young, with a flat skull, his foreface is filling in nicely with good underjaw, correct stop, lovely eye shape and neat ears, he was so attentive toward his handler, he possesses a good neck and a nice lay of shoulder, lovely body shape with correct tail set which he carried correctly, A good turn of stifle with nice short hocks, his coat presentation was excellent, he just needs to tighten on the move.
I was later pleased to award  him  Best Puppy in Show, and was informed the best puppy Bitch was his litter sister

1, V & P Sibbald`s Telforth Tony, Top quality 14 mth glamorous sable. He has a balanced head with good back skull, lovely foreface with ample underjaw , he has a clean stop ,with the most appealing eyes, and neat ears  which he was happy to use giving such an appealing expression. He has a good neck, deep chest with spring of rib, excellent body shape with good tail set which he carried correctly , he possesses lovely rear angulation coupled  with short hocks, his coat presentation left nothing to be desired and he moved freely both fore and aft, It gave me great pleasure in awarding him the Reserve Dog RCC .
2, Miss G Beadon`s  Angelfield  Heaven Can Wait, slightly different  head type to 1. Also balanced with good flat back skull , correct  stop, lovely eye shape, correct ear placement, giving a pleasing expression. His neck is accentuated by his white mane, he possesses an excellent body shape, with ample bone. I just preferred the movement of 1 on the day. His coat presentation was excellent as I would expect from this kennel. Just  unlucky to meet 1 who was in sparkling form, but both these exhibits I feel are assured of an exciting future.
3, L Kelly,  Clowns Come on over to Ballahanna.

1, T.J. Conway.  Chantique Errol Flynn.   Lovely wedge head with clean stop, nice dark eye, good ears which he used non stop.  A sable with a lovely white mane showing off his arched neck; He has a good chest and spring of rib, I liked his body shape and wealth of bone, he was well presented and just needs to tighten on the move
1, Messdames Brooker, Chantique loves to Boogie with Corisian .  Another quality golden sable maturing nicely, head of good length with lovely moulded foreface and ample underjaw , superb eye placement and neat ears giving him such a dreamy expression. Super body shape, with good tail set and length, well muscled thighs and nice short hocks, His presentation was first class and he moved with drive, a real credit to his owner.
2, JF & M Congdon,  Monsolana Bluz Star for AAronwell JW. Blue merle of lovely colour with rich tan markings , slightly heavier in head than 1 but completely balanced, well filled and rounded foreface with good stop and lovely eye shape gave a pleasing expression when his ears were used , He has a white mane which is always a bonus to show the neck. He has a good body shape and well off for bone he has excellent rear quarters, but today he was his own worst enemy, he would not co-operate with his owner continually looking out of the ring at something he found far more interesting. Had he co-operated he could have been more of a challenge to 1.
3, J. Fort`s. Shulune Mine`s a Double

1.Ms K McDevitt.  Caronlea James Bond. Gorgeous rich shaded sable,  head of excellent proportions, clean stop with lovely moulding to foreface, clean stop with sweetest dark almond eyes, lovely neat ears giving such an inquisitive expression. Excellent neck and good lay of shoulder, pleasing body shape, and well angulated rear with nice bone. He held his top line on the move and his coat presentation was a credit to his owner and he moved with drive and purpose.
2. JF & AT Loader. Redola Gran Torino, quality sable with balanced head, clean stop and good ears, he had lost some pigment from around his eyes which just detracted a little in his expression, lovely neat ears, he has a good neck and a superb body shape with good tail set and  length. He has ample bone, and he was expertly handled and presented.
3. G Walker`s.  Starlenga  Mungo Jerry.

OPEN DOG. 9/9,   A lovely class of quality dogs with some having to go card-less.
1, JF & AT Loader`s. Redola Hot Shot, almost 6yrs old golden sable, He showed so much ring presence, he has a balanced head of good proportions, with lovely moulded foreface and ample underjaw  correct stop excellent eye placement and neat ears which he used constantly, giving him the most appealing expression. He has a strong neck with deep chest, good lay of  shoulder, he is so soundly built with good spring of rib. He has excellent bone well  muscled  rear  quarters, enabling him to cover the ground with ease. His coat presentation was excellent. I was later pleased to award him the Dog CC and he subsequently went on to Reserve Best in Show. It was pleasing to hear afterwards from his overjoyed owners that this was his crowning CC, well done.
2, M A Hassock`s. Cammana Cotton Picker, expertly presented tricolour, head handled well, lovely well filled muzzle, clean stop, pleasing dark eyes of good shape, with well positioned ears which he used, lovely make and shape, with excellent rear angulation and ample bone, he was well presented and moved in unison with his handler.
3, G Walker`s. Starlenga  Dizzie Rascal.



1,Ms K McDevitt, Caronlea only by Grace. 9 mth baby such an inquisitive young lady, she has a balanced head  with the sweetest dark almond eyes and neat ears which she used, and she was in total unison with her handler. She excels in neck and has a lovely body shape, she just needs a little more coat and tighten on the move. She is such a promising youngster.
2, D & M Timmins Kynan Mika Blue Moon. Merle of gorgeous colour and well broken, her coat was so well presented, Head handles well of good length, with a lovely foreface,  she has correct  eye placement and neat ears, she has nice body proportions and moved well. I just preferred the eye and expression of 1. Both these exhibits are capable of winning in strong company and I feel will have an exciting future.

