Open Show 6th December 2014

I would like to thank the officers & committee for inviting me to judge at your xmas show, a very well run & organised show with lovely warm welcome given , to all the exhibitors thank you for your entry & well presented dogs which gave me great pleasure to judge as a last minute replacement ,

Graduate  ( 8, 1 ab )
1st Gladwell, Jotars Blue Moon, almost 7 months blue dog , very mature attitude,moved well calm & steady attentive to handler, this puppy very well made construction, head well proportioned stop being in the correct place , well rounded muzzle with clean lines looking front view or side view, dark oblique set eyes of almond shape, ears used well to advantage placed correctly, great in profile
good length of neck just flowing to shoulders along the back to rise of loin, good length of tail also carried down , moved with drive , BP , BOB & G 3
2nd .Lockyer,Redola Just in Time Gataj ,
3rd Avery ,Sun Soul Demy Blue for Monsolana

OPEN D ( 7, 4 ab )
1st . Harvey, Ladnar Mr Bojangles from Brooklynson , what a lovely s/w dog now 9 but looking good for his age , very well presented , head having well moulded muzzle stop in correct place which gives eyes correctly positioned which are dark obliquely set , ears used well, looks good on profile as well as hands on ,good construction , moved positive , good reach of neck , on line up just lacked on that extra sparkle ,
2nd.Davis , Lanlin Blue Casanova
3rd Scamp, Marketdene the One and Only

OPEN B ( 7, 5 ab )
1st.Avery. I'M Posh an Smart via Vonarkle, s/w very femine lovely rounded muzzle, clean lines, stop in correct place have nice dark oblquely set eyes , ears could be tighter but used them well & very attentive to handler, lovely reach of neck with good length of back with rise over the loin , was not in her best on the move but could see she drives well on the move , beautifully presented , well earned her RBOB & BOS 
2nd Harvey.Valleyhaven Rose of Hope for Nutvale
3rd Scamp. Jaysur Swingtime to Marketdene

Judge Mrs Tina May