In fact four top quality exhibits in this class such a shame for one who decided she would not show her lovely virtues, be assured she will have better days. I do in fact see all four of these young ladies taking top honours at some stage.
1, V & P Sibbald`s. Telforth Little Mix, Ultra feminine sable youngster so promising her head is balanced, lovely foreface and stop, the sweetest of eyes and neat ears, which incorporated in giving a lovely expression, she has a super body shape with excellent outline, she also has ample bone, so elegant on the move.
2, R & G Blakie, Kourika Karrizma, Jet black tricolour with a lovely tan and gleaming white, Her coat presentation was excellent and a credit to the exhibitor, she again is so feminine with lovely head properties.  Many remarks so similar to 1, as to lovely head proportions and body shape, she is so sound and it was a really close decision
3, G DUFFIELD`S Angelfield  Veuve Clicquot

1, A KELLY. Rowlands Abbie the Beautiful Lass, TAF.
Golden sable, with pleasing head properties, slightly fuller in eye than I like, but correctly placed. She has good ear placement, and possesses a good arched neck. Overall a well balanced exhibit, Coat presentation and movement were good.
2, JF & M CONGDON`S. Isn`t She Lovely Des Beldones Via AAronwell JW.
I preferred her head to 1, she is such a feminine sable and so elegant, but for me she just lacked  a  little body and coat on the day. She possesses ample bone and an excellent turn of stifle, presentation was excellent and she held her top line and moved soundly.

1, A Grainger & M Mitchell.  Samhaven   Moet Chandon JW.
Glamorous sable possessing a pleasing head with well rounded muzzle, clean stop, correct eye placement, topped with neat ears, she has a good neck and shoulder, superb body shape with nicely fitted coat which was presented to perfection, she looked good on the move and held her top line.
2, Mesdammes Brooker. Chantique Simply Dee for Corisian. Ultra feminine sable, she has so many attributes of 1 with pleasing head pattern lovely eye shape and neat ears giving such a dreamy expression, as with 1 her body shape is lovely, presentation of her coat was first class, she is so sound on the move, in fact she did everything her handler asked of her. Such a close decision, just preferring the maturity of 1.
3, A Carmichael`s.  Designer Child for Danfrebek.

1, M A Hassock. Cammana  Cotton  Pickerniney.  Feminine tricolour nearly 3 yrs old, and maturing into a lovely collie she was presented in lovely bloom, superbly defined head lovely rounded muzzle, and the most appealing eyes with correct ear carriage, she is soundly built, with good neck, excellent body shape and well muscled rear quarters, and this showed in her movement.
2, M Mitchell. Avonfair Secret Attraction JW.  Attractive sable so feminine, I liked her head pattern, she did all her handler asked and did not put a foot wrong, she has a lovely body shape, with neat legs and feet. She moved with ease.
3, P E Corney. Samhaven Scottish Melody at Yenroc.

1, M A Hassock. Cammana  Causing Commotion, 6 yr old rich sable , balanced head, with  lovely foreface and clean stop, superb eye shape and placement along with lovely ears  gave her such an inquisitive expression. She has a good neck and shoulder placement excellent body shape, lovely boning and super rear hindquarters , shown in full coat her tail actually touching the ground. Presentation was first class and she moved with drive. She went on to win a worthy Reserve Bitch CC 
2,  JF & AT Loader. Redola Nice as Spice, slightly finer in head than 1, but a wedge of good length, clean stop with well used ears, lovely eye placement, excellent  body shape under her abundant coat which was well presented. Made a pleasing picture on the move
3, M A Hassock. CH Cammana Coraline.  top quality mahogany sable a favourite of mine

1, K  McDevitt,  Caronlea Dixie Chick, JUN CH. What a gorgeous Tricolour her jet black coat gleamed in the afternoon sunshine. I had to ask the owner if she really  was a veteran, she is such a head turner, quality that takes your breath away. Not a hint of age or  coarseness on her lovely head, beautiful moulded foreface, clean stop with the sweetest dark almond eyes, and neat ears which gave her such an appealing yet inquisitive expression. She possesses a good neck and chest, good rib cage and  excellent  forequarters, lovely boned legs and neat feet, an excellent body shape with good tail set,  super rear angulation with nice short hocks which all together allowed her to move around the ring with effortless ease, Her coat presentation was a real credit to her owner. I was  really  pleased to award her with the Bitch CC from a quality bitch line up, I  subsequently awarded her Best in Show
2, A Grainger & M Mitchell, CH Samhaven  Classical Music JW.
Quality sable not showing her age, balanced head with pleasing expression, lovely body shape and presented in tip top condition, she held her top line on the move,  her well fitting coat had been groomed to perfection as one comes to expect from this kennel, she looked good on the move and seemed to be enjoying her day out.
3, JF & AT Loader, Redola Sugar “N” Spice.

Junior Handling